Public Session Outcomes

For Education & Neighborhoods

Hosted at Boys & Girls Club of Evansville

Date: May 19, 2022

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Group 1 Visions

  • Everyone in the community is loving and supporting one another. The schools have world class teachers and the students receive real-world experiential learning. There’s less blighted properties. Families don’t struggle with housing. Individuals do not struggle with housing. People are working and sustaining themselves with just one job. There’s a booming, free community garden to fresh produce. There’s after school programs for kids and teens. The universities/colleges in town have better community involvement and engagement. There’s more programs to support the homeless and incarcerated and those releases. The crime rate is really low.
  • less killing, less black on black crime
  • I want to have a lot of money, I want to buy my mom her dream car and her dream house, I want to have a nice working
  • I want world class teacher that can work hard and get students motivated. Everyone can get a job. Community project will be regulated internally. Racism has stopped. People work together more and don’t bully each other

Group 2 Visions

  • more collaboration, youth engagement
  • young people flourishing and thriving in the community
  • less homeless people
  • Everyone gets paid the same for their work depending on what they work, everyone taking care of each other, no shootings, nice houses, schools more activity and more lively, gardens, food everyone can survive on, old people taken care of and fed, communities brought together, eating, hanging out, kids playing outside, bills low, kids eager in school, technology high and can find out anything in seconds, sickness rarely seen
  • more kids to have activities that keeps them out of the streets and more places that keep adults and children active; maybe an after school program to keep kids there and learn about community; everyone to just be safe and get the right just to be outside and not get harmed
  • equitable schooling, employment rates up
  • community is positive, no ageism, art, music, technology, transportation, wifi, school is everything I hoped for, more walkable, accessibility

Group 3 Visions

  • movies, pools, basketball park, housing, hospitals
  • teacher making 100,000 per year, there’s affordable housing for everyone, we have tutoring for all school children, free transportation for those that need
  • no more shootings, more income, more goal opportunities, no riots, more kind people, our great future
  • A community that provides housing for all its people; access to great paying jobs, very low crime; tech hub of the midwest; many local attractions for nightlife; great outdoor space to hike, walk, bike, etc.; high quality education for all; better restaurants near the river

Group 4 Visions

  • help others in as many ways as I can

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Architect Drawing

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