Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by Vectren, A CenterPoint Energy Company

Date: February 28, 2020

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Group 1 Visions

  • Very family-oriented, bright sunny, happy
  • Fitness and health-minded
  • Growth
  • Connectedness, sense of community and caring
  • A place of opportunity
  • A lot of diversity
  • Family-oriented
  • many activities to do
  • A complete community that has everything it needs.
  • Workplace easy to get to
  • Access to good schools
  • Local thriving businesses open and available
  • Village participates with each other i.e., kids, elderly and concern for each others safety
  • People have pride and enjoy the community and each other
  • They donate and contribute
  • a safe, green, indoor/outdoor, activity-driven center for people of all ages & races to come to connect without technology, for basketball, biking aquatics, dance, gymnastics, music, and a quiet place for serenity; all solar-powered; a place for parents to get exercise in safe community while kids are cared for

Group 2 Visions

  • light rail-with train traffic that connects
  • Henderson to airport and beyond- goes around downtown Evv
  • light up bridge /connection to the region- too dark now
  • vibrant riverfront -Evansville/Mt Vernon/Henderson- solar panels/amphitheater- new places for people to gather and enjoy arts entertainment
  • innovation-drone or flying thing -new technology to advance
  • transportation/access to goods/services-Amazon drone delivery
  • good schools in rural area
  • peaceful quiet place to live – stress-free
  • solar panels on roof
  • good jobs in the area- afford a nicer home
  • shared mentorship across everyone-schools/business/elderly/within family
    electrification of transportation
  • shared success measures across schools
  • growing industry and business to support taxes- high and mid jobs available
  • better community planning -regional and city- subdivision mixed-income strategy
  • encourage more live/work/play areas- housing/community center/library
  • dispersement of energy-solar /wind
  • going other places- bringing rural to town- farm to table/ grocery store/barter system/ fresh markets
  • sense of community with pride- you want to attend events/ getting outside/support what you want to grow
  • safe environment
  • No brain drain- keep talent and bring talent
  • hydroponics- rotational crops
  • fun, exciting, appealing to multi-generations
  • sun
  • farmland
  • children on electronic device
  • outdoor fun – people flying a kite to enjoy being together, kids playing basketball court
  • trail with lots of trees & healthy things to do–dog-walking & running
  • downtown development with arena for entertainment

Group 3 Visions

  • focus on children
  • environmental area for children to go to and feel safe
  • safe and protected
  • have opportunities
  • motivated
  • happy
  • healthy minds
  • organic energy
  • solar power
  • wind power
  • eating healthy
  • children playing outside
  • nature area
  • dog park
  • Affordable health care
  • good education system
  • more farmers markets
  • Lloyd expressway, Houston design 2 lanes elevated, 2 lanes under with stoplights. Make expressway a real expressway. No roundabouts, use a turn lane, put a rail elevated with stops available, make it available for the region connecting Vincennes for school
  • Old Walmart tear it all down for greenspace, reduce urban space to green space community
  • create tiny homes for homeless/vets with solar to pay for it, health clinics within tiny communites, homeless, criminal history could benefit.
  • regional wifi,
  • expand METS to include region for jobs
  • fresh produce buy and trade, greenhouse, grow food yourself, community garden and greenhouse,
  • more solar on top of buildings instead of taking up ground, storing energy in smaller amounts
  • more mental health care, can’t be free but make resources available for all tax brackets, making hi-speed internet/fiber available all access
  • Lloyd expressway tram/rail electric, pinwheels in landscaping instead of flowers- color stays. Not enough color-more art murals

Group 4 Visions

  • Riverfront- food options on the weekend, pet friendly, kid-friendly
  • Main street restaurants on the weekend
  • Kids sports – travel program facilities, bringing in more tournaments, collaboration between city and organizations to bring in tourism
  • Spring festival similar to Fall Festival
  • More history destinations and historic aspects of our community
  • