Regional VOICE Session Reports

Profoundly Inspiring

“It is profoundly inspiring when people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life come together to express their visions of their preferred future for the community, and realize just how many ideas they have in common. That unifying, shared experience that the VOICE community visioning process makes possible has significant value in today’s fractious world. It demonstrates that - despite our differences - we want so many of the same things for ourselves, each other and our community.  It is exciting to know that our desire for a strong and vibrant community has the power to bring and bind us together. More importantly, VOICE inspired lasting transformational change in our community.”

– Timothy G. Weir, Administrator, Commission on Homelessness for Evansville and Vanderburgh County

Each Opinion Matters

"The Leadership Everyone VOICE-process offered an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds to appreciate our community more and identify the deficits that exist while thinking of innovative ways to address them. The entire session was built to make everyone feel that each individual and each opinion matters. I left the VOICE session energized and determined to continue to use my voice to empower others to do the same so that we can make our community better."

Gabriela Mustata Wilson, Ph.D., MSc, FHIMSS, University of Southern Indiana

The Power of VOICE

“There is no greater example of the power of VOICE than the Walnut Street Road Diet Project.  Literally hundreds, if not thousands of voices asked for improved community connectivity and access to active open spaces for all.  Local officials heard those voices, sought out key synergies through collaboration, and secured millions of dollars at no cost to the taxpayers in delivering an enhanced connection between Roberts Park and the State Hospital Grounds to Evansville’s vibrant downtown.  That is what VOICE is all about!”

– David Goffinet, Lochmueller Group, Director of Planning and Public Involvement

Opportunity for the Local Hispanic Community

"[Evansville] VOICE came at a very important time when the number of Latinos in Evansville had begun to grow at an accelerated pace.


"Many of the participants had the opportunity for the first time to talk about the things that affected them. The local Hispanic community, many of them with tears in their eyes, related to the difficult experiences they had to go through to be able to integrate into a new community, the importance of not being able to communicate through the language barrier and not finding the right channels to do so. VOICE was for them the open door to share their ideals, their concerns and their needs. Several of the things that were shared at the Spanish-speaking VOICE Session have now become a reality, such as accessibility of information in their language, the opportunity to celebrate their culture at the city level and better communication with the local police department.


"VOICE was a turning point in communicating with the Latino community and the local leaders of our community. Also the beginning of a very close relationship with members of the Hispanic Community and resources that would help them become integrated into our community."

– Abraham Brown, Director of Latino Ministry, Owner of La Campirano