Virtual Regional VOICE Session

May 6, 2021

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Vision Quotes

Safe, and open community characterized by Kindness, Understanding, Respect, Empathy, Diversity, and Love. Social Services and projects during the weekends, people helping and supporting each other.

– Make it BADASS and do not settle for average
– racial inequality in childbirth statistics repaired

Community of carbon-neutral sustainable homes with people sharing resources and living from the land

thriving downtown, people walking and riding bikes and safe, crime non-existant because everyone knows each other, vibrant community with unemployment gone

– Vegetation and more open markets
– Renovated pre-existing buildings with maximum space utilization
– Thriving locally owned businesses
– Collaboration amongst small -locally owned businesses
– Increased community involvement in youth mentor programs
– More drug and alcohol rehabilitation and fewer criminal charges for drug offenses
– More electric car charging spaces
– Community “watering hole” like the Ferris wheel idea downtown
– More energy put into underserved neighborhoods

– Front porch grants for neighborhoods which would help people connect easier
– tool borrowing center

– A public transit system that connects us to each area and reduces reliance on cars
– Each region has a clear identity and personality
– Even more local restaurants and shops
– Thriving public schools in all neighborhoods
– Free museums and events
– Lots of diversity and safe spaces for people to gather
– An effective recycling system

– Walking spaces, green spaces.
– Tax subsidized childcare and healthcare affordable and high quality with well-paid caregivers
– Tax subsidized school that is diverse in both its student body and course offerings with high-quality education available and well-paid and respected teachers.
– Multi–use spaces that encourage interactions among community members.

– Affordable and environmentally friendly utilities and infrastructure that are consistent across all neighborhoods and communities.
– Universally Greater Good Mindset that fosters collaboration and innovation without competition or ego.

rural areas tied to urban areas, using best resources snd skills from each to benefit all….people helping people

Economic boom as business locate to EVV and businesses grow locally. Bringing new workers and families to the area and increasing affordable housing and social facilities. Green space growth and local family friendly activities.

– Internet access for everyone
– Baptist Town thriving area for everyone

Community with a central ‘hub” for community garden and livestock. Then “pods” extending out from the hub that teach life/ work skills so that everyone on the community are working together to support each other and the community without the need to rely on wages for work. Members of the community would include, farming, construction, community beautification, free rodes to outside communities, Medical care, etc

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VOICE is a region-wide initiative facilitated, produced, and managed by Leadership Everyone.