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Visions of the Future

In our region’s future, everyone has a real awareness for the role he/she plays in the family, church, school, job, neighborhood and larger community in which he/she belongs. Individuals value the skills others possess and the importance of each skill set to the overall progress of the community. Compromise exists without sacrificing one’s personal, religious and family values when community decisions are made. A real appreciation for all occupations that make our way of life possible and enjoyable is demonstrated by our educational institutions. Recognition of differences as a strength and a desire to understand while rallying together around shared values of family, religion and individual responsibility to move our community and culture forward can be seen in the work being performed throughout the region’s five counties. Appreciation for change that makes lives easier and allows for the advancement of our region and on a broader scale our state and nation guides collaboration on large scale projects in our region. With an eye to the future, our region lifts up our shared history in both the struggles that have shaped us and the successes that propel us forward!!

Today: Define our region’s shared values and traditions.

In 6 months to 1 year: Create regional projects that break the rural/city divide and promote collaboration.

In 3-5 years: Host Regional Celebrations that display the strengths of individual counties and communities.

In 10 years: Demonstrate regional collaboration among all areas of our lives. (Education, Healthcare, Recreation)

Connection with rural areas and their access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and supporting the urban areas with local produce.

A thriving community where children have access to multiple different types of learning in farming, manufacturing, corporate and other settings. This would allow them to learn and enhance opportunities for our community to grow.

More visibility for local communities to know where to support the greatest need in the entire region.

A lively community with green spaces everywhere you look and plenty of things to do. Poor neighborhoods are restored and given as much attention as other areas of the city. Downtown Evansville is a hub of excitement and beauty where you feel safe. Local businesses are thriving and giving back to the community.

A community where rich, poor, black, white, native, or newcomer see themselves FIRST as Hendersonians. And quit saying that any one group ” matters” more than the other. We all need each other to make “our wheels turn” You can’t do it, but I wish we all lived like every street was ” our neighborhood “

Peace and love

I want there to be more focus given to the smaller towns, to identify and address our needs. Often, we don’t receive the attention or funding needed to keep up with the larger metropolitan areas. Although we have a great mayor who has identified needs and resources to make projects happen, it would be great to more engagement within local organizations and groups to band together and pool resources.

Today: Pride in community, awareness of partners

In 6 months to 1 year: Civic engagement, collective visioning, more art

In 3-5 years: Elevating small businesses, better air quality and health, better retention of locals after graduation

In 10 years: Better housing options, better connectivity

I envision a community with more trees. Which in turn, brings less stress, less heat, happier people, less crime, healthier lives. Trees can answer more than we give them credit to answer.

Increased opportunities with sustainable wage jobs and improved housing.

A future w/ more community engagement activities & opportunities. Not just fairs and festivals, but also healthy activities. More clear signage for the outdoor recreation opportunities in the county. A YMCA and other facilities widely accessible to all. More housing opportunities for all income levels. Beautification/preservation would be priorities. Education would continue to be supported/enhanced. Basic services available, such as internet and public transportation would be available for all residents.

Today: Opening people to opportunities

In 6 months to 1 year: YMCA, Beautification/Preservation, Recreation

In 3-5 years: Internet for all, housing

In 10 years: Inclusion and acceptance for all

People throughout the region have access to excellent affordable healthcare, internet, and pay equity.

In 3-5 years: Internet region-wide

In 10 years: Excellent affordable healthcare

For the Tri-State region I’d prefer a growing population spurred on by job opportunities in multiple business sectors and supported by comprehensive and effective education programs that promote both college and other secondary pursuits as well as quality certification offerings for skilled labor and other hands-on professions. I’d prefer even-more-diverse entertainment and dining attractions. I’d prefer the completion of the I-69 bridge so that our region becomes even more connected and helps folks in each county see themselves as an integral part of a metro area and not an island that must assert its independence from our region in order to be seen as being successful by its residents.

Today: Even-more-diverse entertainment and dining options. 

In 3-5 years: Comprehensive education programs

In 10 years: Completion of the I-69 bridge, regional connectedness

I envision our city being an official Certified Autism City. What this will look like is our Educator’s, health care systems, tourist destinations/entertainment facilities, public safety and emergency services, etc. will all come together to understand how to work with those on the Autism spectrum. Workers and volunteers will be trained on de-escalation techniques, how to customize services so it’s sensory-friendly, etc. This could also come with an increase in ABA centers and Autism friendly childcare. I also envision our city establishing more mental health resources that are affordable and obtainable. Along with this will come an increased awareness and education of mental disorders so that those who suffer from them can feel accommodated. I envision the stigmatism that comes with mental health disorders will be eliminated through proper education as well as limiting self-diagnosis culture. I believe if more services are readily available, people will be able to obtain an actual diagnosis and resources, instead of assuming they have these issues and living their life based on inaccurate information.

