Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Henderson County Public Library

Date: September 9, 2021

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Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward & Leave Behind

Group 1 Visions

lots of trees (develop old growth), public art, books, housing old trees for all
eco-friendly town
support small business/local
child friendly
modern, minimalist
hallmark hometown feel but able to grow
youth/adults/elders in sync
downtown is blossomed and grown
art murals, buildings full, everyone wants to go there
unsafe neighborhoods now safe
kids aren’t afraid to go to school
whole town is open-minded & willing to change
our one high school brings community together
multiple volunteer building to progress & help community
less competitive against each other
friendly/feels like home (Gilmore Girls vibe)
whole community grows (not just parts)
internet access throughout entire county and tri-state area, with no area left uncovered
nature is more preserved as industrial, suburban, and business development occurs more and more frequently
climate change problems have solutions–most structures running electricity are transitioned to sustainable energy makers
recycling & use of green space
transforming old spaces into flourishing, rejuvenated buildings, parks, landmarks, and any other dilapidated space
growing together
30% increase in regional population
HCC/Murray campus that has doubled in size with downtown location too
high-speed broadband for all
30% increase in jobs paying $20 per hour to staff
cross-river public transportation
boutique hotel in downtown Henderson and big hotel on North End
vibrant downtown Henderson farmers market
completed i-69 bridge
completely revamped 41 strip in Henderson
housing developments
big schools, small classes
senior centers connected with the community
outdoor parks, walking outdoor activities
local produce
transportation for all
local healthcare providers
cross-cultural neighborhoods
really clean water
more habitats
more buildings
more food and water


Group 2 Visions

I-69 bridge connecting the tristate for increased growth, use the old twin bridges for foot/bike traffic between KY & IN
regional sports tournaments using the area sports complexes and hotel facilities
encouraging land developers to build more affordable housing
regional workforce development to build a better workforce and end redundancy (each area education institution focus on an area of workforce development instead of duplicating efforts)
strong taxpayer base, strong community volunteerism, strong workforce development, work-ready citizens (willing to work), progressive, young working families, flair playing field across the board
diverse racial/ethnic populations, diverse friendly activities & events
well-informed citizens, engaged, caring, loving, civic-minded, communal citizens
affordable & livable housing, care for the “vulnerable”
competitive wages
multigenerational community
animal friendly
eco friendly community
accountability across the board
peace, love, wellness
global minded
passion, purpose
family shelters, men’s shelters, women’s’ shelters
fully funded law enforcement & fire department
more opportunities for the youth to have a space  to hang out, have fun, express themselves through their art and other talents, or just a place to have fun; young adults of all races having multiple places to socialize and have access to affordable housing
jobs that pay a decent wage
access to better food, physical activities
give young adults a reason to come back to our community after college and live
more progressive leadership, including EVERYONE in the important conversations
more black-owned businesses
earth’s water is clean, air is less polluted so we don’t get sick
everything is more fair, clean, and happy for everybody–fresh air, bright green trees, and a smiling face on everyone; inclusion everyone educated and knows how to thrive; a bright future where I, and everyone around me, is happy and successful


Group 3 Visions

Group 3 Visions

community garden
conversion therapy banned
pride events
affordable mental healthcare
free public transit, prison release program dedicated to helping prisoners return to society
equal policing
teen/youth center
downtown music
humanity over politics
youth advisory council working with the city commission
resources for the whosoever (programs designed for individual demographics)
activities for families (entertainment complex, 5th Quarters)
community garden for elderly and underprivileged
shelter for families–tiny home village, PR impoverished (transitional housing)
riverboat tour, dinner boat
retail options–thriving shopping complex
mobile feeding kitchen
people of all ages need purpose and to feel needed
strong parenting
strong support of trades
high expectations
assistance for elderly–housing, at home care
education that incorporates modern-day skills (manufacturing, soft skills, etc.)
increase access to quality early childhood programs
support small busines
support families
increase tourism
develop strong workforce development programs
build community and become more welcoming
increase bachelor degree attainment rate
create a community that encourages youth to stay
availability of world-class technology to all–high-speed internet
develop a quality of life that meets the needs & demands of future generations
maintain & protect our natural resources
enhance amenities on the river
continue to develop the downtown area (Henderson)
develop world-class K-12 school system
make the region and education hub


Group 4 Visions

vibrant downtown living with residential and commercial presence, access to sports ammonites of all cultures, arts a focus; diversity & inclusion, access to affordable housing, better parity in income, revitalized historic properties, access to non-chain, locally-owned restaurants, educating for history, more demographic diversity, age blending in all neighborhoods
dog park
trails/paths in & outside of city
more green space downtown
more downtown city living
events center downtown Henderson
river cruises between Henderson and Evansville
farmers market downtown
we need more restaurants like the towns around us so we don’t have to go Evansville or Owensboro
more services for those with disabilities
working together in everything we do–all communities together. Don’t let the river divide us
development of the riverfront–docks, concessions, water taxi program
bike paths to encourage exercise and appreciation of green spaces
mentoring programs–sharing experience of retried individuals with younger generation searching for jobs & careers; expanding apprenticeship; programs for youth to share their talents (like tech) with mature individuals
Young adults returning to Henderson for good jobs
elderly involved in various programs & respected for their experience
I-69 bridge opens, brings more businesses & more homes, further connects Henderson with Indiana counties
convention center for Henderson


Group 5 Visions

celebrating students during high school experience to reinforce their place in our community; our traditional football homecoming brings town together and reunions are celebrated all over downtown; special individualized banners of Homecoming Court, prom, etc. are displayed seasonally so parents and grandparents can share in the legacy of what it means to be a Henderson County Colonel
services easily accessible for seniors–health, meals, transportation, help to stay at home
wellness–medical care, fitness facilities & events, recreation & education
events at Ellis Park (concerts, festivals)
Transient Boat Dock–mixed use space
Rails to Trails, railroad lit up
Downtown hotel, farmers market, grocery, downtown living
workforce development, trades in school
economic development
pole yard moved from downtown
houses on river lots, more housing options
events that bring all demographics together
internet access is an essential utility
regional transit system that is safe and free or low cost
no one has to decide whether to buy medication or food
elder care resources are abundant and available to anyone struggling regardless of income
civil discourse has returned and issues are discussed in open community forums
our best and brightest stay in the area because our jobs, schools, and opportunities equal larger metro areas


Group 6 Visions

more entertainment and activities to come to the city of Henderson–teenagers and young adults always want something fun to do without having to go to Evansville; we have an old skating rink, an old bowling alley, and a movie theatre; we need more activities like an arcade, laser tag, miniature golf, escape rooms, etc.; this could brin the city together instead of breaking off to go to different places just to have fun
RV park
amusement park
better transportation
health care
more factory jobs
Access to internet for all, more community-based organization–homeless, childcare, domestic violence, drug assistance, access to healthy options like a farmers’ market, more fun for teens/kids, dog park, more parks, bike path, pond, skate park, live music, mew job opportunities, transportation, more family-friendly, affordable housing
extensive walking/biking greenway–connect to Evansville
downtown greenery, flowers
better pollution control
internet throughout the county
fresh food availability
strong, sustainable workforce
youth of Henderson have to have a positive place to go to grow, learn from another, lift each other up
access to avoidable healthcare and basic need resources
growth in our church communities
overcoming generational poverty


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