Community Leadership Program Session Outcomes

Hosted at Macleod Barn Abbey, New Harmony, IN

Date: October 20, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

Diversithy from all aspects – age, color, religion, nationality, sexual orientation- inclusion
Large portion of population works from home
Farming is automated. Shipping in automated
Access to variety of foods, exercise places , healthy living
Sports team
Minimize emissions and approach carbon neutrality
Electric / solar / wind – renewable sources of power.
Creating a technology space for everyone ranging from kids to elderly
Allowing everyone to stay up to date with latest technology and more
Not sure what exists besides the technical center “Newtech”
Civic centers could possibly assist but not long term like I want
Technology is not going anywhere
Green energy / renewable. Lots of recycling. Easily accessable green space for all areas of the communities.
Elderly paired with youth / young adults for outings / activities
Equal pay for equal work
Good affordable housing for all
Internet access for all.
All schools equal, college and trade schools both promoted
Accessible and affordable healthcare for all
Everyone accepted and valued for who they are
Wide variety of concerts, arts, shows, sports etc available to everyone
Wide variety of interests.
Continuing education available to all, preferably free.
Everyone caring for each other and looking out for each other.
Use of native phits / trees
Trails: Trails which connect the different counties / communities (Evansville to Warrick through current but use the old RR into Chandler and Boonvile.
Keep walkers, runners off busy roads (Trails extent to West Vanderburgh county)
Parks for all with free pop-up activities
Work means collaborative spaces and more workspace freedom.
Schools interacting with elderly communities-volunteering-helping
Restoring old / vacant buildings – Not building overprices new (When not needed)
Solar panels on buildings, not on farm grounds
Bike path on north west side – connected regionally
Community grain bins for small farmers, support to farming communities, Gibson/posey/vanderburgh
Community centers on north side to Gibson
Turning old vacant buildings into housing for poor/homeless – Cimmunity growth
I69 bridge link is complete. Electric cars are more than 50% adopted. Hi speed wifi is widely available.
New industries are built around the area at I69, river and rial. Such industries include automobile around Toyota, distribution around accessability , job ranges from working middle class to white collar
Housing is a blend of old and young in city-street landscape on small affordable lots. Most have solar on roof.
Some seniors live in neighbourhood like senior communities or assisted living that also includes commerce or valuable business.
Education has leveled up among the boom of development and increased quality and quantity of labor needs.
USI and other large school correspondent program (IU, WCU etc) at community and tech schools have impacted education and options for certifications and 2 year degrees.
All ages and types of people work, live and put more emphasis on recreation in one inclusive community.
We can have trains running withing our 5 counties and save travel time and save environment.
Have more educational parks built for children and have some activities / street uses build out related to maths, science,space.
Build space museum and walkways with information (math tables, quotes, extinction animals – all painted)
Have walkway (pedestrain crossing) signs on every signal (especially Vanderburgh and Warrick county)
Build garden in communities (help environment, have flowers for honey bees, rare birds etc)

Group 2 Visions

Green path / ADA options to ride
locally grown food, more culture / ethic food. Amish / Organic NGMO – Grassfed meat, dairy
increased outdoor places to play / be active
embrace holistic healing options / resources
Utilize / keep talents local -local river entertainment boat performing arts / culinary / hospitality students / musicians
ports owensboro-mt.vernon
integrate more multigenerational living places and activities in community
elevated diversity /travel/tech/economics thru expanded trade schools / exposure
metal works/building planes/airport, flights to other cities
8th / 12 th grade field trips
encourage small business / diverse culture/foods
green path connecting places / electric train system
electric trolly train throughout counties
healthier work life balance
higher paid trade jobs with benefits and daycare
integrated multigenerational housing / schools
more volunteers in community during short day
more art /play/music/elderly
connected cities / towns that focus on community, walkability, service oriented towards town center
each community starts from the center with decreasing density as you get further out
everyone can choose to live where they are most comfortable
housing and other basic necessities for life are provided at no cost in parts of the city center and supported by children and the elderly working together as an educational experience
public transportation trails connect each town
cars are optional. You can have a great life without one.
clean air and water
renewable resources
green play space
roof top garden / play ground
access to education / health care
young adults going to work in the Ag field
food access through community gardens
using technology to reduce
when I envision the future of this region, two words come to my mind – harmony and happiness.
a region where everyone regardless of age,race, religion, social class, economic standing and various backgrounds work, grow and live in harmony to improve upon a region to a point where everyone benefits and lives happily.
youth and yound adults receive a good, accessible and affordable education while the elderly lead the youth
Bridge to Mt. Vernon, 2 walking bridges, trails, walking paths along river front, connecting all river front townships and cities.
Revitalization of the downtown living aspect in all communities.
Flow of funds in the beautification projects involving ugly river front properties / unused industrial transport and warehousing
Riverfronts should be beautiful if not being used for specific industry
All five counties are connected by an “Air” Rail accessible to all.
Zero waste to the landfill.
No more cars on streets
not reliant on gas
plenty of green land space available in each county
All people welcome in all counties