Today: The process has started to raise awareness and come together as a community.

In 6 months to 1 year: Resource fairs, nonprofit communities, etc. will be established

In 3-5 years: Less people will be homeless, crime rate will start to fall, suicide rate will improve, more people will be able to obtain the resources needed to live healthier lives

In 10 years: Homelessness will be elevated, more jobs will be obtained, people with mental and/or IDD will feel accommodated, emergency responders will know how to de-escalate those who are Autistic or experiencing a mental breakdown and there will be less arrests, decreased crime rate

Equal opportunities for all members of our community. Improving housing and increasing levels of diversity in leadership roles of local government. It is imperative that we figure out ways to bring people from diverse backgrounds into our community and that we develop ways and means to retain them. Our community has to do a better job of understanding what “inclusiveness” really means. That has not happened!

Today: More open dialogue

In 6 months to 1 year: Greater understanding of what our community lacks.

In 3-5 years: Clear picture of a community that embraces equality/inclusion/diversity.

In 10 years: A community that is a great place to live, raise children and grow.

A place connected by trails and technology

My ideal future is be able to be in a position where I can give back to the community. To serve and be heard, but also to help other be heard. But also, be stable enough to help my family economically.

Today: cultural engagement events

In 6 months to one year: more housing

In 3-5 years: more employment opportunities to fight poverty

In 10 years: reduction of racism and stereotyping

My preferred future will involve more people being outside; this could be biking, running, walking, playing a sport, having a picnic, laying a hammock, fishing, picking up trash, or working on the exterior of their home. People will not be afraid to travel or walk through various parts of Evansville and everyone smiles as you pass people on their way. All of the businesses that are currently struggling due to COVID-19 or other reasons are now flourishing and more people are shopping locally. Lastly, the preferred future will provide teachers and other academic leaders with more resources to better educate our future generations.

Today: I think that starting today, more people can shop local and better support the surrounding counties.

In 6 months to 1 year: Between 6 months to 1 year, I think that more people could take advantage of the trails and walkways around Evansville.

In 3-5 years: In 3-5 years, I think that all businesses will be fully recovered from the hard times they experienced during COVID-19.

In 10 years: In 10 years I think that schools will have more resources to educate children. 

A Henderson community with even more opportunities for young professionals to return home and find appropriate employment.

Today: Possibilities for native Hendersonians to return home and work remotely in their current occupation.

In 6 months to 1 year: Resumption of litter cleanup along local highways by jail inmates after Covid pandemic ends.

In 3-5 years: Creation of more public parks or pocket parks.

In 10 years: Interstate 69 bridge

I would like to see a riverfront like Owensboro.

I would like to see a riverfront like Owensboro.

A community where everyone respects each other, comes to each other’s aid, supports one another, and has a lot of fun! It’s a community where resources exist to help address people’s needs and people know how to access the resources. There is a sense of togetherness, open-mindedness, and a common vision to provide the best environment for our children and families to flourish.

Today: understanding what our needs and assets are

In 6 months to 1 yeardeveloping a common purpose and commiting to this purpose

In 3-5 years: beginning to see strong collaborations working towards a common goal

In 10 years: most people working to realize a common vision

Evansville presents its self as a city that brims of hope, vision, and continued growth and development for all who choose to call it home. As you enter the main access, the city streets are lined with families walking the pathways or riding on their bikes. Corporations are attracted to this area because of the great workforce, low crime rate, the economical support and the easy access to water, rail, and interstate. Easy global access to food, healthcare, transportation, and social service is well defined and accessible for all those in need. Housing initiatives that consider all incomes and ages flourish as the city has cleaned up abandoned and unsafe housing. Education and Industry work together to support the growth and development so that citizens can remain in their city with great job opportunities.

Today: Commitment to working closely together on unified goals that benefit this great city.

In 6 months to 1 year: Strategic Plan development with timeline and goals for the vision of Voice.

In 3-5 years: Celebration of measurable improvement in commerce, safety, employment.

In 10 years: Evansville is recognized nationally for the many accomplishments that made it the most desirable city to live in.

A community that welcomes outsiders and makes them feel at home. A community where education and income levels are elevated to national averages or above. A community where outdoor public spaces are cherished and invested in. A community where voices are heard and valued. A community where regional downtowns flourish and spontaneous culturally diverse activity takes place. A community where people smile more, lift each other up, and are kind.

Today: Beutification and cleanup across the region; specifically gateways into towns and downtowns

In 6 months to 1 year: An increase in outdoor community art

In 3-5 years: Public outdoor spaces are invested in

In 10 years: Education and income levels rise to national averages, poverty decreases, crime decreases

A community with a very inclusive nature with the feeling that all are welcome to participate and be heard. I would like to see growth in parks, walking trails, natural spaces for residents to exercise, relax and enjoy. Protect the residential aspects of the community and move away from the notion that this small community needs more industry taking away the beautiful views of fields, rivers and waterways. Posey county draws in residents for the mere factor that it is a beautiful place to work and live with a small town atmosphere and friendly residents.

Today: encourage community involvement in decision making

In 6 months to 1 year: Add walking/biking trails to enjoy the outdoors

In 3-5 years: Add sidewalks so parents and children can enjoy walking/biking to schools, stores, parks

In 10 years: Improve the riverfront area

I see various shapes representing various sectors – the business sector, non-profit sector, the religious sector – connecting, overlapping at times. The overlaps represent where these entities come together to solve current problems. That’s on a two-dimensional scale.

The third dimension is those entities coming together to usher in a new future, anticipating instead of reacting to what is going on around them. Perhaps here all the shapes come together, representing both similarity and difference. By doing this, we shift to looking backward at fixing yesterday’s created problems to forward to creating a new future together.

Today: Strengthening ties

In 6 months to 1 year: Further collaboration

In 3-5 years: A futures partnership/collaboration

In 10 years: Leading our area in creative change

A region where all are treated the same, all are aided with hunger and all can get the medical needs required.

Today: While the appear to be many agencies addressing the homeless, lonely, and hungry the numbers just keep climbing.

In 6 months to 1 year: Good luck!

In 10 years: Surely by 2031 many of these issues will be solved or at least well on their way.

A community centered on Christ

Today: That most people can attend a Church

In 6 months to 1 year: That more people will be saved

In 3-5 years: That America will have Revival

In 10 years: That we will turn back to God

I want to see my connection between the regions and more public transportation options that are desirable and used by people of all incomes.

True community feel. Small town in big city

In 6 months to 1 year: Having more events in the community 

Continual economic growth to support future generation’s jobs. And clean up the “inner city”. A lot of sidewalks are crumbling or not there.

Today: Bring in new businesses at the port

In 6 months to 1 year: Apply federal funds for economic growth and sidewalk jobs. Prepare a 5 to 10 year plan

In 3-5 years: Implement plan

In 10 years: Implement plan

Increased green space. Envisioning the region as an entrepreneurial and convention hub for the Midwest. We could be an attractive destination for convention-goers.

We have a rich military history, and while WW2 Veterans likely won’t survive to see much of this come to fruition…there is real potential for Evansville and the region to be a destination for tourists interested in WW2 history. The LST and P-47 are here, and it would benefit the region for those boards to work together along with local government to make this area a destination for WW2 buffs… and to sell it as a destination to those whose ancestors served. Another consideration is to ensure that people of color are represented in military museums and displays.

Continued downtown revitalization.

Getting community support for upkeep of areas (i.e. Lloyd Expressway, Highway 41, I69). These corridors can provide the first impression of our community, and they need to be presentable…in terms of weed control and beauty, but also in terms of building use and appearance.

Grow educational opportunities in Evansville. The scare with UE threatening to cut programs calls into question whether our area can sustain two universities plus Ivy Tech.

Today: Marketing military museums,

In 6 months to 1 year: Military museums, improving upkeep of buildings and grounds along entrance corridors.

In 3-5 years: Continued downtown revitalization, growth of green spaces, convention and entrepreneurial attractiveness

In 10 years: Increased educational opportunities,

Developing tourism or industrial business…even agricultural tourism…solid vegetable farming, farm to table restaurants breweries and wineries, educational expansion to utilize universities in formation of these goals. Ultimately involving Indiana State Museum, IDNR, and locals in development of the region.

Today: Less than 50% can be met due to mistrust between existing groups.

In 6 months to 1 year: Lacking leadership will keep us at this 50% effective rate for up to three years.

In 3-5 years: If a solid leadership base is developed, nearly 90% of the above listed goals could be reached at the end of 5 years.

