Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by Young & Established

Date: June 17, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

Group 1 Visions

  • more Young & Established locations
  • more kids outside
  • no more violence
  • more sports & atheltic activies for kids
  • more homeless shelters
  • more animal shelters
  • more food trucks
  • more leaders
  • more homeless shelters
  • more animal shelters
  • less pollution & litter
  • people being nice
  • kids starting their own organizations
  • people starting organizations
  • food for homeless
  • earning money to give to homeless shelters
  • raising money for the homeless
  • not giving up on your dreams
  • control your actions
Group 2 Visions

Group 2 Visions

  • shadowing program for all kids–every kid has opportunity to shadow professionals in different fields
  • free childcare
  • free healthcare
  • everyone practices mindfulness–classes in high school
  • safety & equal opportunity for all people –less racial & class disparities, less police brutality
  • more and better pride parades
  • protections for LGBT people in the workplace
  • if your life goes downhill, it will be bad, but if it goes uphill, you can be successful, it’s your choice; whatever you believe, you can achieve. Uphill: you pay your bills & help people; downhill–you get kicked out of the house
  • people finding what they’re good at
  • people paying it forward
  • Apartments, small homes, developed beautiful riverfront, no pollution in the river, 
  • Greatest chef in the world, an around the world restaurant with all types of food for everyone, some free restaurants for those who can’t afford expensive food
  • More people going to moon, more things that fly, more after school activities like sports, more candy
Group 3 Visions

Group 3 Visions

  • flying cars
  • aliens abducting cows
  • big trash cans instead of dumps
  • no school–online school only
  • hybrid flying goats
  • people flying to mars & finding new galaxies
  • Stop litter, get rid of trash, clean water, more water
  • More things for kids, raising kids better
  • More sports
  • Better schools, better school food
  • keep sports
  • ending racisom, bad Karens go away
  • more gardening
  • more positivity, more loving people, more people being respectful
  • stop hurting others, end brutality, stop fighting
  • more youth management – help kids on the street be a part of more stuff.
  • better computers
  • no animal neglect
  • Flying cars, keep advance technology
  • super powers, turning into giants and flying,
  • New technology, like new phones, new consules like gaming systems, cars shaped like hampster balls with rockets that go super fast
  • aliens
  • levitating homes that can transport you anywhere
  • new sports, new animals
Group 4 Visions

Group 4 Visions

  • apple tree
  • collaborative setting
  • riverfront – clean with food trucks
  • gardens with fruit and produce
  • great public transport, bikes, green paths,
  • sunny all the time
  • nice fine limo
  • clean ponds
  • sunny all the time
  • flippy i-phone
  • people say hi to each other
  • ice cream stands
  • flying red bird car for people – flying cars
Group 5 Visions

Group 5 Visions

  • if you are young and you do something bad, there is still a lot of time to create your passion.
  • there is more enviornnent and places to hang out. You can fish in the river. Futuristic cars and robots taking over because I will be building the robots. The robots would take care of the farming and weaving. Building can camp by the water. No more racism.
  • the sun represents joy. I want to be a basketball coach and teach kids how to play. When they are better, we are going to create a team. My community center will have a gym, workout room, a water fountain, a restaurant in the back. On the other side there will be another gym for kids 10 and under. But none of the gym is for kids over 14. I want people to feel they wont be treated differently. No more racism.
  • they will see a beautiful sun and sky. A basketball court, pond for people to fish, resturant and places for people to shop. McDonalds. Bridge over the water.

Architect Drawing

Architect drawing

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