Retreat Session Outcomes

Hosted at The Barn Abbey, New Harmony, IN

Date: October 19, 2022

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

    • an inclusive and equitable community where differences are celebrated/appreciated.
    • collaboration throughout the region. a focus on art, music, and creativity rather than violence.
    • Renewable energy sources to improve air quality.
    • I would love to see our community love one another, like we would ourselves. Not judge people by the color of their skin but the content of their character. Live in Harmony and acceptance
    • County trails/ nature preserve to get people to live with nature; school community gardens with community elderly passing down knowledge; skate parks in each city for youth/adults; county to county bike/walk/run trails that connect; clean energy (solar/wind)
    • youth have households they feel loved and safe in. they have access to schools nearby and transportation to and from school and activities.
    • there is access to medical care to everyone, and everyone has modes of transportation to these medical facilities. this community is a safe place for everyone.
    • Preschool/daycare in same building as elderly. K-5 schools in neighborhoods, 6-12 in businesses. Hands-on learning and exploratory learning through interns and apprenticeships
    • Schools provide practical and hands-on learning that fits students’ age and learning ability. Students of all ages are introduced to the many career options in our community; medical manufacturing, construction, energy services, etc.
    • Families have access to fresh food grown in our community. There are lots of activities for all people; libraries, theatres, biking trails, parks, pools, museums, music.

    Group 2 Visions

    • Everyone is working together, listening to each other, accepting each other, and helping each other. Marginalized groups are supported. People with disabilities are included and considered. More community centers available to all. More funding to support people with disabilities. Affordable childcare
    • Everyone working together. Diversity, free healthcare, more multidiversity education for youth, safe programs that allow our youth to feel safe and keep them off the streets. programs that help the convicted get jobs and become a valued member of the community. more communication programs that are long lasting for addicts
    • Create Evansville’s Central Park using Wesselman Woods, Wesselman Park, Roberts Park, and Evansville State Hospital grounds; exchange natural habitats to attract pollinators, increase insect population–see
    • Successful locally owned businesses who give back to our community including Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness, Arc of Evansville, Evansville Housing Authority and all Humane Societies. Affordable education for all.
    • social workers accompanying LEO on mental health crisis calls, increased training, all LEO get CIT training; increased funding mental health care in jail; increased involvement in mental health court; increased and improved access to all types of healthcare and lower costs
    • the community is full engages, responsible; cross generational, multicultural society active in all aspects of itself; government, religious, educational, and paid healthcare; supported and driven by local businesses across all economic sectors

    Group 3 Visions

    • education made a priority; equal opportunities for all students; regional learning; learning centers that provide transportation for all
    • green space, innovative, technological, free spirit, inclusive, diverse
    • drug free families; free reliable, safe, 24 hour childcare to support working families and families in crisis; adequate pay and benefits for educators; affordable, available, beautiful, and sustainable housing; free public all day park; therapy pets
    • Affordable or free healthcare for all and elimination of healthcare disparities, no discrimination based on race, creed, religion, gender, ethnicity, belief, etc.; transportation to hospital or where people live in the inner cities or rural areas; clean, green areas, community schools, and do all things with loving kindness
    • drug free families, desegregation, affordable and accessible healthcare, information access
    • I’m envisioning a united community that has gone totally green. A community that is loving and inclusive. There will be fair medical care and housing for all. where all feel safe, a place that will serve the community’s needs. Great places to walk and exercise. great leaders!

    Group 4 Visions

    • see healthcare demystified and made affordable or free; diversity increase in all neighborhoods; homelessness and addiction and mental health decriminalized and treated
    • I would love to see a program or center come to life that supports the Autism community. Somewhere where these children can go to feel seen and heard. A safe place where they can come and feel safe in their surrounding. A place to end stereotypes and feel included.
    • eco-centric; we live in a sustainable ecologically and environmentally productive city, parks, trails, better transportation; There’s conscious and intentional respect for all communities.
    • more art and more community experiences for children; an environment that promotes finding passion and exploring it.
    • Many different types of people who all focus on challenging each other to think differently, test, and reflect.
    • I drew teenagers playing basketball at a local park. They rode their bikes to the court. If our parks were clean and safe, they could consistently do this. We need more of this in our town.
    • E is actually for Everyone; 100% housing and food security; everyone has work that pays them a livable wage; green spaces, trails, and outdoor recreation is accessible; historically marginalized groups are represented at all levels of corporations, non-profits, education, politics, etc.; health and mental health services are available to all residence
    • I believe they all will have connectivity, i.e. a smart city.

    Architect Drawing

    Ribeyre Architect Drawing

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