Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at VFW 1114

Date: July 30, 2022

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Group 1 Visions

  • Vet help, women vet. PTSD-MST group therapy, help with systems
    Develop Roberts park into either recreation or leisure. Help vets deal with government bureaucracy
  • Veteran Community Information Center- manned by “com” veteran organizations; Problem–no centralized location with benefit available information; Answer– Develop a veteran community information center manned by various community veteran organizations that provide education on benefits available to you and how to get it.
  • The overarching needs: community development and economic development co encompasses basic humanitarian needs and vet awareness, ed encompasses economic and career opportunities
  • Establish a center independent of government (V.A.) that serves as a 24 hour vendor support center. (Vendors maintain tables for veterans to use). 24 Hour emergency mental health center. Tax breaks for businesses that hire veteran treatment court participants and graduates.
  • Mentoring; family education; nutritional education; affordable education; better vet representation; faster responses to disability funding; 24 hour emergency mental health care

Group 2 Visions

  • I would like for our country to completely reverse the direction it is going. I would like people to be involved in their community. I would like to have veterans involved in local and national leadership.
  • Open access to veteran benefits and affairs and a better holistic and comprehensive list to these benefits. Education about Veteran Wars and conflicts and maps to memorials and event locations: LST, Wartime Museum, VA Clinic, VFW, AmVets, American Legion, Recruiting Centers, Oak Hill Cemetery, Parade Routes. We should not be celebrating “July 4th”; we should be celebrating “Independence” of our country on July 4th. We should also not be celebrating December 25th; we should be celebrating Christmas.
    Safer happier, family values, less divorce, justice system is fair and speedy, legal assistants, pro bono for vets, good lawyers, fair judges, fair sentences
  • Employment opportunities for veterans in all sectors of work; veterans integrated into all aspects of community; services accessible to all people of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths; education; reintegration services for veterans with a phased approach with follow up in the long term; family and individual focus; clean environment
  • ID list of organizations needing volunteers for all age groups to choose from in this region; meet to discuss way to better each cause; listen to all ages as to what is important to them; total key to success is “involvement”
  • Multiple organizations (parks, non-profit, zoo, city) welcome veteran volunteers to help, build, and teach. Veteran-centric events are held at these same locations to honor and include veterans. Community-based, affordable housing for homeless and separated vets. Providing social and economic opportunities for the residents.

Group 3 Visions

  • Respect for all, even the unborn, E is for Everyone; removal of bureaucracy, increase personal service; Better coordination of all healthcare benefits, especially mental health for veterans; focus on removing isolation and reducing suicide rates; focus on free NETS mobility/bus service
  • Turn the schools back to God so that what is being taught is not against his laws. Give people a better outlook on who they are and what God created them to be. To be more open to the world around them.
  • People that don’t need help are helping people that do need help. The VA starts helping veterans that need help.
  • Viable transportation system; clean city; employment; housing is affordable; available financing for business start ups
  • The media have region reporting the news and have discontinued the divisive commentary. That alone has encouraged each individual to decide for himself how to interpret the world he lives in. Then we identify others for their character, not by their political or religious leanings. Working side by side on needed projects.
  • Equality in education, truth in information/news, respect for everyone, teach value of volunteerism, outreach programs, communications of events/programs, veteran associations

Group 4 Visions

  • Mission First will be a refuge for vets through the region with programs that focus on healing and Christ
  • As a whole community, I see us showing all areas of honoring all from the community. All veterans should get benefits, and it should be very simple. Teenagers have a work program and Christ; community park areas; health care; history–Let’s not take it down but move to a location where you can honor American War history.
  • Veterans need a voice in political problems of vets. Vets are held hostage by our political process. There needs to be a retirement home for vets only. Also we need apartments and community for homeless veterans. Too many vets come home with PTSD. We are working on a retreat for veterans with PTSD, sexual trauma, and other issues; it’s called Mission First. It will be an area where veterans can bring their families and friends to heal.
  • More gardens/native plants yards, 90% less mowing, this will cut down on fuel use and pollution. By getting outside you know your neighbors. This will educate all ages.
  • Things we do for vets; helping in our community

Group 5 Visions

  • Community housing improvements; bring pride in where they live with schools that teach kids to help improve their towns and help older populations. Places for teens to go that are safe and where they can hear music and dance. Young teens have nowhere to go and meet other teens.
  • I want to see schools teaching the basics: reading, writing, math, history, and gym. Leave all other education to the parents. I want to see open and better communications between state-county-city-and-citizens. I want to see a better understanding of what veterans have gone through and more help from the VA and IDVA for all veterans in our community.
  • The elderly sharing knowledge. Youth helping without financial incentive. Veterans being supported and helping others as a form of therapy and self worth. Civil groups bringing all walks of life together. Politicians who actually represent and support those vote for them.
  • Must be ingrained/educated into the community the thought that it’s the communities responsibility to help reintegrate our veterans back into the community after they have served. Veterans are naturally servants and leaders; help and encourage them to utilize the skills to help their community. To provide safe place where veterans can heal from their service and reintegrate into society.

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