Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at EVPL Central with Evansville Youth City Council 

Date: August 24, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • LGBTQ+ equality
  • affordable mental health treatment
  • expansion of cultural backgrounds
  • equal medical opportunities for minorities
  • creative expression
  • environment protection
  • equal pay, ethical work environment
  • experienced counsellors in schools
  • unbiased and considerate administration
  • A frequently-used space to evaluate our effetiveness in implementing change in children’s lives, a place where educators, occupational therapists, speech, behavior therapists, parents, and most importantly, children, discuss the procedures/plans to improve children’s lives. This would include individual needs and community. The entire community would be accessilbe and safe. Beautiful parks, schools, and constant opportunities to create connections.
    everyone feels a sesne of belonging–they mattter! Everyone has a plae they can feel free to be who they are. Fre from judgement.
  • Everyone feels loved and safe. Their basic needs are met. There is no trash on the streets, neighbors help neighbors, the community works together to provide the basic needs to one another. There is a place anyone can go to just talk, feel heard, feel valued, and be reminded that they truly matter. There is an open gym to excape that doesn’t close–the doors are always open and its always clean. Communal accountability!
  • improved condition of downtown bus station
  • using river more for recreation & social activities
  • all groups coming together
  • station for electric cars
  • people working at home, in shared spaces, and at different times (flexible)
  • everyone has access to healthcare
  • Events and neighborhoods are diverse
  • community celebrates diversity

Group 2 Visions

  • education is diverse and abundant
  • no more do adults resist the acceptance of new ideas and therories that contradict their lessons from 30+ years ago.
  • change is common, but with a purpose.
  • environmental initiatives are old news and green technology is commplace
  • science is celebrated and supported by the masses
  • resrouces/finances are more shared for the betterment of all
  • more importance put on the quality of life fore all citizens and immigrants
  • Make simple steps to connect our whole community to nature
  • Try new things together like the Flower Man
  • leave behind being scared–not being scared outside
  • green spaces, including trees in urban areas = cooler envrionment, use natives and educate about what is there
  • solar and recylicing equitable. Quality water sources & soil for growing & playing
  • environmental health = individual health
  • still can be an individual (not cookie cutter)
  • use roads/trails to connect to other places
  • proactive, positive collaboration leading to accessilbe, affordable, quality healthcare, food, employment, etc.
  • youth and elderly citicenz are valued and their voice is heard.
  • LOTS of green space. Yards entirely filled with fruit, vegetables, and flowers, cultivated together by the local neighbors.
  • No child, elder, person hungry
  • Access to formal and informal arts & education
  • Education is fun and challenging and not just to pass a test
  • Kids & dults in a crisis are immediately met with support and resources.
  • We understand systemic racism and actively work to build a fair & equitable syste for everyoen.
  • We rehabilitate individuals in jail/prison
  • we understand as a society mental illness and value self care

Group 3 Visions

  • a more environmentally friendly community, more accesible natures spaces in at risk areas.
  • diversity in history being haught in local schools
  • education on mental Health taught earlier in education
  • better opportunities for local artists
  • more diveristy in local government positions
  • Youth & young adults involved in decsion-making. Elederly taken care of, but they don’t stay in power past their turn.
  • Green spaces everywhere! Maanaged and sustained for all to enjoy!
  • Internet/trasnportation/connectivity a necessity granted to all without question.
  • Term limits exist to keep power moving forward
  • Education is accessible and quality.
  • Healthcare is universal.
  • Diversity is celebrated.
  • Equity is the mountaintop that we strive toward.
  • Our Region is friendly, and not exclusive to newcomers–our external perception is positive to
  • the rest of the world, rather than backwoods
  • in every region, every state, people are seeing the world as it is. Youth, young adults, and elderly. 
  • Its a young teenager seeing the world and, finding someone to talk to might be hard, but in between, we still have time to dream
  • Houses powered by solar panels, underground water collectors, plants that are healthy for animals, and ones targed for endangered plants.
  • Places for elderly to see their sports and tech for their ages.
  • Schools letting students plant their own fundraisers
  • Ohio river being cleaned in some spots, recycling everywhere
  • Our home working to help us, to help us past days of hate, and prolong our years of freedom
  • Youth have smaller settings to learn their specific likes of vocation
  • Different forms of transportation allow for more physical exercise
  • Naturea areas are kept from pullution such as the river, lakes, streams
  • Areas of past use are reviatlized os old buildings are not abandoned
  • access to education, affordability, diversity/inclusion
  • fair/livable wages, diversity in the industries, competitive wages/benefits
  • family fun, safe spaces for minors, safe/functional places for the elderly
  • livable housing, affordable housing
  • innovation
  • better access to healthcare, affordable healthcare, non-discriminatory care

Group 4 Visions

  • a community where learning and education is valued by all. A place where all kids are equally excited to go to any school in the region. A place with equitable accesss to innovative technology, tools for learning, information, and high-quality learning experiences. a place where it is everyone’s responsibility to continue learning, grwoning, and improving
  • Youth attending a local school that provides education, training, and certifications. This ttraining opens doors for financial opportunities and paid internships. College beomces optional rather than exptected. Quality education attracts more families to the region, urbn & rural as trasnportation is avaaible to both. Transportation from all schools creates connections and relationships beyond immediate typical geographics.
  • pure intentions for community growth, shared regularly, allows for collaborative growth. Open awareness for all that the community offers allows each person/group/initiative to thrive, giving each person a sesne fo belonging and purpose. When you feel needed & purposeful, your life has meanitn g7 value and thus full, joyful, happy, loving, caring, forgviing, giving unity in our community.
  • people coming togheter as one body to achieve the same goal, to challenge the norm and think more boradly, to develop a sense of unity that can then bebranched out to the rest of the state. We will then begin to operate as less smaller communities and more as a larger body of people.

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