Organization Session Outcomes

Hosted at Encounter Church with Brown Girls Brunch Group

Date: February 26, 2022

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Group 1 Visions

  • youth will be living in thriving communities whether its urban, suburban, or rural
  • youth adults will be actively leading these communities stressing the importance of collaboration, education, community, and building together
  • elderly will be giving out guidance and understanding
  • young adults will help ensure that affordable living for all is available, especially to our elders
  • more youth activities in the inner cities
  • better mental health awareness
  • affordable healthcare for the elderly
  • youth- a feeling of self worth to take care of themselves
  • elderly – taken care of and valued
  • youth adults & adults – able to obtain credits to own homes & businesses
  • community and family activities to keep the family together
    each community has great public schools
  • community partners are highly regarded as school supports
    no segregated neighborhoods
  • eliminate detached youth (ages 16-24) by promoting “enroll, enlist, employ” as a community agenda
  • evansville is the place for collaboration, a place where white & brown, youth and old, women and men, nonprofit and for-profit, urban and rural, work together for the common good
  • ALL our schools are A+ schools because we have A+ classrooms with A+ teachers, A+ curriculum, and A+ interactions between students, teachers, and the curriculum: parents, teachers, leaders, and community working together; student-centered and places prepare them for success in college/career/civic engagement; fully resourced for excellence and innovation; great places for teachers to work; supported by and supportive of the community; equal access and support to thrive in all available opportunities; our children and future leaders are prepared to continue transforming our community and making it better for generations to come

Group 2 Visions

  • a school system that integrates organic and unprocessed food for all of our children so that they will be able to learn, have thealth (not dependent on drugs/medicines) and be productive; sith all farming & gardening being organic, we will improve the overall toxic environment within ourselves & our city to build our city so that it is for everyone
  • equal education in our school systems
  • equity in pay among gender & race
  • community centers that are safe & well funded
  • community gardens and nutritionists that teach about healthy eating
  • healthcare is affordable to all and there are doctors that don’t stereotype
  • more education opportunities in the black community
  • affordable housing worth the stay–get rid of slumlords and make housing affordable and make them where you want to stay; housing is safe and prepares you for home ownership
  • positive changes will not be just saying we want to create our vision but doing it
  • more black owned businesses and developing black wealth
  • youth will be empowering other youth planting seeds to motivate the come up in their own vision boards
  • women are helping to create steady values in their family setting working on bringing back family time (with their own family’s man, not anyone else’s man) less social media as a way of life and developing family time as a constant way of the future – having dinner at the family table again, family discussions, board games, vs kids being on social media

Group 3 Visions

  • community
  • e is ACTUALLY for everyone
  • community learning to work together as one
  • greenspace/community gardens
  • more small/locally owned businesses
  • alternative education
  • social services for teens
  • larger volunteer base
  • equality – can use resources from everyone
  • family – community. action starts at home
  • more small business owners (diversity)
  • more physical activities in open spaces
  • finance for women (courses)
  • networking
  • youth are engaged in extracurricular activities and have a positive impact on the community–giving their time back to the elderly
    elderly along with veterans in affordable housing that provides resources (health, education, lifestyle, etc) to help them live sustainable lives
  • businesses are thriving!
  • economic growth has sustained evansville through businesses, tourism, and sports
  • violence has decreased in numberses and policing doesn’t just happen in urban areas
  • EVSC college-going rates have increased and their curriculum is equitable across all schools

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