Retreat Session Outcomes

Hosted at The Barn Abbey, New Harmony, IN

Date: February 8, 2023

Total Participants

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • More accessible riverfront/parks/better and safer lighting to give young and old places to participate; provide community support for educators to love their jobs. If all schools were like South Heights, it wouldn’t matter what school anyone went to; high participation in volunteer to help clean up the environment; if we can focus on what’s the same instead of how we are different, it will foster care and love for one another
  • Robust riverfront with shopping and dining options. Another high school to handle larger class sizes sports complex available to the public.
  • I picture a community where they grow their own food. There are certain days and times where elders share their knowledge to the youngers, eventually they will die and hopefully they spread as much knowledge as possible before that happens.
  • Would like to see more youth activities for my area; redesign the river front and add more activities for all; new ramp that is handicap accessible; basketball courts; shops and diners on riverfront; gazebo to sit under; community garden for all; more people like TJ
  • A bike/walking path that ties into the schools, playground, community center, garden and 554 housing to encourage interaction among all ages. This path ties in to local shops and restaurants. Outside activities for all ages and accessible for everyone.
  • Come into town, I would like to see smiling faces, glasses on people not to see color but to see humanity. Everyone in some type of shelter-home, apartment building, shelter. Free Flower Man books. Trees–not trash–on the ground. No “Karen’s” or “Kevins”. Neighborhoods being built leave up trees.

Group 2 Visions

  • For the 5 county region, I envision a united LGBT organization working toward common goals of transgender healthcare, elderly housing and healthcare, sharing of resources, one united Pride event, youth support and education
  • Elevation of healthcare and education access, mobilized as necessary especially between Vanderburgh and Warrick counties
  • Mentorship between H.S. students and elementary–create support, role models. Care mobiles deliver care and resources that can travel to connect with others, increase trust in healthcare.
  • Foster family resource and support center utilize the elderly to help mentor and support families who are fostering, center can help with trauma and mental health
  • Improved infrastructure-smart streets, stoplight-free highway; improved connectivity and accessibility; more green spaces and parks for kids; improved riverfront–piers, shopping, park area/amphitheater; standardized single payer healthcare, libraries, outdoor amphitheater, nuclear power
  • Wifi for all; areas to camp, swim, play outside; people teaching adults and kids to grow food, cook, fish, etc.
    Turn small spaces into Old Folks homes/DayCare Center with a library, “restaurants”, various “stores”. Think tanks/do tanks, libraries/book mobiles. Better public transport, walkable areas, accessible sidewalks, better bike lanes. all gender/family restrooms, baby changing tables in all restrooms. murals. public art, good public art. community garden. more trees, tree canopy foraging. identify food deserts
  • Community food forests instead of lawns. Permaculture opportunities for everyone, with focus on local food/resource production. New structures incorporate solar roofs or green roofs, applies to existing structures if structural integrity is good. Maker spaces and tool libraries available to community to be self sufficient, to make art, to be creative. Public art spaces. Education based on critical thinking/analysis and nature. All drivers education on how to share the road and traffic rules. Reduce overuse of plastics (one/few uses); elimination/minimal use of fossil fuels through taxes
  • I’d like to envision a future full of abundance, accessibility, and opportunity. At the heart of this vision, I see a community center acting as the operating system of this vision. A place where youth, young adults, elderly, and all walks of life can gather and collaborate together to create localized solutions for our community. The CC would act as a sustainable entrepreneurship incubator to assist individuals/entities to materialize their business ideas and integrate and revitalize our local economy. Within the CC, locals can learn trade skills and gain certification including glass fabrication. This would be a partnership with a local glass processing facility to ensure we are keeping valuable resources within our community.

