Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by: Posey County Economic Development Partnership

Date: July 23, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • Sustainable inviting & Welcoming Region that Routinely re-evaluates to Spur New ways to better meet Community Needs
  • A connected 5 county region that markets strengths and opportunities for all.
  • Expand the success of the Mount Vernon Riverfront area‚ plan urban renewal to rejuvenate aged, declined neighborhoods‚ because of the proximity to downtown, mix in new construction for housing 1500 sq ft – 2500 as homes for teachers, firefighters, downsizing seniors, etc. Use grant funds for streetscape improvements. Possibly use tax credits for a portion of new construction to help it be affordable. Celebrate young family DIY renovations.
  • Build on the idea of building a Posey County YMCA, in partnership with (A) Council on Aging to have a that is a senior center, (B) University of Southern Indiana asking that they have two classrooms for college students, enrichment coursework, continuing education for community members/seniors, certificate certification classes required by local businesses, (C) technology lab – for a Posey County Lego Team of 10-18 year olds learning robotics, programming, teamwork, marketing, (D) Wetlands Enrichment Lab for Weekend and Summer Programming, (D) Career Tech Training
  • More housing to fill available jobs. More places to eat locally. Local industry is crying for help with good pay. YMCA and daycare
  • The best place (#1) in the USA for young families and 55 plus to call home.
  • YMCA with daycare, classses, senior stuff. More developed downtown to build off of the river front. Learning center that focuses on the river, agriculture, local businesses. More places to eat, more things to do!

Group 2 Visions

  • diverse community leadership
  • increased recreational activities
  • business professional and high school student mentorship
  • makerspaces in all schools and library
  • filled retail spaces and increased housing opportunities
  • diversity, leadership, and entrepreneurship education
  • activism literacy events
  • nightlife for young people
  • multigenerational activities
  • renewables and sustainability
  • opportunity for low income students
  • youth involvement in community organizations
  • riverboat or ferry
Group 3 Visions

Group 3 Visions

  • Combine quality of place with educational, recreational, employment, housing & economic development opportunities.
  • Increased environmental, educational, housing & economic opportunities.
  • Green spaces connected by accessible trails, quality schools supported by corporations with the schools supporting the needs of the corporations, quality housing for all with access to quality education, medical facilities, recreation, arts, etc., clean water for recreation and public and private transportation connecting it all.
  • Clean waters, parks with dogs people kids playing picnics. People gathering and having fun. Quality, high tech schools, new businesses, restaurants with outdoor seating, transportation to connect people together, clean streets, basketball courts and things for teens to do, more housing
  • Housing development
  • improvement of school systems
  • Port of Indiana growth
  • Clean areas
Group 4 Visions

Group 4 Visions

  • Would like MTV to be a place that outside tourists would like to visit. Would like to incorporate history of MTV into places to visit (museum)- highlight places of interest- for example, the southern most point of indiana is located in Posey County. People visit a big ball of twine so why not the southern most point in IN? Drugs are rampant throughout our community. I would like to see a place where at risk teens can come together to learn there is more to life than drugs. I envision a building on some land to house at risk kids. There would be a huge garden, fruit trees, etc. There would be a restaurant to sell the food harvested from the garden. The kids would help run the farm and restaurant.The kids can learn valuable life skills‚Ķwe can collaborate with Purdue University, local schools, farmers and the tech center in Evansville. It would get the kids involved and learn skills that would help them throughout their lives. This home will not only provide housing for kids in our area but nationwide.
  • Growth and good economics
  • Connection between the region with unified roads, trails, activities for kids, experiences for adults. I would like to see similar playgrounds and splash parks for kids that are different but similar. Wineries, breweries, eateries and experiences for adults that are similar but different.

Additional Visions

  • Steady growth, retail expansion, educational opportunities
    Affordable early childcare, YMCA or similar activities for youth and teenagers, the Elderly would benefit from the YMCA as well. Lighted sidewalks where people can safely walk to the grocery, parks, etc. Continue to promote the River Front (very nice). Finishing the Western Bypass to reduce truck traffic thru MV. Add an overpass (at least one) to keep traffic flowing during train activity. More affordable housing in MV 150 – 250K. Encourage people who work in MV/Posey County to live in MV/Posey County. Posey Works program – Earn while you learn.
    Quality of life initiatives. Affordable housing.

  • “Residential planning that involves sidewalks, eligibility for kids to walk to schools, parks for kids to play in, forward thinking and modern design.

  • High speed Internet should be available to all.

  • Entertainment venues that provide for all ranges of ages.

  • Self driving taxi services.

  • Roadway plans that are forward thinking and take into account a growing city.”

  • It would be a place where people want to live as well as work. It would be clean a place to live. It would embrace diversity. It would elevate people that have had only marginal attention by our institutions. An aggressive effort toward education and quality of living.

Architect Drawing

Architect Drawing

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