In 10 years: The above listed activities could become base for economic and social expanding base for expanded growth and economic stability.

I would like to see internet in my area for my kids. I would also like to see clean energy.

In 3-5 years: I’ve seen other counties get internet in their rural areas

Outdoor activities that engage the community and provide leisure and learning for all age groups/cultures. A wealth of resources widely available in both mental health and the disability areas of need.

Continuing to grow in population, jobs, support ,etc.

Ideally, service learning will be the core of all curriculum instead of this being seen as an “add-on”.

Today: Students and families are eager to participate when service opportunities are available.

In 6 months to 1 year: Service learning incorporated at all grade levels. (K-12 and beyond)

In 3-5 years: Service learning incorporated in multiple content areas.

In 10 years: Service learning the core of all learning. Students will be able to identify and use their strengths and interests to improve life for other people and their community. 

My University of Evansville professor who taught “Teaching Elementary Science” in 1989 discussed the cancer rates along the Ohio River. It’s not like the quality of the water has improved except for possibly there being less industry further north on the river….. Infrastructure is a problem with the water as well that is being addressed slowly and very expensively………..People who live in apartments pay $135-$155 per month for water which is at least $20-$30 more per month than people who live in the city of Evansville. (I have lived at the Brickyard Apartments and now live at Lakeshore Apartments.) I heard that “Mickey’s Kingdom” in downtown Evansville was vandalized this summer———obviously there need to be cameras there and along the river front because there is a lot of activity going on there in the middle of the night that the official “City of Evansville” and law enforcement are ignoring. The urban elementary students need extra resources so that they can compete academically and on sports teams alongside their suburban peers when they get to high school. How many students from Delaware Elementary play on a high school sports team? How many Scott Elementary students play on the North High School sports teams?

Today: Extra resources means extra money and as long as Dr. Smith is our superintendent it is unlikely that he will funnel more resources toward the lower-income students. The YMCA is doing a lot of good work with their summer programs.

In 6 months to 1 year: Obviously, the issues with Evansville Parks and Recreation could be solved within a year if Mayor Winnecke is willing to address the problems.

In 3-5 years: I hope that Evansville is able to keep its strong sense of community. I hope that people will continue to help one another during times of crisis. I think most of the strengths within the community will remain.

In 10 years: Inclusiveness is going to be a challenge in this region but I think with time it will get better. There will be better acceptance of gay people and transgender people, etc.

I want to see people using the ability to hear and experience the world through the internet. I want to see people’s perspectives widen by listening and searching for ideas beyond their own, reflect on them and gain understanding of other viewpoints. I want to see peoples intellectual bubbles widen. Long term, I’d like to see more diversity in every way, beginning with gaining an understanding of other people, their lives, and ideas.

Today: Introducing different perspectives

In 6 months to 1 year: Challenging ourselves to find different perspectives

In 3-5 years: Becoming open to change and diversity without feeling threatened

In 10 years:A community comfortable with diversity

Educated individuals carrying for each other and listening to each other. Strong public schools guiding our children.

Today: Listening

In 6 months to 1 year: Funding public schools completely

In 3-5 years: Funding public schools completely

In 10 years: Funding public schools completely

Community schools with smaller class sizes that reduce the need for so many students to be bused. More biking and walking trails, with bike rentals both regular and electric. More outdoor dining options. More community events (this has been improving in recent years). Well-maintained roads. Expansion of internet availability in rural areas and unserviced areas.

Today: Expanding wellness trails, well-maintained roads,

In 6 months to 1 year: More outdoor dining and activities, expansion of internet service

In 3-5 years: Smaller schools, reduced busing

Everything is viewed through the lens of supporting and developing the Social Emotional Needs of the entire community. When we look at everything, top to bottom, through this lens, we will be making decisions that support the entire person and community in every area listed above, and we positively impact and change the future.

Today: Funding social emotional learning in public schools, and developing community collaboration opportunities to help other organizations begin to collaborate in this pursuit.

In 6 months to 1 year: Local School Corporations, Mental Health Agencies collaborate to research and develop a shared vision, and begin to address the budgetary needs of executing the mission.

In 3-5 years: A local group that builds the core of this group, and helps maintain the FOCUS of executing the vision across all stakeholders. This only becomes a priority, when some organization passionately owns this, and their mission is to develop collaborations and promote and the passionate pursuit of the mission throughout the community.

In 10 years: A shared vision where the entire community passionately pursuit of promoting the Social Emotional needs of the entire community. 

