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Hosted by Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (EVPL)

Date: June 3, 2021

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Group 1 visions

Group 1 Visions

  • Partnership between multiple denominations of churches. Community projects. Businesses providing mentors for schools. Updated schools, safe, clean, etc. Community neighborhood parks that are safe.
  • To make southside Evansville a place that is celebrating community, collaboration. A place where everyone wants to be and to celebrate having that place. Southside evansville improved overall, including all the neighborhoods that surround it.
  • Bike lane on the bridge, twin bridges or railroad bridge. Community incubator or accelerator programs that feed into global starter programs. Community wide diversity inclusion and equity strategies. Diversity in our local and regional leadership. Healthy communities. Specifically to henderson, a thriving East end.
  • Wellness co-op centers, holistic approaches. Increase green space. Muti-generational connections and activities to grieve end of life and aging, or uncomfortable things we avoid. Hospice house supported by the community where you don’t need insurance or funding to end your life peacefully. Grief support. Health and weallness approach that is not medical. More local grown produce combatting food deserts. Work with criminal justice system to incorporate programs for health and grief education and support. More mental health support and education or certification programs. Increasing entertainment on the river where you can utilize a river boat to get to different areas for entertainment along the river.
  • Occupied retail spaces. More parks and gyms. Make-your-spaces, places where kids can use hands on learning, and schools. Renewable energies. Diversity in leadership education in schools. Opportunities for low income students. Diverse leadership in the city and community. Youth involvement with county operations, to encourage movement back into the county. More housing to resolve housing crisis. Drug use reduction.
Group 2 visions

Group 2 Visions

  • People cheering on team EVV
  • People crossing the river on a zip line
  • The plane represents its pointing toward the airport. Come and go from the airport.
  • The team EVV is happening in KY, other counties, but being team EVV unites everyone. US celebrating and US what’s to come.
  • Clean water in the river
  • Museum celebrating historical US-ness. Lily King’s gold medals. Some sports related. Other things people have accomplished.
  • Underground railroad honored in the museum
  • Southwest Indiana High. A place wehre people can come and get education that fits them. Whatever they are interested in. They can learn solar panels, garden, career exploration, people with lived experiences can mentor the students. School is not school but school is learning life. They can make something that serves everyone. It’s no more us vs them.
  • School doesn’t just have to be kids. It can be adults. It’s for everyone. Everyone can go and learn. Second building is for career exploration.
  • Wanting wealth and money. Money growing on trees and producing more money. The money leads to home ownership and car ownership. The rainbow represents the spirituality. God is watching over us.
  • The people represent families and friends. It’s more about family, and friends, and spiritual things than about money and wealth.
  • It started out being about money but then it became love, empathy, and people being together. The sun and the rainbow represents happiness.
  • Swimming pool represents the wealth.
  • We need to leave behind debt and financial crisis. We are going to have debt but we need to leave behind financial crisis.
  • space for youth to be safe, have fun, learn, volunteer, support each other
  • housing and medical care and less violent politics, people are employed where they enjoy working
Group 3 visions

Group 3 Visions

  • generalized transportation for all–SWIN-KY Hyperloop that delivers you anywhere in region within minutes
  • revitalization of manufacturing in area (Berry a 3D printing company, Toyota adding robotic productions)
  • more community activities, better networking that leads to better networks that allows change to occur; knowledge centers like library but actually holding events of financial advice, parenthood, that connect you where you need to go
  • makerspace for children or adults to tinker for free
  • reimagining how you should be involved with the community; youth inclusion fo regional projects & initiatives on boards, etc; equal education for all school districts; civic education & engagement; mental health resources free and available to students; realistic sexual education; 24/7 youth community center; voting information; digestable local news information
  • Hubs of interconnectivity, activity, live-work-play opportunities where entrepeneurs can thrive, people have family-centric affordable housing options fueled by affordable mass transit and renewable energy resourcs in every inner-city neighborhoods in all areas of our region

Group 4 Visions

  • green infrastructure put on top of existing public buildings–green roofing (succulent roof)–helps with flooding; ocean trash cans that collect solids in our river
  • good public transportation
  • efficient recyling programs
  • long-term learning centers
  • outdoor classroom–learning moments everywhere
  • locally grown healthy foods
  • affordable & accessible healthy choices & activities–free bikes
  • clean water & air, renewable energy
  • pair of eyes with lenses in hopes of people seeing through other lenses
  • financial literacy program for HS students in Evansville
  • book for equal education
  • alternatives to jails and incarceration
  • goals would be to get people out of jail and into treatment
  • breaking the cycle of re-offending
  • reevaluate how much emphasis on incarceration and shifting resources to treat substance abuse and mental health
  • autism – disability school currently not all schools have special ed, and none have therapists on site – there isn’t transportation to schools that do have special ed.
  • all therapists and assistance housed in the same place
  • access to all services in one school
  • better pay for therapists
  • security trained in how to handle special needs students
Group 5 Visions

Group 5 Visions

  • clean environment, sustainable,
  • community where information is accessable to all and opportunities are accessible and inviting, sharing
  • importance of community and developing infrastructure
  • technology that brings people together through services and transportation

Architect Drawing

Architect drawing

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