Corporate Session Report

Hosted Online with Toyota Indiana and SABIC

Date: August 31, 2021

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Vision Quotes

  • The city is clean, the roads are smooth, the parks are green, and full of opportunity for fun. The free public education system is stronger than ever. The technology is available to all regardless of age or income. Healthy lifestyles and fitness are just as important as health care. The city offers places for diversity to thrive.
  • local food & less chain restaurants
  • more focus on fitness & less on illness
  • more places to gather indoors or outdoors
  • more for the youth – Lexus x Toyota STEM
  • family-focused events
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Public Transportation Shuttle system (all over city and goes to hubs in neighbor cities
  • High quality public education
  • Buses that offer basic healthcare: eyes, dental, physicals, vaccinations
  • Increase recycling centers and regional manufacturing with recycled product
  • 24/7 community centers with internet, printers, study or meeting rooms that can be reserved
  • minimum wages that cover living expenses
  • Meeting environmental regulations
  • distribution of businesses through housing areas (groceries/gyms)
  • quality education for all levels of schooling.
  • The region is expanding and with so much industry in its surrounding I expected work opportunities for all as well as advances in technology and healthcare.
  • I’ve enjoyed events around the area such as German, Hispanic, and American festivals and I would expected that as more people move to the area and diversity increases these events continue to grow and new ones to emerge.
  • I would hope that the Riverwalk and green areas are maintained and well taken care of.
  • Events Centers for Kids with new technology and also a Local Museum would be nice with some history of what the town looked like and how it has grown – We have places like the Train Depot and Old Movie Theater and Lyles Station but nothing really on the history. We had the underground railroad go through Princeton but no one knows much about it as my Grandparents home was located next door. Just need some education to help the town grown and get out of the same mindset.
  • Having a place for the youth to connect, somewhere to go after school instead of being out on the streets. Different groups that capture a wide variety of interests, to help give these kids mentors and give them a space to grow their hobbies.
  • Community is open to change that allows for youth to play, young adults to enjoy themselves and drive forward in their careers, families be able to allow their kids to have experiences, and elderly to be able to engage at as they like.
  • I would like to see more communities for living open up in a denser area like downtown so people can engage easier or have larger green spaces that have activies like dog parks, play grounds, or farmers markets.
  • Instead of people throwing hateful comments on facebook, they would be excited about an event, new store, or change.
  • I want to brag on evansville unique history and wish they leaned in harder to that neat history
  • Diverse community actively cooperating in a clean environment.
  • I would prefer to see the area surrounding TMMI grow to be more than a rural, farm area. What can I do after work, during work for team building, when I work night shift, where can I grab a snack other than subway or Hucks.
  • I value farmland and it’s bi-products, but I desire more in the locality where I spend 50% of my time away from home.

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