Group 3 Visions

  • Improved connectivity to neighbors is facilitated by Block Parties and neighborhood events. This practice entices families to relocate and bring additional cultural and diversity by inclusion and activity. This is largely due to addressing the relation costs of relocation.
  • Access to education, college-affordable to everyone, access to basic needs, clean industry, sustainability learned from a young age and taken ownership
  • Available clean energy for all (nuclear, wind, solar, hydro), ready availability of basic needs for all (housing, transportation, food), close alliance of industry/professional/skills services and education sector, two-way interaction and mentorship at all education levels
  • Increased diversity in Warrick County, thriving neighborhood schools in Evansville, collaborative care residence for youth that age out of foster care, improved and affective public transportation, easily accessible social services hub, prisoner re-entry program to lower recidivism, case managers at EVPL to assist homeless, visitors access services, addition of a long term substance, abuse treatment facility, more fine arts, music, STEM, theater opportunities, improvement of parks, transportation programs for elderly, and disabled across counties, more county collaboration
  • Green spaces and activities for all age groups (locations everywhere), accessible areas by travel for all common goods/services (strategically placed), medical costs related to medicine at little to no costs (especially for life saving medicine), police and judicial reforms related to costs and punishments for low-level offenders and non-violent offenders. More programs to assist re-entry into work and life or living areas that are affordable and assisting, Police reform that eliminates all quotas or mandatory contacts, community centered policing led by community centered approach
  • open, accessible green-space for exercise, play and relaxation, full of trees and water, community owned. The community is eco-centric-meaning everyone and everything is regarded as important and necessary. Therefore, all needs are met through sharing excesses and a living wage is earned. People communicate with open minds and hearts, through collaboration and gathering, to understand and know each other. Life is respected, so the community strives to improve the quality of life. This is taught by the elders and inspired by the children. qualities and values
  • Evansville has become the economic engine of midwest. This region has experienced more economic growth than any other in the midwest. Focusing on manufacturing and logistics we’ve enjoyed record levels in wages and employment. Evansville is the higher education center for the state of Indiana with innovation as our #1 export. Cultural diversity is the norm as opportunity and wage equality know no limits. After years of pollution and deferred investment our air, water, and recreational quality is the envy of the country.

Group 4 Visions

  • Henderson will be a poverty free city and county with revitalized neighborhoods, focused, reliable life skills education from elementary through college and trade schools. Collaborative county and city government, active Boys and Girls Club and opportunities for all youth. Active sport activities for all ages, affordable housing, great affordable healthcare, multiple non profits supporting special needs, vets, thriving downtown with rest, shops, green spaces, river recreation, growing job opportunities, advanced tech capabilities for all, church availability for all beliefs, highly diversified and inclusive community, no crime, addiction recovery opportunities, support for law enforcement, great elder care facilities
  • Community wide we have balanced, diverse, inclusive, and equitable neighborhoods. Each with equal demographics, income equality, inclusive education, and career opportunity. A central city center of services with easy to access public transportation. A focus on turning dollars in the community. Free infrastructure city wide.
  • Have a public pool, walking/bike paths that connect the area; high paid, high talent teachers; electric charging spots, better looking waterfront, more community events, law enforcement highly engaged with youth, year round farmers market, revamped school lunches with fresh foods (local farm to table), no child goes hungry
  • In 15-20 years, I see folks having more local farms with community markets. The communities are thriving with the labor market balanced in necessities. The local water is clean and there is multiple sources. There is more small businesses and exceed the corporations. The community is aligned on the quality of care for its region. The best hospitals are of quality with fair cost and revisited by the community.
  • All walks of life working together; park, electric bike, healthcare, scooter share, mental health, education free, medication, trade, mentoring, police reform, public service, judicial reform, social service hub, water parks, public transport, child welfare reform, long term substance abuse help, free/affordable food, housing/elderly care
  • mental health–new hospitals with modern safety and patient care. services available for children, youth, adults, and geriatric populations; connectivity–wifi has become available to all in the community. city-wide sidewalk improvements and bike lanes added to roads. any new subdivision must include a community park/play space with accessibility by sidewalk/biking path; current building spaces must be utilized prior to new permits being issued
  • In my vision I see more funding for our green spaces. I see high schools creating more volunteering opportunities study in clearing our green spaces, building our new waterfront, managing social media for the community. I also see the elderly making workshop to help mentor some of the young adults to help create a fire in the youth.

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