Public Session Outcomes

Held at Ft. Branch Community Park 

Date: September 30, 2021

Total Participants

Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward


Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

celebrating each other and taking care of one another with unity and love
communities have a central location where they can get resources, programs for newborns to seniors; a library would be beneficial for preschool programming prior to school and programs for all ages that span education, health, and culture; keep small town feel in schools even though they are growing
affordable housing
free healthcare
public transportation
breaking the cycle of poverty
free education
bike paths
spayed/neutered animals
public library expansion
combining communities/counties
good schools, churches, affordable housing, employment for all, hospitals with care for all, activities for youth, senior living spaces, plenty of community parks and activities (maybe a YMCA), affordable childcare
Community participation in projects concerning youth and elderly; more free time for families to connect and be a family; more families attending church
less drugs, less suicides, less violence
better economy
turn the clock back 50 years

Group 2 Visions

toyota infrastructure build/support
attraction to area
love of nature
agriculture-based community
sustainability (energy) – solar and wind
trails & activities based in nature
religion & faith
bring businesses to our community to bring more people to our area
more activities for our youth
programs for all ages and abilities, ninja athlete gym & pool, preschool opportunities, community gardens
local retail opportunities
transportation availability
outdoor recreation
programs for veterans
my hope is to see the word “community” be lived out–life is better connected because we were created for community–this is seen when one neighbor cares for another and the same with neighborhoods; being “for” each other
activity and involvement for all arts, youth programs, kids connections, elder care, safe places to play
career opportunities
communities where faith and love at the core
thriving business, local celebrations

Group 3 Visions

ample opportunities for community members of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to come together and help each other and learn from each other without judgement
to connect our communities together with mobility, accessible for all
to remember our history and culture so we can embrace and celebrate who we are and not try to be somewhere else
increase broadband and cell service for all residents
our childhood history (need to educate kids today how to be a kid); no electronics need to teach work ethic, morals, and everyday skills; faith, community, small town feeling

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