Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Henderson Community College

Date: October 14, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

region-wide transportation for youth & elderly with less traffic in town, more sidewalks throughout for elderly, access to community-wide services
a Norman Rockwell/Hallmark community!
Affordable housing, healthcare, more activities for youth, youth facility. Open to being one community
Affordable housing, affordable healthcare, youth facility that offers a variety of services to flourish the youth. Community gardens, 24/7 transportation to and from neighborhoods, jobs, affordable childcare for families.
Sustaining, livable wages, keeping youth in the region after school and training, Tourism growth, better public transportation. 2 high schools, bright community murals, play areas and parks

Group 2 Visions

Communities are connected, From top to bottom re-entry to transplants from other countries, to those that get GEDs, those who have fallen on hard times; connect people to things they need w/in their communities and connect communities in the region creating a strong foundation for growth of both the people in the communities and the communities. Cafe’ managers.
A future granting opportunities for everyone no matter what their background. Absence of a parent due to being gone can break a bond causing many issues with the child. Jobs should give second chances and housing so a parent can become a better role model
Family fun centers across the region – pulling families into the community; Fun Centers to incorporate both inside and outside activities – such as Go Kart Tracks, Playgrounds, bowling, pizza, video games and rides. Our community needs more for families and teenagers to do for the benefit of physical activities and having alternative activities other than criminal activities.
Taxis to Posey, Vand., Warrick and Henderson counties. School taxis to give kids field trips to other areas. Fresh produce available throughout the community. Miniature Golf Courses to bring more activities for families besides just restaurants.
Reduction of poverty, revitalization of dying neighborhoods, jobs that pay livable wage, embracing diversity. Collaboration between Civil, Religious and Government organizations. Stronger systems of education including college prep and vocational training, recreational opportunities and participation especially for kids at risk. Affordable housing for all, childcare availability, respect for all, quality healthcare available for everyone

Group 3 Visions

more programs and things for people my age to help transition to adulthood, & more help with people who are not athletic or going into the medical field
Community engagement that includes members of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, races, etc. Creating pop culture pods that meet people where they are and people exposure to variety.
Pop up shop in different areas of Henderson; create opportunities to eliminate barriers. “Reach them to teach them”; provide a safe space to learn and engage to achieve better opportunities; mentoring to help youth transition to adulthood.
community engagement in all areas of town( you have to reach them to teach them). Local shops thrive, local shop owners creating an inclusive environment that brings in new business owners. I think rotating pop-up shops would be beneficial to reach a diverse group of people. We need more for youth to do – drive in movies, family fun centers, mini golf course,
Rotating activities that connect East end of Henderson with downtown Henderson and Southern Indiana. Farmer
Community policing; more Evansville money and people into Henderson allowing Henderson people to be on Evansville boards; Downtown Convention center and Downtown Development; Armory renovation; Boys and Girls Club (teen room). Increased wages; bridge gap between community and school.

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Architect drawing

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