Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Evansville Rescue Mission

Date: Feburary 16, 2022

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Evansville a thriving place of collaboration and cohesiveness
    a place of bike routes, parks, coffee shops, social services, and more
  • helping homeless women and children get back on their feet
  • hospitals
  • churches
  • museums, art galleries, musical opportunities
  • community shelters
  • a group of people that go out an guide people like youth & elderly to resources; homeless that can help people in recovery or with housing or guide them to thing & hobbies that help them, showing them that there is hope and love still in this world; a new Rescue Mission as a guide center every 1 mile radius of the city
  • free transportation for everyone
  • a safer riverfront area for families to visit
  • more jobs for seniors & elderly that can and have a willingness to work
  • better more affordable healthcare for low income or poverty-stricken individuals and families
  • better access to addiction recovery
  • Evansville Rescue Mission a hub for growth & opportunity –when PERM grows, the community will thrive: a center for women and children, our family shelter, our thrift store, and new coffee shop; expanded transitional housing & job opportunities grow resulting community & economic development, thus educational opportunities grow and become an even playing field; a medical clinic, mental health opportunities, social services, recovery & community groups grow, along with transportation, church partnerships, & outreach programs
  • a fun and safe environment to thrive in
  • safe place for the elderly
  • Evansville Rescue Mission growing to where all are welcome
  • more job training opportunities for those looking to learn to be successful
  • 24-hour public transportation so anyone can get to work at any time
  • more church collaboration
  • more youth & family services/shelters with missions to help and give hope

Group 2 Visions

  • a closer and more accessible Work One
  • work done on downtown–clean up alleys and city streets
  • affordable rent
  • better bus/public transportation systems
  • more work options at temp agencies
  • way less use of chemicals in everything
  • cleaner accommodations in hotels/motels
  • better community education, resources, events, and creative spaces
  • one central resource center for homelessness
  • more art
  • more local business
  • better roads
  • more opportunities for expression
  • better zoo & affordable family fun
  • more activities at Evansville Rescue mission like a pool for swimming, community garden as an activity and a way to supply and sustain the ERM kitchen
  • better transportation–jet packs for everyone
  • leave it the same–why change what works? the positive I want to see comes from others’ positivity and productive & self-worth, aka teamwork, coming together, and not being selfish–leadership is born that way
  • better space for the community downtown–a park with sports fields near the river would be great
  • affordable yet clean housing
  • space for more local shops and restaurants
  • an updated & safe downtown
  • a cleaner riverfront & river
  • nicer buildings on the walkway

Group 3 Visions

  • mobile food truck to help eastside residents
  • free clinic
  • ERM for ladies & family to stay
  • ex-inmates to help build the houses
  • transportation free for those who can’t pay
  • grow our own food
  • get what you can and go
  • accessible green space that contains a community garden with easy access to fresh produce to promote healthy living
    housing accommodations that are less restrictive to qualify for
  • a women & children’s center that. joins the men’s residence center and contains a community healthcare clinic
  • a mobiel grab-n-go along with a food service option on the east & west side of town
  • self-made housing program that has volunteer teachers to teach people how to build their own home & helps them get permits to do so for free; one house per family, family size determined by age 30 and house building may begin at age 25; until age 25 individuals live with parents
  • all bus stops be present with trash can, recycle bin, and ashtray to reduce littering & environmental damage; minimum
  • wage jobs & free bus transit on a “clean up” bus for people employed to empty the trash
  • to have affordable/free mental care facilities for homeless to get help with
  • bike/scooter centers for people without cars to get to & from work
  • retried to vanderburgh community with center and information with computers, mobile phones, free internet
  • being able to feed people in other neighborhoods, maybe with a mobile garden; soup kitchen in other part of town

Group 4 Visions

  • greenspaces for all areas

  • ERM center for independent living

  • public transportation

  • women and families help to grow & mature

  • take our 5 counties and bring them together as one–take different resources from each one and apply it better throughout each community

  • focus more on our youth–they’re definitely going to be a big part of our future
    community volunteer “homeless” or vacant housing –utilizing these resources for the homeless (make them earn their keep)

  • community awareness–directed within the “targeted” community/area (bring the community to the sessions)
    bring more entertainment into the downtown area/riverfront besides restaurants and parking spaces
    fellowship and compassion for others

  • better access to fish & fresh food

  • free transportation for jobs & people

  • good library

  • a center for women and children that cares for their needs

  • effective transportation for everyone

  • affordable housing

  • jobs

  • clean community

  • leave bias & prejudice behind

  • trash cans at bus stops

Group 5 Visions

  • see these communities come together working hard to keep a clean earth
  • travelling art & music
  • single parent resources
  • information hub for insurance, housing, IDs, etc
  • one planet, one people, no boundaries
  • free transportation to work
  • community farms for the needy

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