On Thursday night at Old National Events Plaza, Leadership Everyone (LE) revealed the data from their Regional VOICE sessions that show what participants want for a preferred future. Around 300 community members from across the five-county region came to celebrate these results and get involved in next steps.

LE has hosted 73 Regional VOICE visioning sessions in Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh, and Warrick Counties, Indiana; and Henderson County, Kentucky. In these meetings, over 2000 diverse participants shared their hopes and dreams for the Region’s future. Those results were presented, along with demographic data which proved the diversity of Regional VOICE participants.

The new open-source data dashboard designed by Transform Consulting Group was launched and demonstrated to show how anyone can use the VOICE data to inform decisions. Leadership Everyone also highlighted some of the ways the data have already been used in the Region, such as for the READI Grant, Promise Neighborhood, and Talent EVV. LE and VOICE will also be listed as references in the GROW library.

Based on the data collected, Leadership Everyone announced six project areas:

  • Connected Region
  • Experiences
  • Sustainable Region
  • Human Library
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
  • Supported Schools

Over 75 people signed up for projects that night, but community members can sign up at anytime here.

It was also explained how to use the data, including how to maximize results of any work in the region by keeping in mind constituent needs. Based on the findings, all projects should be: Diverse, Equitable, & Inclusive; Connected; Sustainable; Engaged; Informed; Innovative; and Fun. Success stories were shared from early projects stemming from VOICE data, such as a partnership with Bosse High School.

LE announced they will supply team leads for each project area, and anyone wishing to participate was invited to the first Big Action Meeting on November 16, 5-6:30 pm, at Ivy Tech CenterPoint Auditorium.

Plans were announced to continue hosting vision sessions to maintain an active data repository. The next visioning meeting is scheduled for December 5th, 5-7 pm, at EVPL Central Browning Room.