Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at the Ribeyre Gym Annex in New Harmony, IN

Date: August 17, 2021

Total Participants

Participant Demographics


Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • all-inclusive housing assistance (MV housing only is for the City of Mt Vernon–no county housing assistance); WorkOne employment assistance to help people create resumes & coach for successful interview
  • Access PoCo–events, volunteer opportunities broadcast on TV, radio, & papers at little or no cost
  • trails, bicycles and walking – connect the counties, larger busses connecting reason, more regional arts council, organizing group to collect ideas and push information out
  • preparedness for climate change, transportation loops, river boat/restaurant, walking trails,, grocery store, balloon rides, working farm that kids can visit, more outdoor recreation, tennis court, healthcare in town, variety at farmers market, an anchor business to attract more people, new ownership of the Inn
  • more families with children, community activities for all, more housing, emergency preparedness – tornadoes, planning, reopen bridge, grocery store, bank

Group 2 Visions

  • Peace love and happiness.
  • Focused on New Harmony’s growth and development‚ I would like to see more open support for a wider range of artists (funding and grants for less fortunate students/artists). Historically focused planning when thinking about residential issues. Open-mindedness for new ideas to implement old plans.
  • children happy, educated, peaceful homes. Plenty of food, clothing health
  • want bridge to reopen, new harmony school

Group 4 Visions

  • Children’s theatre, USI/New Harmony connection
  • Diversity, different housing options, environmental & historic preservation, and loving kindness
  • Farm to table fresh food; one room modern school house; indoor and outdoor sports; community theater; emergency preparedness; garden tours; active library; connectivity; riverboat restaurant; known for artist in residence program; anchor business with good jobs; pollution-free (a clean Wabash River); affordable housing; new owners of New Harmony Inn; more skilled labor in town; spiritual retreats
  • Help, encourage more students to graduate
    Help retain & bring more restaurants to town; have better open hours
    Find a way to bridge the gap between long time residents & newer arrivals
  • Murphy Auditorium plays, ,usi new harmony connection, spirituality, educational outreach
  • diverse, more restaurants with longer steady hours, helping each other
  • brotherly love, graduating more children
  • New Harmony becomes a National Heritage Cultural Park (i.e. Pulman, IL), have developed a strong nationally-recognized artist-in-residence program, achieving excellence while remaining small

Architect Drawing

Ribeyre Architect Drawing

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