Group 3 Visions

Better transportation: Air taxis, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel technology
Better employment opportunity. Create self sufficient production facilities generating better local employment
Better educational facilities: Focus on education, Create education models that rewards people completing education to encourage more people get educated
Create more awareness towards better environment. Its important for better future.
Education: Pay teachers more, retain teacher talent, don’t grade schools on standardized tests, diverse school population, school supports students with issues when not supported at home (Transport/meals/homework), grants to add technology
Connection: Access to internet in rural areas
Parks: Expand to have more green options safe for kids and famiiles, area for outdoor concert and sports tournaments, more near industry
Downtown: Revitalize to show-off water front, revitalize empty stores instead of leaving them empty, safe access, attract industry to area to attract diversity
Access to food, affordability, transportation, grocery stores in areas there arent
revitalization- downtown economics,reduced blight without sentrification, more trails, walkways and bike path
housing-landlord accountability, affordable, safe/sturdy building
entertainment-dog bar, outdoor concerts (local bands),
inclusivity-cultural festival
green energy- wind turbines
I want E to be really for everyone.
I want diversity to be given rather than performative. I want compassion to be universal.
Affordable healthcare and affordable education should be the standard.
Our community needs to embrace the new normal for millenials. stop expecting them to all want single family homes and 2.5 children.
Dog parks are overdue.
an activated riverfront is necessary to attract talent.
Trails connectivity is pivotal because young people don’t want to drive.
I wish to see the ditches and riverfront cleaned up (Thrash)
kids down at the riverfront playing on the playground
young adults engaging with each other outside at concerts
Neighbors actually talking to one another
Cultural center
resources for immigrants
collaboration with cultural community
not a new building. Use the pagodas or another buildings not being utilized
celebration of culture
regular activities. Calendar of events. (food, arts, holidays,music)
more trees, lights, blue lights powered by hydro electric power
volunteer employment programs for previously incuscesated people, elderly and newly immigrated
Bikes like scooters they have in indy and nyc
all non profit / churches to give back to the community
utilize empty buildings

Group 4 Visions

Better care for elderly
Healthcare, Nursing homes, reporting abuse, Pitbull allowed in apartments
Group homes for foster children
better involvement with first responders and community
Community feel safe
Local gardens
Better system for people that set in trouble by law. Setting back on their feet. More jobs for people with records.
Diversity, acceptance, compassion, empathy are important factors
affordable housing, homelessness solutions and food security are addressed
affordable education, trade school accessiblity
mutual respect across the ages
Mesker Amphitheathre resurrected with wide range of free concerts and programs
The change I want to see
I would like to see a community where there is affordable safe housing for all members of the community.
Where food insecurity can be met through local resources be that business, non-profit, farming, religious sector.
Where education is local yet there is communication urban, suburban and rural school to allow students to experience and appreciate each unique area.
Where healthcare is affordable.
Accessable transportation available for rural communities.
Where the mature members of the community are able to share their wisdom.
Where every child has a home.
Where internet access is not a luxury.
Safe environment for Live music – free and no age limits
safe sidewalks for biking / walking, community walking program
community events involving cultures ,
Deaconess and ASVE partnering together
continuing education for adults after work hours
Churches partnering / sponsoring comminity events
adding unique restaurants / bars outside of the “norm” for EVV.
Civic centers partnering with healthcare organizations.
Local farmer’s market growth
Adult intramurals in Warrick county
The EVV airport broadening their flight options (Direct)
Affordable and available homes / home ownership
Solar energy
Minority owned business and community
Shaping more industries
better paying jobs
The bridges completed
Food truck village shopping
Opportunities for quality materials
Fresh/ healthy / affordable food options
wifi for all outdoor venues
more opportunities for cultural experiences
social activities and dining options

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