Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by AstraZeneca

Date: February 13, 2020

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Community vegetable garden. To help promote healthy eating. Specifically in low-income communities.
  • Renewable energy sources, like a windmill. Clean stream and river water. Bring tech. to rural areas. A bike and walking path for kids to walk and bike to school.
  • Outdoor space, parks nature and walkways. Utilizing current spaces and making them more useable
  • Schools – kids are excited to go there to use technology there. Good teachers
  • Agriculture and technology meet up to compliment each other
    technical and trade schools (electrician etc) and how that feeds into the community and jobs which outputs supply across America
  • Community of people who are involved in supporting one another and our institutions to make this community a great place to live (schools, church, hospitals, theaters)

Group 2 Visions

  • VHS dog walk events with cleaner area
  • dog & bike paths going all the way around the city
  • children playing outside together–no phones
  • beautifying our roadways–more trees lining the streets
  • more hometown diners
  • fresh produce from farmers markets–bringing rural goods into town
  • dog park
  • acceptance, races coming together
  • better homes
  • bike paths off the road
  • walking paths off the road
  • humane society
  • group dog walks
  • Inclusion of living and succeeding as a whole community instead of small community.  Capitalizing all the resources.
  • Everyone being able to agree to disagree.  Educate everyone on the personal differences so that we can capitalize off those differences instead of focusing them as a negative.
  • Mirror what Haynie’s corner is doing for inclusion and restoration
  • inclusion and diversity making sure that we are reaching out.
  • outdoors, animals; Farmers market, Haynies corner, cultural draw
  • Communications problem: can’t find out about things, not centralized. I don’t use Facebook. Scattered info, need more visibility. More, different social media. E could be a repository with algorithm used to communicate with more generations or those who aren’t computer savvy.
  • Haynies Corner would be a great place for Civic Theater, Alahambra. Shows would be a draw.

Group 3 Visions

  • wind and solar farms
  • community gardens & farmers markets
  • Clean environment
  • outdoor activity
  • Family events – parks
  • Things around the river
  • Inclusion of everyone
  • travel 
  • trails and connections 
  • Green spaces
  • Community events
  • Good health care
  • sustainable building design (green building)
  • more parks
  • better recycling programs, reducing landfill waste
  • renewable energy sources

Group 4 Visions

  • intergenerational community dance & potluck at a school, with multiple generations interacting and learning from one another–everyone is good enough & can learn and create music, dance, or food
  • all ages & ethnic groups enjoying the great outdoors together
  • People outside downtown, more lively neighborhoods
  • diverse groups of people
  • Lots of buildings, lots of things to do here
  • Aquarium
  • Rural amenities (wifi)
  • Healthy – Cycling running paths; more parks where people can spend time (Dedicated for kids and adults); Healthy food options; reduce fast-food chain restaurants; Promote sustainability in the culture (electric cars and design of the city). Balance between modern and old builds and sustains the originality or image of the area. Promote tourism for economic development.
  • Community sign description: EVV Metro Area placed in major thoroughfares. Key ideas represented on sign. Metro area includes the entire region. Maybe a different name, think regional brand. Within the brand, the counties would be represented.
  • Sign says: Drug-free since ‘2020’. E is for Everyone, all welcome inclusive. Premier schools, conveying the importance of education, all have access. Rainbow indicates acceptance
  • Lots of green, sustainability, family-friendly

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