Regional VOICE as of Fall 2023: Time to Take Action!

In September 2023 we held a Reveal event to present our findings from our first 73 visioning sessions (2,004 participants). Check out photos, videos, and more here!

The data show that these sessions were truly diverse and representative of everyone in the region.

We also presented what the region said they were passionate about, what they want to carry forward and leave behind from our history, and what they envision for our future. See summaries on this page, but be sure to view all the data on our new dashboard!

From these data, we’ve come up with six project areas on which LE will work, with designated leads on each team. Based on our findings, all work, regardless of who does it, should be:

  • Diverse, Equitable, & Inclusive
  • Accessible
  • Connected
  • Sustainable
  • Engaged
  • Informed
  • Innovative
  • Fun

Now it’s your job to do the following:


Drawing summarizing all the visions from the 73 sessions by Dempson Haney of Hafer.

How does VOICE Engage?

Hear from some VOICE partners and participants about how Regional VOICE inspires and engages!

Project Areas

Based on the collective data from 73 visioning sessions, six focus areas arose for which Leadership Everyone will oversee projects.

Which of these areas interests you most?

library of neighbors

Connecting people to share knowledge and skills.

Connected Region

Connecting our region though trails, river, roadways, and more.


Making our region more fun with inclusive, communicated events.

supported schools

Connecting community to schools for resources and support.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Creating a culture that includes and involves ALL people.

sustainable region

Ensuring our region’s environment will thrive for generations to come.

Get Involved

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Sharing VOICE Data

Regional VOICE data are open source, avaialbe to be used for any regional project or decision-making. Regional VOICE data have already been used for the following:

  • I-69 Corridor
  • City of Henderson
  • Talent EVV
  • READI grant
  • Promise Neighborhood grant
  • Princeton housing development
  • Evansville Riverfront development
  • Department of Transportation grant

How can you use our data to help transform our region?

Sessions Impacting This Report

Stay Informed

VOICE is a region-wide initiative facilitated, produced, and managed by Leadership Everyone.