Training Session Outcomes

Hosted by Leadership Everyone

County: Vanderburgh, IN

Date: October 14, 2019

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Group 1 Visions

  •  utopia–everyone has food, affordable healthcare, quality education, housing; everyone gets along and works together, and we all have tolerance & respect for one another (education to encourage this); everyone helps and looks out for each other & “everyone is the village”
  • thriving business community including existing organizations and startups with a supportive venture capital company, 5 local economic development organizations, small business development centers, regional economic development organization, IEDC–all supporting innovation & entrepreneurship
  • rural & urban communities work together (not “us” vs “them”)–there is value in both; these communities are kind to one another regardless of who’s in them
  • community involvement in supporting arts
  • filling in the ditches in the roads & replace with sidewalks (to allow for biking & walking)
  • community where religious faiths work together to help & love each other (“love” = willing the good of another and taking action to help them)
  • education starting really young–let’s teach love and coexisting young;(negative emotions & behaviors (ignorance, hate, intolerance) are learned early)
  • coexist movement is important–faith/orientation shouldn’t hold sway over being a unified body
  • seeing change & revitalization that’s happening in Haynie’s Corner–this mentality everywhere in town
  • no more homeless individuals
  • have regional farmers market and turn them into education centers; sustainable living; reduces waste–share with neighbors; picnic tables, sharing information, collaborating with community; education aspect–get children & seniors involved; leverage technology to see what worked well & what didn’t
  • one of our strengths is agriculture and there is a lot of farmland to use–how about more agri-tourism? famers could provide educational, physical/mental therapy (outdoors has healing properties); off-leash dog parks, rescue animals barns (farms have the space); youth and young people without the spaces learn to work outdoors and gain skills; multi-use farms; farms are collaborating! 

Group 2 Visions

  • Intergenerational living
  • Green Space
  • Connectedness between communities
  • Education
  • Housing, unique, available
  • Using city landscape to create gardens to beautify, help climate. Rooftop gardens.
  • Parks. Good sidewalks. Being able to get around without a car.
  • Greenspaces that people are safe using.
  • Safe places for children.
  • More supportive services and adults around them need support in being better caregivers.
  • Thriving neighborhoods.
  • Airport expansion so we have more flights to the east coast.
  • University Parkway expansion needs to close the gap between Posey and Vanderburgh counties.
  • People out and about walking, riding bikes.
  • Businesses, Apartments
  • Riverfront park – events – connecting in parks and to other parts of town.
  • Roberts Park – nice big public park – with a lake and bridge, swingset, fishing, rowboats to rent, dog park.
  • Sidewalks everywhere!!!

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