Community Leadership Program

Hosted by Leadership Everyone

Date: May 12, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • access to healthcare
  • outdoor pool open late
  • playgrounds, parks, trails connected
  • universities that offer additional degrees
  • after school programs
  • innovative school designs – learning labs
  • indoor sports facility
  • neighborhood policing or neighborhood watch
  • neighborhood garden with fresh produce
  • free childcare for working poor & middle class
  • 4-day work weeks
  • school starrts after labor day
  • centralized recycling center, cleaner spaces
  • diverse representation at the table
  • jobs or education opportunities for special needs people
  • revitalization of mesker amphitheatre
  • utilization of riverfront amphitheatre for entertainment on the water (not just hydrosports)
  • Amtrak stop in our Region
  • more investment in broadband internet, access to resources we need for education
  • money in our region
  • churches
  • biking trails
  • cornfields, farming
  • rural internet (broadband)
  • recreational areas, baseball
  • more industry & manufacturing
  • more entertainment & recreation

Group 2 Visions

  • environmental, a close community, interaction with neighbors
  • hayride, happiness
  • infrastructure for headquarters as well as plants & offices; expanded quality of life–playgrounds, natural spaces connecting neighborhoods; easy travel, walkability
  • partnership between different communities (rural /suburban), people working together, bright, welcome, inviting
  • more active riverfront with more shopping, places to bring your dog & family, free entertainment, more things to do
  • city where everyone belongs–level playing field, community connected; diverse table of decision makers, community servant orgs all have a seat at the table;
  • outlet mall
  • senior living in between schools, with hospital and grocery store, transportation to take seniors to grocery store & work
  • factory next to high school to create work/learn opportunities in high school

Group 3 Visions

  • connecting walking path from Burdette to downtown to Newburgh
  • better marina in downtown Evansville
  • no stoplights on Lloyd
  • connecting South Main to North Main to make it walkable
  • great care of veterans (VA turned into retirement center that is attached to tutoring center for kids) – help fund each other and elderly teach/care for kids
  • kids: safe, activities. They have food, housing education and church- holistically taken care of
  • Copy Audubon Kids Zone in more communities, more participation. HLA-Harrison Leadership Academy for high school juniors and seniors- multply that idea; collective worship and community incorporating different faiths; integrated neighborhoods, how do we integrate lifestyles/neighborhoods, HOLA Fiesta events that feature more cultures, have more conversations within our life
  • improving communities- affordable housing, park, community center, school, business, free transportation/options, divestiy in schools, equal opportunites for neighborhoods. Opportunities, activities are diverse. Stores have good fresh food
  • new north branch library, Jacobsville library. New Jacobsville shopping connecting all to downtown. High-speed rail between St Louis to Louisville, north to Chicago, south to Nashville. New River City convention center on water (Mulzer crushed stone), Bring Aviation back to Eville- Boening plant. Trails connecting Howell to every golf course. Rails to Trails. More events: water, fish tournaments, live music/ local musicians venues; great gambling-Ellis Park update, Casino/Gambling on Ohio, Golf trail. Athletic: baseball, running, basketball-Youth complexes, girls softball, restaurants; Art galleries to feature local artists (gallery walk)
  • Farmers markets, neighborhood markets, eastside, famers, neighborhood markets expand medical university

Group 4 Visions

  • clean envioronment
  • people playing outside
  • happy childern
  • sunshine
  • cooperation
  • people working together to achieve dreams
  • people helping people
  • mountains mean clean water
  • youth more ambitious
  • Youth taking initative and being motivated to grow themselves and help others grow
  • Community of collaboration
  • I want to do it Then Just do it. How do we start
  • A community of love, respect, and care
  • Expand leadership training, personal development in education on all levels
  • Love and respect to reign over everything
  • Focusing on access for all youth to get to sports
  • buses coming from downtown
  • parents in the stands
  • community working together to address pollution
  • no masks
  • there’s so much you can help a child develop by using sports
  • safe travel
  • assistance for the kids who cannot afford the equipment
  • river is the heart of our region
  • very clean
  • the fish are happy
  • no pollution
  • friends and neighbor enjoying the green space
  • people are smiling and waving because of the sense of community
  • air is clean
  • trees are green
  • there are things to do
  • access to food at the farmer’s market
  • amp theater for outside events
  • thriving downtown
  • This is based on the Lorax by Dr Suess. Man built the factory without thinking about the community. Natural cannot speak for itself.
  • Boonville is a farm centered place
  • Thriving farmer’s market
  • Supprt local farmers
  • eat more fresh foods
  • dog park
  • more people living on the square
  • people active outside
  • outdoor art to the area that makes you smile
  • outside art to take pics to promote downtown
  • more music and outdoor events
  • local musicians to showcase talents
  • better mental health access
  • Commerce. There isn’t a Walmart.

Architect Drawing

Architectural drawing

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