Retreat Session Outcomes

Hosted at The Barn Abbey, New Harmony, IN

Date: June 8, 2022

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Carry Forward

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Group 1 Visions

  • USI is a tech educational hub. Recreational trails connect many communities. More parks. Community gardens to feed hungry people. Lower utilities and cost of living. Recreation. Community healthcare. Paid parental leave. Support local businesses. Regional transit system.
  • Low cost living, lower cost daycare, low cost community healthcare, outdoor parks and trails connect five county tristate community, mental healthcare for all, no gun violence, paid parental leave, more culture, internet for all, transit system diversity, low utilities, low cost of living, recreation, shared community gardens, medical/tech/research and innovation hub
  • An abundance of nature trails connecting the communities and a free or affordable public transit system to connect the counties as people of all backgrounds can get to their jobs where all have equal pay for equal work. Everyone has a safe home with affordable utilities to stay warm. Parents have paid time off for the birth of their children. Less violence, available internet and healthcare.
  • Expand on education through USI and other training opportunities. Community gardens.
    affordable housing, affordable daycare, community healthcare, internet for all, access to transit, diversity, culture, parental leave for all, connected trails, affordable utilities, more culture, connected trails, more libraries, more accredited university degrees, community gardens, outdoor music, sustainable energy
  • lower cost of living still with high standard of care, lower cost of daycare, community healthcare, outdoor parks and trails, more jobs, mental health for all, no gun violence, paid maternity leave, support for small businesses, USI med school, more culture, internet for all, transit system, diversity, low utilities, low cost of living, aquariums, recreation, libraries, USI engineering tech school, shared community gardens, outdoor music space
  • support local business, paid maternity leave, recreation, wifi for all, diversity, USI med school, transit system, mental health for all, gun violence, community health care, affordable housing, energy creation, trails, community gardens, pop up library
  • paid maternity leave, paths and trails, affordable and accessible childcare, diverse leadership, more local business, community healthcare, recreation, outdoor spaces, community gardens, less violence, public transportation, affordable utilities
group 1 drawing

Group 2 Visions

  • projects that support a diverse inclusive community, finish the Greensway, the next big bold investment should be to ensure great schools in all areas of the community; schools in all areas of the community that are neighborhood hubs where people can obtain services/support
  • Inclusion, innovation, voluntarism, improved rural internet connection, robotic surgeries, tiny home communities and agrarian co-ops instead of barren unused plots. When younger professionals and artisans get to learn from others by getting paired with an elder when they sign up for utility connections perhaps, they automatically are transported from newcomer to member. Community and alternative co-op lending has eliminated check cashing places and replaced them with life skill centers which are community kitchens, afterschool support, and meeting flex spaces for gathering
  • I will live in a community where everyone has high-speed internet and the ability to connect with anyone, any time. There will also be bike path trails that will connect all connecting counties. There are several extracurricular activities and recreational parks available to everyone and some of the best educational programs available. The people in our community support each other with overall growth of our region as a whole.
  • Communal gardens, public transportation connecting for those with no transportation, complete digital connectivity, educational and skills facilities for teaching/ training higher level skills needed by employers, safe senior care with ability to obtain care while at home free, senior transfer of knowledge to youth
  • fiber internet availability, green transportation, extended bike/pedestrian facilities, filled open employment opportunities with higher pay and closed income gap, attract diverse talents and employment opportunities
  • inclusive or low-rate transportation from county areas to TMMI, explore option of pay-role reductions; trade school on or near site to prep incoming and potential hires
group 2 drawing

Group 3 Visions

  • Connected bike paths from each EVSC Junior High/High School to all feeder schools, expanded outdoor space for musical events, art and culture space downtown
  • better education system, better teacher pay, no standardized testing, free lunches and snacks, better/safer playgrounds, health resources, financial resources, a curriculum that’s best fit for students is taught, ASL is taught, along with love, inclusion, art, music, health mindfulness, a school of inclusivity that helps the community as much as the community helps it
  • more green spaces, more green energy, less pollution, more walkable areas
  • connected community, youth mentoring, accessibility, playgrounds, better school districts, more art, affordable art classes in the community, less food deserts, more bike paths, more love, free events, riverfront concerts, more green spaces, inclusion, less pollution, more affordable housing, gun safety, and low income technology and other training +LE (stewardship)
  • Education–less testing, more learning, more funding to teachers and after-school programs, outdoor classrooms; More Green Space, more trails and connectedness to other city trails complete streets, clean energy, outdoor or more outdoor recreation activities, integrate tech and ensure equal access, free healthcare for all, welcoming communities that accept diversity – requires a shift of attitude which starts with education
  • Vibrant diverse local foods and arts scene, New Harmony as a regional hub of thought and design, more urban trees, more alternative recreation like skate and dog parks, pedestrian-oriented Evansville Riverfront, inclusive supportive and well funded schools
  • Civic centers are reimagined as co-working campuses. City planning incorporates natural landmarks, green spaces, bike trails, and walkable/handicap-accessible communities. Environmental education curriculum is adopted in schools K-12 and there is increased investment in STEM trades especially technology. City ordinance restricts signage to be no taller than 6 feet and for every new urban development there must be a natural feature adjacent.
group 3 drawing

Group 4 Visions

  • Improved opportunities for people to get to where they desire to be, electric transportation more readily available to reduce carbon footprint, recycle, bottle filling stations, solar energy, less plastic pollution, more local markets to support area farmers, artisans, and businesses; additional resources for continued education, affordable housing and childcare
  • green roofs, solar panels, wind power; nightlife; public transportation (trains); electric vehicles; free healthcare; tiny house subdivisions; police=police and mental health experts (instead of armed police handling everything); diversity; safe schools; ADA accessibility; affordable housing; gun regulations; schools teach inclusiveness as a life skill course; elderly independent living w/ help of tech solutions; app that lets you vote (securely) on local issues and influence city council decisions; carbon negative; shorter workday/week
  • New Harmony is economically and socially thriving community, the Wabash bridge is opened with restrictions to preserve the historic significance of the town, business and flourishing and the new K-6 school is full of happy children, and young adults visit from all over the region, and residents happily welcome them to local businesses and recreation; there is a healthy combination of local preservation and welcome positive change as new and old citizens work together to help the town grow and thrive
group 4 drawing

Architect Drawing

architect drawing

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