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Hosted by Talent 2025 Education Group at EVPL Central

Date: July 29, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • I wish for a place where the city hall stands proud and is a center of activity for areas around it. People can gather around it to speak over matters and protest peacefully. It isn’t something that is ignored, but something that is talked about. Where people are able to walk from place to place to get to where you need to go, or they can use the bus system that has buses that come through every 15 min. A place where the police don’t have to be feared, nor often used. Where police give help to convicts right as they leave, not months or weeks after, but right as they leave. A place where housing is open and available to all. People can walk from work to home to parks while feeling safe. I wish for unfortunate people to be able get help in many different places.
  • Educational equity and access for those with both visible and invisible disabilities, family supports, and community engagement that lead to better life quality and economic outcomes for disabled people
    Economic improvement-better paying jobs, affordable housing, poverty reduction, and healthcare access
    Environmental improvement-more/better green spaces for community use, reduced pollution
  • A future where humans listen and learn more from each other, and create together. Falling/trial-and-error is normal and encouraged. Spectrum thinking is prevalent. The connections between everything/everyone are more readily seen.
  • The city is well developed and a close community that is not self-centered (whether that be for their lives or for their way of life) and communicate with each other (getting help or giving help in developing and enriching the community or the city). The Youth and Young Adults listen to advice and stories from the elderly, who are well taken care of and supported greatly in the community. Their information is priceless as youth to youth is the end to all knowledge so therefore its essential to hear the voices of e v e r y o n e in order to bake a well made Lemon Meringue Pie, as each idea or people involved is its own ingredient; without one of them the flavor would be minimal or nonexistent or would fall apart eventually. Once abandoned areas are converted to green spaces as a park/ community space that would sometimes hold events so their purpose and location would not be forgotten. Civic centers appear more welcoming, with doors open and have frequent visitors from the locals interested in being involved or witnessing the study of the rights and obligations of citizens in society; such as, should they want to alter what was previously made, they have a chance, a voice to give their opinion and be willing to communicate and comp
Group 2 Visions

Group 2 Visions

  • The community will have economic growth along with schools and community growth : People will come together to discuss future growth plans and activities for the youth in the community.
  • I would love to see a future where people can disagree about ideas while still operating out of a place of true respect for differing opinions. Serving together does not require agreement on every single issue.
  • Good public transportation. Maybe a train that goes around the city or more access to bus transportation. A large place for people to hang out, have local bands play, poetry slams, food, and small businesses could be present. More accessible sidewalks around the city. A community garden for anyone who wants or needs it. In the future schools should have more mental health resources and counselors and teachers being paid more. Town halls for people to be more informed on what is going on in the city and politics. Better voting education and for one day for youth to have a vote.
  • Independent sustainability for our community. Giving individuals the skills and tools to support and live. Allowing our community to grow and flourish. Making us a desired place to live.

Group 3 Visions

  • Community leaders sharing and encouraging one another with resources, experience, advice, funding, care, advocacy, love‚ setting an example for young emerging leaders who will continue that vision.
  • We need a rail system that connects Henderson, Evansville, and Princeton. Stops include businesses along the way like near Berry, Deaconess Midtown, Ameriqual, Toyota, etc.
  • We need a transition program for students with disabilities that are ages 18-22 that are still enrolled in the school corporation. This program would be located in a house. It would be called Adult LIFE (Learning Independence for Everyone). The students would learn the needed skills to be able to live independently one day. Skills include cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes/dishwasher, making their bed, vacuuming, sweeping, landscaping, mowing, weed eating, etc. Students would learn to plan meals, make grocery lists, learn the city bus system to go to the grocery store, shop for food, and return to make their own food (breakfast and lunch). They would learn budgeting/money skills as well as telling time and time management. Students would also attend a jobsite to learn on-the-job skills.
  • Professional, caring, creative teens and adults take charge of the future‚ of our future‚ of our regions future! Volunteer and mentor – not because we have to but because we want to. Attend community events. Have an investment in being the change we want to see because we care!
  • Clean energy generated throughout the region, so we may drastically lower utility bills and eliminate dependence on fossil fuels or even on other regions at all. Green space galore. Quality of life for families to only need ONE job, which provides them with the necessary time to focus on their families and self-care. A home for every pet. Collaboration between government, nonprofits, and businesses to achieve goals. (By then we better have passed universal health care in the United States so that everyone can focus on bettering their lives, rather than how they will pay for health care even WITH insurance!) Schools and nursing homes grow their own food and flowers onsite, with an on-staff horticulturist and on-staff farm to table chef. Schools prepare kids for whatever career path they choose and they graduate with financial literacy, not in credit card debt or having no idea how to save/invest. People suffering from addiction have clear, free avenues to recovery if they choose. Homeless people have effective, proven avenues out of poverty. Positive parenting is ‚Äúthe in thing to do‚Äù and screaming at your children has become a thing of the past.
  • Community leaders sharing and encouraging one another with resources, experience, advice, funding, care, advocacy, love‚ setting an example for young emerging leaders who will continue that vision.
  • youth involvement in all municipal actions
  • voter busing system to make voting easier for ALL
  • voter/civic education (civics are for everyone)
  • increased youth voter turnout l
  • diversification of public education, especially with books. No more white-washed history lessons

Group 4 Visions

  • Leaving no one unseen, our community is inclusive and broad minded. Understanding that everyone comes from different backgrounds and have different purposes in life. We need all to be a complete society. Not just college bound, but workforce, and we have education and supports wrapped around all of it. Shadowing leadership to each younger group the knowledge and wisdom received. Flowing into our community is positivity, education, awareness of all.
  • Green energy. Affordable sustainable public transit. Less funding for police and more for social services, mental health services, addiction counseling. Healthy local food.
  • Access to healthy foods
  • Green space
  • Affordable housing
  • community partnerships
  • Volunteerism
  • More collaboration between region especially Henderson and Evansville

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