Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by Harvestime Temple in Mt Vernon, IN

Date: June 15, 2020

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 visions

Group 1 Visions

  • natural, free parks withforests, streams, trails, wildlife; parks are clean, promote recycling; healthy activities
  • revitalization of main street: gardens, shops, stores, homes, apartments, activies with animals, people working together, Restore great buildings
  • no negativity, come together as a community, fun and people who live in the middle of it.
  • animals are protected, animals have rights
  • revitalization of downtown, connect/bring the tourism into Mt Vernon from New Harmony,
  • connect Mt Vernon and New Harmony trails, bike trail from state park into New harmony,
  • guy with a jetpack – reminiscent of Tim Wilson’s Jet Pack
  • pollution filter on river using new technology
  • adoption of novel technologies for a better future
Group 2 visions

Group 2 Visions

  • river boats going to various counties
  • free produce stand that also accepts donations
  • adequate food for everyone, acccess to food and necessary resources
  • riverfront improvement–economoic opportunities on the river (restaurants & shops)
  • opportunities for children, increased literacy
  • bridge between education & industry to give people opportunities–everyone is responsible for the envrionement & beautification; pride in the indusry & what it looks like; students & workers have something to eat–access to food
Group 3 visions

Group 3 Visions

  • increased rereational actikvities, workout classes, pickleball, kayaking
  • diverse community leadershiop
  • business proffesional–HS student mentorship
  • makerspaces in schools–library
  • filled retail spaces, increased housing options
  • diversity & leadership & entrepeneurial educationin schools
  • night life for young people
  • activism literacy events
  • neighborhood walmart (to attract movers)
  • multigenerational activities
  • renewables/sustainability
  • opportunities for low income students
  • youth involvement in community organizations
  • riverboat/bridge/ferry
  • highlight and focus on Mt Vernon being part of the Amerian Discovery Trail Bike Trail
  • A bus system that is used by people of all economic backgrounds that reaches all counties. With covered spots
  • Affordable grocery store and in urban areas and small-town areas.
  • More multi-use buildings with grocery store and restaurants and apartments.
  • Communication about region-wide events across the regions to ensure everyone can participate.
  • Recycling facilities available in public spaces.
  • Build out the Mt. Vernon area towards the East.
  • Need more mom-and-pop restaurants that are affordable.
  • Local grocery store that is affordable, more local pharmacies, and businesses so they have choices in Mt. Vernon and don’t have to always leave the community to get the basics.
  • Local newspaper and/or magazine.
  • Walking bike trail
  • Monuments

Architect Drawing

Session 23 architect drawing

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