Community Leadership Program

Hosted by Leadership Everyone

Date: February 5, 2020

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Lots of mixed housing with assisted living close to schools. Ample open space, fields and a rec center. Local businesses that were thriving due to access to the internet and public transportation.
  • Building on the trails system, maintain and connect all trails. Public spaces were diverse people can gather in nonthreatning ways. Connection between religions and organizations. Interfaith work, working to identify problems and find solutions. Working to fix the injustice. Connect 4 Evansville, CAGE and BRIDGE. Where can we connect.
  • clean water
  • family interaction
  • more community involvement
  • more safety & health
  • raising the bar for all
  • houses surrounding centralized green space with garden, playground, learning center with trails, with solar
  • focus on social/emotional growth and mental health in family
  • investing in our families–providing literacy & resources to help them; having local organizations investing their resources in families with education and assistance
  • River ferries to posey county. Expanding greenway to posey county. Bus/train from Gibson to downtown Evansville. Converting one of the old twin bridges as bike and walking bridge to Henderson. Connect greenway.
  • clean water, clean parks, more trails, fresh air
  • thriving community for health & fitness
  • no more Lamasco Skate Park–instead a safer skate park
  • to provide meals for out of school for less fortunate kids, giving them an opportunity to thrive

Group 2 Visions

  • Happy place that feels like home. Coming together as family. Thriving economic growth and a great place to work.
  • All five counties connected by trail or bridge. More streamlined vision for the region vs individual projects and teams working independently.
  • creating.a database (app) of volunteer opportunities where organizations enter in their events
  • service that takes kids to experience different things in the city to encourage them to stay–music, art
  • showing kids career possibilities at a younger age
  • having kids form lasting relationships with elderly in retirement homes
  • buddy program in schools where special needs student is paired with another student to do activities & field trips
  • accessible playgrounds so EVERYONE can play
  • One community that all works together like a family. Worship and work together, grow food together, share everything.
  • Connectivity between all demographics group. Remove segregation by class. Activities that all social classes would come to.
  • Cohesive thriving community.
  • Several generations, new couple getting married. Young kids having fun. Oler generations being cared for. Green environment where everybody is being cared for.

Group 3 Visions

  • community park, accessible for disabled, children, safe–beautiful, serene space, free from crime & vandalism
  • inner-city transit from west to east side
  • fiber internet & secure wifi
  • growhouse & farmer’s market with fair trade for produce
  • prospering agriculture
  • Nice paved roads, nice shoulders
  • overpasses curb appeal. E is for Everyone welcome sign, greenery. Mowed areas 
  • greenway connects counties, community parks
  • free wifi, connectivity
  • affordable monthly housing for elderly
  • green recycling cans everywhere, environmentally friendly
  • modified housing code allowing for tiny homes for seniors, vets, homeless. More housing per capita, affordable, easier to maintain
  • diversity
  • community greenhouse/farmers market from old abandoned space that can provide food for everyone
  • Every city has diversity.  
  • Access to transportation,
  • Increased local and chain businesses
  • more accessible mental health care
  • more open-minded, inclusive
  • Improved school systems
  • homeless shelter CLOSED because its empty, repurposed into a recycling center that is now hiring
  • METS bus–electric with solar on top, self-driving, free rides
  • hospital specialized for cystinosis patients with free wifi

Group 4 Visions

  • Unity
  • community events
  • outreach
  • fewer cost restritive activities
  • more green space/out door events
  • Thriving and complete neighborhoods: grocery store, laundromat, entertainment, housing, mixed income housing, senior living, schools
  • connectedness: bike paths, walking paths, trains, public transportation
  • Affordable housing
  • combatting homelessness
  • assisting community needs in general
  • Clean
  • Recycling
  • Nature, clean technology, green innovation
  • Hospitals
  • schools
  • diverse jobs
  • Students helping with elderly
  • Assisted living
  • People come together
  • Servant Leadership–making decisions as a community
  • Good paying jobs
  • Good housing
  • Community Garden–nutritious food
  • Teenagers volunteering
  • running trail
  • Connectedness
  • family-oriented park with greenery, place to swim, play, & bike; place for people to go and spend time outside with family
  • more family travel
  • Economic development, booming business and industry 

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