School Session Outcomes

Hosted at Princeton Community High School

Date: October 28, 2021

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Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

clean positive place with no harm
more shops on square
more businesses in hazzleton
eliminate drug issue
focus on accountability for parents of neglected children
commerce opportunities
affordable homes
no one living on streets
no one getting made fun of
no one dealing with neglect or abuse
no judging people cos of their mental or physical state
eliminate drug issue
menstrual products into the bathroon
more fun things to do
better education
eliminate drug issue
more businesses in patoka
more popular restaurants
no bullying
more love than hate
affordable homes
more organizations to help people and improve community
more places for people and families to gather
more ways to help people trying to recover from drug or alcohol abuse
eliminate drug issue
cleaner and nicer town
eliminate drug issue
friendly neighborhood
clean neighborhood
Tree trails
nature with bright and happy colors
eliminate drug issue
more jobs
lower stresses related to jobs, education and money
Create equal pay
get rid of discrimination and racism
Deal with drug problem in Evansville and Princeton
Better programs to rehabilitate convicted people and help them rebuild their lives
cleaner environment
better precautions / measures to be taken to save environment
Safe community
more places to hang out

Group 2 Visions

safe home
more protection
living in a better world
Everyone works together and make money
more places for people to be together
more places for people to worship
renewable form of energy
more businesses
accessible and affordable housing
locally owned ice cream shop
dog park, community park where people can come together as a community
plant more flowers and trees to make princeton more green
more people with more industry
Dog park
more small businesses
more modern art
activities for all ages
LGBTQ community

Group 3 Visions

Community to have Chik-fil-A, Cookie crumble, little italy
Affordable and accessable healthcare system for everyone
Clean environment with a mix of rural and urban areas filled with things for people to use to express themselves
Everyone to able to express themselves openly, without discrimination or judgement, irrespective of age
more things to do in town for fun, more variety of places to eat
city to be in full repair, to be eccentric but also modern
covid to be a thing of the past.
Clean city
no drugs, abandnnment, abuse or financial issues or struggles
Big hospital to work at so I can help people
A Church to worship
Clean city
all favourite restaurants
no broken roads
big health community
eliminate covid
more education after high school, college and adult life.
More variety in restaurants
keep region clean with recycling
nicer and cleaner area
bully, drug and abuse prevention
Greenery, clean modern architecture, agruculture
no holes on roads or thrash anywhere
Youth – playing outside, safe learning
Teens – activities for the weekend
elderly – happy not alone
big family / communities – fair
in school – better plan for future and getting us prepaired

Group 4 Visions

better community by fixing and expanding housing
softball field
upgrading to a stadium for football
adding YMCA
bigger park
adding jobs like restaurants plus more shops
more activities for teens to do
fix side walks / add walking lane
better retirement plans / elderly homes
new places to hangout
Bowling arcade
more job opportunities
high speed transportation / bus / trains
extend city limits
improved housing
in school – real life based class
classes for specific jobs after high school
people of all ages coming together and living in harmony
improve and increase houses
more entertainment centers
more food services
bigger schools with better staffs
more job opportunities
add super markets
More places for kids of all ages to hang out
National parks / wildlife
Bowling alley
Educational opportunities
bigger / more parks
Shopping center / malls
theatre parks
tutoring places
better movie theatre
events center
more job opportunities
activity centers
sports facilities
better attitudes
better Eco
more school support
Bring back pep rallies
connect to other communities and communicate to our citizens
change attitudes
Open up arts and crafts stores, music shops, book stores
Cleaner energy, plants, more hiking/biking trails
have open houses for libraries, art halls and museums

Group 5 Visions

all races around the world coming together to celebrate the changes in the community
solar panel integration
reverse climate change
more restaurants (Azzip, orange leaf etc)
increase hospital capacity, healthcare
incentivise recycling
“Move On” from old educational ways
more housing in the community
more community involvement emphasizing on positivity
Better entertainment for young people
More restaurants
more recycling options
housing for the community
community active spots
cleanup operations for community areas
more shopping options
More restaurants
more housing
More community activities for students
stop abuse
sky zone
no racism
having compassion
better housing
Better education

Group 6 Visions

group therapy centers
clean / safe town
shopping mall with more options
farmers market
cleaner streets
cleaner air
better and affordable transportation
affordable and accessable healthcare
recycle plastic and not waste it
new transportation system
focus on education for all ages
advancement in technology to make the world move forward
inclusion wihtout separation
greener parks
fixed potholes
cleaner streets
cleaner air
better side walks
better healthcare
accessable transport
shopping mall
recreational fun
more positivity
more entertainment centers
green spaces
farmers market
cleaner air
better transportation
better side walks
accessible health care
More places for kids to hang out like arcade or malls
more kids finishing high school
eliminate violence
eliminate drug issue
best living conditions for kids
More people interacting with each other
clean streets, parks and towns

Group 7 Visions

volley ball court
indoor basketball court
better wildlife parks
better shopping centers
better roads
Putt Putt golf
drive inn
clean up bad sides of town
Bowling arcade
Better roads
better ponds/ lakes
better hospitals
things for other age groups to do in parks
recycling centers
more thrift / donation options
more public spaces to hangout, for all ages ike cafes, restaurants
more public bins
more cultures
more businesses more job opportunities
more active community, clubs, more community pride
help / aid centers and community groups
Food court / malls
entertainment centers
diverse school opportunities
diverse learning businesss
better side walks / roads
awareness walks
asian, european restaurants
swimming pool
re-finish bowling alley
Putt Putt golf
more pocket parks
more housing
LGBTQ community
indoor sports facilities
cleaner parks
Better roads
better ponds/ lakes
Better hospitality at public areas like hospital
better clothing store like hollister
public gym for sports and workout
more small businesses
more festivals, more awareness festivals
Better roads

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