School Session Outcomes

Hosted by Henderson County Public Library with Henderson County High School

Date: October 25, 2021

Total Participants

Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

more equality, less judgment and hate
town brighter and happier to attract people back
improved transportation for the elderly, young, and less fortunate
a second high school
new school
events for town
cleaner environment
hangouts for teens
thriving downtown
community events (festival, Friday after 5, etc.)
equal secondary education opportunities
community clean-ups
more small business support
more murals, local artwork
improving parks & pools
eliminate poverty and drug addiction
easier public transportation
update amphitheater
decorated downtown
youth-helping bring joy to old people (singing cards)
teens-spend time with family, community service
elderly-not staying at home all the time
school-kids are happy
environment-less trash
diversity – everyone loves
a safe, diverse, and communicative community
community full of color & happiness
more community activities
involvement with elderly
better diversity/inclusion
nature is valued
family bonding

Group 2 Visions

safe & clean environment
advanced technology but not replacing all jobs
more teen/young adult focused recreational areas
more care centers
affordable nutrition
street lights
recreation centers, drive-in movies, art centers, (theatres, museums), video game center, Target in Henderson, dog parks, huge garden, nutrition/care center, church, Target, picture-taking stations, more lights & flowers
in school : “life” classes, updated sports facilities, more knowledge on preparing for future (ACT prep, how college is, finding jobs)
mandating recycling everywhere (e.g. ballparks)
recreational activities, more awareness of activities
more connectivity with Evansville
bigger urban vibes
more community involvement and outreach
less prejudice & more diversity
less ignorance
karaoke rooms!
Sports fields/parks
bridge, park, gardens, suburbs, schools, skate park, mall, library, community areas, care center, local businesses
more involvement/unity

Group 3 Visions

more programs for the youth & elderly
more local & small businesses
accessible healthcare
more murals & local artwork
improvement on parks & homes
community clean-ups
more entertainment
internship opportunities for youth & different race & culture
clean & beautiful
more displays
economic growth
emergency poles around city
being more informed & inclusive
accessible resources
field trips
fun things to do
equitable pay
walkable city
minimizing Ohio River pollution
Audubon Park, green city, colorful
safe neighborhoods
accessible healthcare
entertainment for teens
internship opportunities for teens
eliminate poverty and drug addiction
historic downtown

Group 4 Visions

multiple unique small businesses
18-and-under dance club
trees and flowers everywhere
public benches that face each other and have activities people can do tighter (checkers, art, poetry)
entertainment, food, fun, shopping in Henderson
different types of music festivals, not just country
more music & art
updated bowling alley, skating rink
more activities/festivals
cleaner river area
more small businesses
more entertainment
less poverty
more festivals
museum, murals
more access for those that need it
cleaner river/environment
youth council
new entertainment (skating, bowling alley, arcade)
arcade for downtown
scooters for downtown
more welcoming
more fun activities to brighten up our city–festivals (music, carnivals)
small business
mental health activities & clubs in school & out of school
museums for cultural purposes
more clubs
cleaner environment
more career path classes in school other than nursing and agriculture
more recreational areas or places to hang out
more community involvement
more built up downtown with festivals, music, businesses
more restaurants

Group 5 Visions

Teen center
family events
more festivals/spoken word, talent shows
racial recognition
better streets
more interaction with people in positions of power
dog park
free public transportation
Native American museum
bridge lights on twin bridges
youth council
conversion therapy ban
LGBTQ+ Pride events
solar farm
decrease the 6.2 thousand
poverty level down
more places like Pratt, IN
broadband expansion
cleaner downtown
pool hall/arcade
Friday after 5
park activity
community involvement
spring cleaning
more student involvement, more than one high school
stores that aren’t’ discount stores

Group 6 Visions

more entertainment centers, nigh life
more people outside, more events to draw people out
mini golf or teen center, an area for people to play games
more festivals like trifest and handy fest
a mental health center
more community unity
a second high school
technology improvement
downtown involvement
normalize diversity
less pollution
technology improvement
second high school
youth involvement
educational opportunities
outdoor activities
regional events
second high school
normalize diversity
regional events
technology improvement
mental health facilities
downtown involvement
normalize diversity
less pollution
technology improvement
second high school
more entertainment
more local businesses & restaurants
youth involvement
mini golf, festivals, outdoor activities, mall, hangout areas
homeless shelters
mental hospitals
community involvement
regional events
educational opportunities

Group 7 Visions

better downtown, more entertainment, drive-In
clean the river
more student opportunities
more festivals/events
more economic opportunities
more medical availability
youth center
free spaces/venues
pollution control
more local entertainment
clean river
more student opportunities
youth center
better medical availability
better economic opportunities
festivals & events
free space/venues
pollution control
emergency poles
more menstrual products are FREE or more affordable
recycling, clean river, pollution control
more opportunities for students
more local entertainment, event space, festivals, events, free spaces/venues, drive in
youth center
better economic opportunities
better medical availability, better hospital
another high school
clean up the river, trash pick-up
energy conservation, pollution control
more job opportunities, more economic output
more student opportunities
better medical availability, better hospital
youth center
free space–venue/entertainment
all day breakfast diner

Group 8 Visions

community center for teens, offering places to gather for young adults rather than parking lots, stores, restaurants
drive-in theatre
educational and job opportunities for youth
programs regarding culture for education of youth
supporting small and local businesses
better internet access for rural activities
more welcoming scenery
more lighting along transportation routes
community coming together
volunteer-HCCO, New Hope, W&C Shelter
coffee shops/libraries–support small business
parks, courtyards
growing/building communities
more ways to bridge community & schools
family attractions
halfway houses
financial literacy
recreational areas
more street lights
more educational opportunities other than medical and agriculture
make home ec classes known in school
shared community centers
more medical opportunities
halfway houses
connectivity in the community

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