Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library 

Date: July 15, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • we are all one village
  • community collaborations and partnerships
  • Love is at the center
  • we all have imperfections vision hope strength
  • All children youth are the future Youth take the lead time to pass the mic and let the voiceless determine the conversation
  • get negative social determinant
  • what is the root cause of why people don’t feel sense of community
  • kids at the center
  • foundation that differences are valued not feared
  • surrounded by supports so they can a realize their possibilities
  • healthy families – all kinds of families
  • mental health
  • equitable education. Limitless possibilities
  • food housing medical that become barriers when they are not there
  • sense of belonging
  • learning for all
  • generational engagement – bring them all together to be part of the solution
  • learning flexibility and innovation
  • creativity
  • multiple organizations doing the same thing – need to streamline – come together to address issues together – wrap around support from community organizations
  • respect and love
  • school is at center of community
  • meet people at greatest point of need
  • access to healthcare at community schools
  • treat whole child with healthy spaces and nutrition
  • playground at schools
  • school with kids [laying
  • playing basketball, swings bikes
  • more people in to visit the school
  • safe, fun, learning school

Group 2 Visions

  • stop idolizing overwork; work hours to support family time; supporting mental health, veterans, elderly; brining it back to community
  • bringing diverse experiences back to our communities to stimulate creativity and innovation, giving students a choice in their learning
  • school as a community hub; connecting health & mental health opportunities; bringing people in to make connections–mutual beneficial opportunities pulling in elderly to work with kids; resources coming in to make them true hubs of community; partners to expose and connect kids to what is out in the world; a place for people to come together and have a collective impact; trails connecting communities & hubs; fresh food and community gardens at school; access to transportation and foods
  • Collaboration and share resources. Equity. They all enjoy one another and enjoy spending time outside of comfort zones. Schools reflect the community. Green spaces. Bluegrass is one of the gems of the community between Vend and Warrick. Continuing sustaining the beautiful areas already in place. Private and parochial schools should no segregate based on any factors. It’s divided by socio-economic factors. The leave behind stuff come from discrimination, racism. It’s about the systems set up to keep those things in place. It starts with the thinking.
  • connecting everything back to schools; connections from young (students) to wise (nursing homes) and all in-between, using the passions & talents to teach
  • clean, updated facilities for all students at all schools
  • farmland still in the developed areas
  • Fully funded schools where every school is a good school. A parent wouldn’t have an issue sending their kid to any school because they are all great. Less standardize testing. Revised curriculum for all subjects. Teaching real history instead of white-washed history. Really prioritizing what students learning in each grade level. Higher expectations for people who enter the teaching field. Better training. University curriculum need to be revised. University training is not useful. Paid family for when a baby comes in the family, mom and dad can both stay home. Women don’t have to worry about going to work too early. Universal preschool. It’s not baby sitting. It’s to ensure all kids start school on the same level. Too many kids start out day 1 behind because preschool is not affordable. All school should be public school and public dollars should not go to private schools. If we guarantee we are providing an excellent education, there would be no reason to have a private school. Relying on the science and the research should be encouraged. Too many false info on reading outcomes and it’s going to have a negative impact.

Group 3 Visions

  • kindness and love, accepting of one and other, love your neighbor, old school, looking out for each other, positive, accepting of each other
  • Unilateral church with all the colors and beliefs, it doesn’t matter what you are but recognize our togetherness. Senior citizen home that connects to daycare that signifies that in order of the daycare to survive, they appreciate and acknowledge how they can withdrawal from the knowledge bank for the future.
  • ymca, ja, experience core and added to school and coordinate together; business and the people are joining together; daycare has community people together – share love; connect with elderly community – daycare and senior center connected together
  • faith centered connected community, most important is school, no standardized tests, teachers have tools to do their jobs, our parents are involved and engaged, our churches and community organizations are engaged, everyone wants to be involved in community together desire diversity, inclusion, equity students love learning; families living together living on front porch, excited to come over with community to gather – community garden; parents happy have affordable and accessible childcare; arts and culture spaces where we can create together; workplaces love working at a job, living wage and still have time to live with family; sustainable future to children; innovative jobs; build sustainable community, attract and retain new and diverse talent; strong families supported by all areas of community; employers, healthcare, childcare, schools, community orgs, churches ; intergenerational family engagement; healthy outcomes; sustainable community
  • extended schools, school, houses to include a community garden that extended curriculum of school and involves people in the neighborhood and supply grocery store;

Group 4 Visions

  • students tracked toward tech centers going onto working with manufacturers before they leave high school, then going onto some college, leading them to be journeymen or starting their own companies (college paid for by the manufacturers)
  • high schools & colleges making volunteering part of the curriculum so they’re teaching student about greenspaces and taking them into retirement communities, nonprofits, schools, mentoring & teaching in the community about recycling, reusing, planning, beautification
  • thriving corporate community that has skyrises with areas for recreation (swimming); community is beautiful, people are getting out and enjoying their surroundings (not in the home); mimicking other cities with thriving metropolitan areas where buildings and residents outside the buildings show the progress; playing at work and getting the job done
  • most work 5 day work week, move to 4 day work week and on day 5 do community work – volunteer day (childcare, volunteering, supporting others ), pay and hours don’t change based on 4 day work week.
  • amateur soccer program for under 23, lead to semi-professional league, access to public soccer facilities in , promote professional training, not just soccer but all recreational sports, sports medicine, athletic mental health, lead to an opportunity for all ages, be a true grassroots program where you’re not paying to play, catering to those who want to achieve athletic goals locally, getting organizations invested in this idea. would bring new people to the community
  • coop between education and elderly, all races represented in the schools, elderly to listen to students read thus giving back. Graduates have access to various companies. Connect Henderson and Evansville as far as opportunities, educational standards, a lot of crossover of students because of the proximity of the communities. Align standards (common core). Need to be on the same page because students are coming with gaps in learning.

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