Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Princeton Public Library 

Date: September 2, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • a region where lines of separation don’t exist, where race, gender, age, location (rural or urban) influence are equal and each uniqueness is celebrated. We can work together to grow all our communities, not just one area
  • continue growth of senior housing and activities as well as childcare and activities
  • more arts development, miss arts council
  • attract more employees to the Toyota region–Fort Branch does not offer many local options to meet for business, dining, or casual meet-ups (subway, dairy queen); need development around the plant for attractiveness for employees
  • connection; no division; everyone would have access to higher education, jobs, food, mental/physical/emotional health services; everyone giving back, helping, & loving each other in every single way

Group 2 Visions

  • people outside being connected–playing, visiting, connecting, & sharing resources. Shared rides for employment
  • focus on breaking the cycle of multi-generational low income, low education, and high addiction–this comes from a culture from the cradle to the grave where people get better rather than bitter, overcome their past, and become the change they desire & need to be–recovery will be promoted & encouraged & people will be mentored up to a new level of living; mental health issues will be addressed and treatments will be READILY available; become who you want to be and overcome who you’re viewed as
  • invest money in youth programs
  • access throughout Gibson County to low or no cost transportation
  • safe, clean public areas for recreation indoor & outdoor
  • affordable healthcare close to communities
  • access to low cost/affordable internet
  • access to more quality care for elderly
  • utilize existing buildings to serve the youth of our region–dorm-style housing for young people to get a leg up and out of poverty and be able to work at Toyota

Group 3 Visions

  • YMCA being a huge part of Gibson County–we work with other facilities and students are benefitting greatly.
  • More walking trails and biking trails for a healthier community
  • Manufacturing is still strong, colleges are focused on technology
  • Communities are working together and sharing ideas
  • One county–“We”, not us vs. them
  • youthful possibilities
  • positive action & actors
  • education for ALL
  • celebration of County history–people of color, tigers, titans, trojans, together
  • excitement with excellence
  • one, united Gibson County
  • branding (marketing) for our community
  • utilizing I-69 to connect to surrounding areas
  • solid internet access & connectivity
  • opportunities in higher ed for career-focused, professional focused students to employees
  • increase housing development
  • spread positivity; come together as a whole, be grateful & nice to others; no judgement; agreeing with others instead of fighting about opinions, equality, respect, helpful toward others, good communication; friendship, kindness
  • more friendly school systems
  • equality
  • teens taking classes that interest them and taking classes they want to take to explore what they want
  • teens outside going to skating rinks, bowling alleys, and an arcade–something for teens to do

Group 4 Visions

  • more fun things to do to encourage kids to get out a bit more–maybe a drag strip or something to go to/watch, an arcade with new & old games for everyone of all ages
  • more educational chances so people can find a job they will like
  • our best and brightest return to Gibson County to work & live
  • social services that overlap so underserved members of the population don’t fall through the cracks
  • intergenerational opportunities to connect and share in leisure activities; millennials running start-up businesses around the square and living in loft apartments; senior housing development near the hospital and public transportation that will take workers to and from manufacturing industries
  • celebrate the multicultural diversity that we have here with festivals and expos
  • DCHS partnerships with higher ed instructions
  • student-led initiatives in Princeton
  • opportunities & mentorship for young people besides manufacturing
  • people coming back from traveling getting welcomed home and playing events and games like people from the military getting food and having drinks
  • a leader in the industry, agriculture, manufacturing, higher ed, health sciences, property rights, quality of life ventures, and more
    development along interstate corridors
  • new county YMCA
  • new teen center
  • library expansions in every community
  • senior center – new HVAC & parking lot
  • new county park

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