EVSC Sessions Outcomes

Hosted by Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Session locations: Lodge Community School, Glenwood Leadership Academy, Lincoln School, Washington Middle, North Jr. High
Date: May 2021

Total Participants

Participant Demographics

Due to student privacy, we cannot provide demographic data for these sessions. 

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Lodge Community School Visions

  • indoor waterpark with a slide; waterparks on the ceiling with booster that helps you go really fast
  • biggest rollercoaster that goes to the moon and back
  • happy, pretty house for sale – 3 bedrooms; designed myself; fence keeps dogs in
  • school with mountains in background–people come from mountains to school to communicate with each other and participate in activities; people fishing in the lake; people fishing with their child
  • mansion because I’m rich and can give money to homeless–philanthropy
  • Lodge school with tons of people in it because people want an education here; people who struggle can restart and get jobs
  • bookshelf with a bunch of books with staircase on top of it with a bunch of art–an art studio with computer, printer, canvas, paint brushes; a space for friends and family to make art together
  • living in a city where people can treat me how I feel; me and my brother; welcoming; hotel
  • nonprofit event venue where agencies can come at a cheaper cost for retreats and trainings, also for families to have affordable reunions, etc. or foster kids to have parties and weddings who do not have family financial support
  • lowest crime rate in the state by community and law enforcement coming together; grades have improved; less suspension; mentors in school; affordable housing in the city because city and CDC work together; city building community center; businesses within black community; all students exposed to STEM; more African American teachers at lodge and other EVSC schools recruited from HBCUs
  • love, equality, happiness, family time, shelter, safe play, hope, food
  • Schools: funding for teachers & classrooms; no bullying, stronger consequences; higher wages for teachers & staff; unlimited resources for teachers; always available transportation to students to they can come to school; decreased dropout rates
  • Worldwide: no wars; no crime; no natural disasters or human-made disasters; clean oceans
  • Community: exceptional zoo filled with exhibits & well cared-for animals; no homeless people, every child in a forever home; every animal in a fur-ever home; no racism or discrimination; better & safer playgrounds; lower childcare expenses or none at all; free healthcare; equality in the workplace; people paid fairly
  • mountains, relaxing walking, nature
  • mountain and sun; Marshallese flag;

North Jr. High School Visions

  • technology has been upgraded, race problems no more, no more war
  • we’ve designed schools so that there are no more classes that are useless. You learn real life things that you will use; taxes, money saving, getting a job, etc.
  • a lot of technology, new stuff being built–new parks, new riverfronts, new buildings
  • flying cars, schools to be more challenging
  • everything is orange, no yellow
  • bit agricultural area, multi-mile area to. Help feed people
  • tesla tractors, take town useless buildings and plant food for people to eat
  • more advanced technology, cleaner air
  • abandoned buildings for exploring and growing plants
  • add additional things to welcome sign outside the airport
  • more school options – RAMP program increased in schools focused on middle school too; revamped downtown and increased technology
  • every community should have a roller coaster; revamped communities, beautification
  • no bullying, no discrimination, equality, inclusion, no racism, no sexism, LGBTQ+ rights, healthy environment self love, charity, world peace
  • music to bring opposite people together, stop discrimination
  • clean up trash, help animals that are having a hard time, clean river, help put buildings back together
  • recycling, park with no pollution
  • mother and son saying they love each other, flutes playing, love
  • playground that’s clean, no polluted, where kids can play
  • same sex married, transgender men acknowledged as real men
  • no homophobia, LGBTQ+ flag
  • more protection for all humans no matter what, no more racism or discrimination; more LGBTQIA protection, more nongendered bathrooms & changing rooms, no LGBTQ phobia
  • stop hate, everyone gets along, protect LGBTQ & trans children from being bullied, no more discrimination, we are all human and all bleed red

Glenwood Leadership Academy Visions

  • safe school, people love each other, all bad kids change or become good, school is cleaner, kids pay attention in class when teachers teaching
  • nice school, no fights, parks in neighborhood to be clean, everyone loves each other, want to see people that died before she was born, everyone goes to church
  • everyone has a big, 2-story house and has clothes and not sleeping on the streets
  • every skin color is equal, no gunshots, everyone is happy and able to walk to store to save car energy; people go to rehab instead of jail
  • community gardens everywhere so homeless can eat so not a lot of people are hungry
  • better life, nicer people; a couple at the park enjoying their time together because you don’t have forever
  • community focusing on growth and development of kids, schools that are fair and equitable
  • treat others the way you want to be treated, spreading kindness and love

Lincoln School Visions

  • when I get older I hope that the air is fresh. I want to see recycling bins on the streets. I hope we have plenty of trees for the air. I hope we don’t have as much plastic as we do today. If the streets aren’t paved I hope they are and I wish the houses are nice and colorful.
  • I think it should look like a clean environment and healthy and kind people love people food drinks and have money and help the homeless so they can have a place to live.
  • I want it to be great and I want to. Help people and be nice
  • I want to not carry the bad stuff that has happened to me at a young age and how much trouble I’ve been in. I’d like to carry forward good things like my education and grades and helping homeless people like feeding them and giving them money, shoes, and clothes. I’d like to leave behind negativity, violence and racism–black folks shouldn’t be treated like they are.
  • I think that we should all help people in need. I also think that people should always believe in their self. God is key.
  • When I’m past 19 I would like to have a nice house, good shoes, and a nice car/jeep, and go to church often on Sundays.
  • When I go back to Lincoln I will see my teachers and I will come here in 15 years. And I will go back home and I will go to sleep.
  • I think the homeless people should be treated equally and fairly like other people should be treated!
  • in 15 years we will have a better planet if we turn our eyes to Jesus

Washington Middle School Visions

  • kindness, more parks
  • no racism
  • all houses good quality and have privacy, restaurants in every neighborhood, more animal parks
  • football, gaming allowed anywhere anytime
  • less poor people, people have nice cars and houses; nice lakes and rivers
  • trees, end deforestation, bring back nature
  • humans die off or population goes down–less humans being on earth
  • bunch of people holding hands, kindness
  • people have stopped destroying natural environments
  • more acceptance of black people, LGBT, etc.
  • More acceptance
  • people holding hands, we need love each other; Black Lives Matter; no more hate, acceptance; save the earth, LGBT pride
  • lots of houses, Y-CAP for a lot of people, college
  • clean water & air, healthy food, no racism or murders or suicides, education, no disrespecting other people’s parents, no bullying, no profanity, Y-CAP, don’t flex for money
  • YCAP, jail with no evidence, free dogs
  • YMCA, Bedford Collaborative, LE partnering with Community One, Young & Established, Diamonds to do community service and teach about community management and leadership, plant flowers
  • end of deforestation, bring back nature
  • good people
  • politeness, no racism
  • trees, people playing together, community mural

Architect Drawing

Architectural drawing of visions

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