Where people come together in harmony, sharing their gifts. Where children are able to trust the adults in their lives, and learn grow and experience arts and cultural green spaces. Where there aren’t bars on every corner but art, playgrounds and multigenerational spaces for families to make memories.

Today: Create more green spaces/inclusion/ creative learning areas in our community

In 6 months to 1 year: Create experiences for families

In 3-5 years: Change the mindset of the old way is the only way to let’s learn from our past and include ideas of others who come from a variety of walks of life.

In 10 years: Multigenerational learning center, play centers, green spaces, beautification.

Equal investment for public and private institutions/foundations into areas that need it most.

Today: It’s not possible because the individuals in power don’t care.

In 6 months to 1 year: Evansville will not progress until the power shifts

In 3-5 years: Evansville will be stuck in the same place it’s in today unless forward thinkers come to the table

In 10 years: I don’t see 10-year growth if we don’t invite new voices to the table

I would like to see internet in my area for my kids. I would also like to see clean energy.

In 3-5 years: I’ve seen other counties get internet in their rural areas

Highly urbanized, sprawl stopped where it is now. A park within half-mile of every residence. A $15 minimum wage. Taxes raised on gas, restaurant meals, cigarettes, and sodas to pay for improved roads, trails, and health infrastructure. Properties assessed correctly (every parcel is under assessed in our county) so that the correct level of taxation occurs and occurs fairly as the affluent get the biggest breaks.

I would like to see more outdoor green space and well-maintained parks and trails. More outdoor entertainment venues and events. More free services for mental health and wellness to serve our entire community. More options for help with addiction. More education on topics pertaining to health and wellness and prevention that would include the entire community.

Today: outdoor events

In 6 months to 1 year: wellness education and programs

In 3-5 years: free mental health and wellness services

In 10 years: more trails and green space

I want to see a future in which Posey County’s rural heritage is still present, but increased access to high-speed internet and available land to build houses on has created opportunities for young families to enter our community and settle. Every year, people leave our community with no intention of returning because houses and land are very difficult to find. Additionally, I would like to see our population become more diverse. As a teacher, I hear some of my students speak about others and the world in increasingly close-minded ways that reflect how isolated they are from people who do not look like them, think like them, and share the same experiences. This close-minded attitude also drives people away from this area if they do not share the attitudes and beliefs of the majority.

Today: Maintaining our small-town, rural atmosphere

In 6 months to 1 year: Developing leadership that supports and values diversity and inclusion, from government officials and business owners to teachers and school administrators

In 3-5 years: high-speed internet, beginning of more homes being built,

In 10 years: attracting a more diverse population

An area with ample economic opportunity to allow young people to stay here, if they wish, and have satisfying lives and careers; an area with ample and affordable housing stock so that all could have access to adequate housing; an area that fully supports public schools; an area where inclusivity is the norm; an area where citizens are eager to participate in local government and community organizations; an area where health care is available, accessible and affordable.

Today: Economic opportunity

In 3-5 years: Adequate housing stock; public school support

I would like to see more reasonably price grocery stores like aldi in this area. The internet here is terrible and improvements need to be made for stores to operate efficiently. Housing needs significant improvement. There is a lack of quality rentals available in this area. Community resources for drugs and alcohol are needed also.

In 6 months to 1 year: Internet, community programs

In 3-5 years: Housing, stores

A place where everyone can feel supported and safe. Cities where our children and communities don’t have to fear drug, gun or gang violence. Leaders that lead for the people and moving cities forward rather than politics and self interest. Resources and support for easily accessible to anyone who needs them.

Today: Resources and support more accessible

In 6 months to 1 year: Decrease in drug, gun and gang violence.

In 3-5 years: Leaders that lead for the people

In 10 years: A safer and more inclusive community

A community/region where are children and grandchildren and even myself will want to stay and live and work.

I see the need for more support for entrepreneurs and those that don’t want the government to run their businesses or tell them how they can.

I would like more events/activities/gatherings where all races come together to participate. My preferred future removes the fear of going out to public spaces and places. The fear of being attacked in public for color of skin/mask wearing/or just being different is removed; people need to feel safe when out and about in our community. In the future, it is a given that justice and fair treatment in all community circumstances would be utilized. All in our community can feel safe and secure around the ones tasked with the job of keeping law and order. The infirm or elderly in our community have safe places/spaces to be taken care of or have assistance when needed. Medical care and ready to eat meals for the elderly are easily accessible even if they don’t have insurance or transportation. Our houses of worship have serious diversity, relatable and loving ministers that preach the Bible and relate it to today’s problems/issues/living.

