Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by American Legion, Mt Vernon, IN

Date: June 23, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • the bike trails, connnectivity to IL, Wifi, skatepark/bike park, ferry to IL, established trees, lots of functional greenspaces, community based learning/interaction with schools in the community.
  • people to want to visit MV and enjoy the restaurants and OHIO river and access to the wabash, connectivity to the bike trails through to New Harmony and into illinois and back, connectivity to the river (underutilized), first Saturday events or a ferry, barge events, promote the great MV schools and have an erichment weekend (wabash, ohio, wetlands, sabic), organized bike events that start and end here, keep our festivals/events strong, important to connect to illinois, use the old bridge for pedestrians and bikes, new bridge for cars, ferry to henderson, network for marketing to promote the counties on both rivers (wabash & ohio)
  • opportunities for female involvement of all ages
  • greenway paths into posey county
  • more access to public transportation (free or paid such as uber)
  • better internet access
  • more people are aware of NH from the region resulting in economic increase, social increase, more education about NH
  • more affordable housing in NH
  • Senior housing area in NH
  • grocery store-a lot of older people would be taken care of
  • 24 hour community centers where people on swing shift will benefit similar to libraries. orgs can rent rooms
  • free healthcare busses for preventative care
  • utilties infrastructure
  • nuclear power plant

Group 2 Visions

  • Love to see new opportunities here, something as simple an incredible playground to draw young families
  • Open up the need for food establishments that are willing to stay
  • City pool rennovated and brought up to date and utilized. It is in a great location. The whole area is a great place
  • Walking and bike paths that connect and allow outdoor activities. Being able to be in nature within the urban setting. Way to connect the existing green spaces
  • Community garden – when people can see the work that they had establishing something good, and the eagerness to see it continue
  • they will take pride in their community if they have a hand in it – more opportunities to get engaged and ways to communicate those opportunities
  • Brittle bank pool rennovation is a pet project I have in mind.
  • More opportunities for kids outside of sports, like sign language, arts, foreign language, music. Community center that appeals to all interests.
  • Better visibility of community events across all counties.
  • Create a farm experience for people who don’t live in the rural area. We have them intermittent and people don’t necessarily know about them.

Group 3 Visions

  • My bakery close to the River front, everone would work together on projects; more events at riverfront; better fixed up & cleaned up homes; more restaturants and food establishment
  • Big, wonderful horse barn, area for horse back riding; ride horses around track, nice living space for horses, Something colorful. Big beautiful lake for horses. Country Farm Horseback Riding. Stables. Horse Camp.
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs
  • lifestyle centers
  • affordable housing
  • equitable schools
  • mental health and drug treatment centers
  • youth community centers
  • gun violence prevention and intervention programs
  • multicultural neighborhoods
  • Inclusive leadership representative of the community
  • Inclusive playground for children of all abilities
  • Affordable and unique shops for people to be able to buy local (bakery, boutiques, etc.)
  • Restaurants for families to stay in town and not go to evansville to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Things for the younger generation to do for fun (live and play here not just work here)
  • Young people know how to disconnect from their device and be able to talk to people
  • Everyone step and volunteer when they’re needed, team effort
  • Things for kids to do after school, keep them active and out of trouble
  • Events that bring communities together (River Days is great, but want to see more of those kinds of events)

Group 4 Visions

  • Small town revitilazation/ more funding and assistance for private or Christian Schools/
  • Better Internet access
  • Main Street Shops /Restaurants where people gather together/ Senior living for retired citizens
  • Ramps for disabled citizens/ Caregiver resourses / Outdoor spaces for meetings
  • Draw for young families/willingness to volunteer/ community-minded/ more events in the community for everyone/ historic restoration
  • Would like to see a community sports complex/
  • I would love to see a deli in our community/ Farmers Markets
  • A community website so people know what is going on in the community/ boat docks/ parks/ A ferry to each riverfront with easy access throughout Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky/
  • A scenic bi-way from Illinois over the New Harmony bridge to USI / Community Centers/ medical centers

Architect Drawing

Architect drawing

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