Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by German American Bank

Location: 21 SE 3rd Street Building

County: Vanderburgh, IN

Date: October 10, 2019

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Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Connections across river
  • Henderson feels isolated
  • ferry from Henderson to Evansville or Owensboro
  • green spaces in the pick up drop off spaces of ferries
  • broadband for all
  • shared resource of the river, utilize it better, recreational shared use of river
  • water taxi
  • excursion boat from community to community
  • natural areas, nature preserves are underutilized, develop them
  • more collectively, like a wine trail but for wildlife
  • provide things to do for families and young people
  • close gap for teens, young adults (20 somethings)with things to do
  • parks for families
  • things for families
  • 1935 bridge becomes a linear park, bike to Henderson, walk across the bridge
  • other bridge stays car traffic
  • free downtown entertainment for families
  • permanent Ferris wheel
  • hot air balloons on riverfront
  • bigger attractions like an aquarium
  • outdoor exhibits for children’s like things inside a children’s
  • museum that are free
  • entertainment for all families regardless of economic status

Group 2 Visions

  • electric bus to provide transit to the 5 county region
  • lots of renewable energy sources – solar farm, wind farm
  • green spaces with trails running throughout
  • butterfly habitat
  • more interesting architecture
  • connected community values multi-modal transportation
  • healthy housing
  • friendly people
  • collaborative effort across business, education, healthcare
  • equity in place across the sectors
  • connection between all
  • regional view
  • focus on areas in between developed areas
  • shows support outdoor wellness initiatives – trails walking paths playgrounds that connect region
  • consistency across the region that supports stronger regional community
  • expressway from Mt. Vernon to Newburgh with no stoplights
  • expressway from Princeton to Henderson with no stoplights
  • Ohio river with 2 electric hydro dams in posey and Warrick counties
  • Isaiah 117 house in each of the counties for foster care children
  • multimodal road
  • cooperative efforts across sectors

Group 3 Visions

  • dog parks and regular parks in neighborhoods
  • a loving community
  • trails along the riverfront
  • more restaurants downtown
  • unity within all of our church communities
  • vision of unity within government and townspeople
  • more community engagement
  • more volunteering
  • money stays in community
  • series of parks connected by greenways; you can reach anywhere by traveling through nature on bike or foot
  • 8-3 is work, 4-10 is family time; less activities–spend time with family!
  • no smokestacks
  • regional community calendar that anyone can access and add to–advertised through tv & social media so people of all ages can be informed; small businesses and organizations don’t have to advertise about events; clickable links to learn about things going on in community
  • 4 pilars (core values) on which this community should hold onto (family, commuity service, faith, education) are still being upheld
    literacy for all (above third-grade level)
  • education continues & individuals don’t get left behind or pushed through
  • music & arts are more prominent
  • abandoned areas & inner cities are rehabbed & revitalized
  • planting of more trees and preservation of woods
  • I69 bridge is completed
  • artisan ice cream

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