Today: ALL parts are possible, because with God and leaders that believe and have faith in God nothing is impossible!

In 6 months to 1 year: ALL parts are possible, because with God and leaders that believe and have faith in God nothing is impossible!

In 3-5 years: ALL parts are possible, because with God and leaders that believe and have faith in God nothing is impossible!

In 10 years: ALL parts are possible, because with God and leaders that believe and have faith in God nothing is impossible!

To have a cooperative and unified vision for the Evansville/Henderson MSA. Working together to benefit all.

Today: Bridge Project

In 6 months to 1 year: Commerce Collaboration 

In 3-5 years: Bridge

In 10 years: Health/Education/Housing

There is a unified feeling across the entire region instead of the Haves in the gated communities of Evansville and Newburgh and the Have Nots everywhere else. Community organizations for youth that not only focus on the black, poor community, but on all youth together. And a community that focuses on more than just sports. One that accepts everyone’s religious beliefs and celebrates diversity, not one that includes anyone like Justin Elpers on the leadership council. We need to work more toward making our community more affordable via housing, utilities, and transportation so that everyone has an equal chance to enjoy life. We need to address the rising crime and gun violence issue in our community and help citizens feel empowered to create the lives they want.

Today: Addressing the rising gun violence and getting rid of Justin Elpers, more affordable housing options

In 6 months to 1 year: addressing shortage of opportunities for youth

In 3-5 years: increasing job opportunities that pay a living wage, full acceptance and protections for everyone no matter their race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual identity

In 10 years: true equal opportunity for everyone to live in safe, affordable housing, to have a job making a living wage, mental health care and physical health care that are quality and available to everyone

My preferred future would be one where everyone prioritizes equality and acceptance. I would envision there to be more opportunities for community gatherings as well as more options for entertainment. I would like to see it become more like Nashville. It would be ideal to put a higher emphasis on education from pre-school to university. This is singlehandedly the best investment we can make. I would like to see this area become a progressive hub while paying respect and honoring our past heritage. We have a strong community heritage that will carry us into the future, but we need to make progress and step into the 21st century. I would like to see this area care more about environmental regulations with 4 of the top 20 superpollutors in the nation being in this region.

Today: I feel that all are possible. We just need leadership and a movement from the youth to push this. We need more activism.

In 6 months to 1 year: starting movements and organizing committees. More local events.

In 3-5 years: New cultural and entertainment centers started. More regulations put through government.

In 10 years: Full plan.

Henderson and Evansville would join forces to jointly clean trash/dead animals from area on and around the twin bridges and at the same time clear all weeds and overgrown trees on a scheduled basis. Also, it would be nice if both cities could fill in potholes or damaged parts of the bridges at the same time.

It would be nice if police officers, EMS, and firefighters could direct the homeless to shelters where they could get food/water, a bath/shower, and a nice place to rest their heads. Or, if one of the above could provide water/food to those they saw on the streets whenever they passed someone. Evansville Rescue Mission helps to educate and provide Christian teaching to help their homeless get back on their feet. It would be great if there were more places like that. It would be nice to get all of the homeless off of the streets!

It would be nice if the elderly had people to reach out to to do yard work or go on errands for them.

Today: I know Holy Name has a certain time, one or two, that they try to do yard work for the elderly. I think it needs to be done more often and with a more permanent group designed just for this job. Keeping the bridges clean is possible now. Helping the homeless is possible now. 

Cleaner, healthy environment for everyone. One with less homeless, drug and crime field environment. More options for senior living and options for them to stay home with better care

Our community working together to help those in need and to stop being one-minded/ sided. To ensure our young children/ adults have safe places to stay and have food each day.

Today: Food security  

As the I-69 bridge and highway system is completed, I would like to see a more comprehensive vision of how to build upon this pathway for all communities to take advantage of this with housing, business growth, lot developments for understanding how these areas will grow. What industrial parks will be created to take advantage of proximity to this pathway, how will education be prepared to meet these needs of growing workforce.

Today: Comprehensive plan

Henderson accepts murals and their role in the community enough that painting murals becomes something most people want to volunteer to do or learn to do.

Today: Getting volunteers to help paint a mural

In 6 months to 1 year: Two more murals done

In 3-5 years: Making a sustainable living from murals

In 10 years: Making a comfortable living as an artist 

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