Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Patchwork Central with Greater Evansville Youth

Date: September 27, 2021

Total Participants

Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

healthcare for trans people, better education for people with disabilities
diversity with people of all cultures
non-binary people being recognized by others
help for people with anxiety and depression–I want people to be more hands-on with that
equal rights for everyone in every part of the world

Group 2 Visions

calmer atmospheres, more acceptance and diversity; people more accepting of those of opposite sexuality, gender, or religion
more acceptance
less smokers, alcoholics, and drug addicts
more people on bikes instead of cars
diversity of people
no mullets
no homophobia
easier access to trans healthcare
no people using “gay” as an insult
robot cat maids
all different races, religions, and walks of life working together to create a better community/world
working for a better, healthier environment without pollution, endangered species
no more police brutality, meaning far less protests for BLM because there is less injustice
I want people to have rights! All people to feel welcomed from wherever they are in the world!
clean, affordable water, accessible green spaces
diversity in positions of power with new and different ideas
schools moving forward as SAFE places that are inclusive and celebrate all students
social opportunities for all children regardless of socioeconomic status
more languages spoken
better health outcomes
more young people in leadership roles

Group 3 Visions

my future filled with joy, diversity, and love; no hatred, homophobia, or disrespect
people, no matter what religion, sexual preference, and gender, all get together and love one another, no matter what
include more people
very inclusive

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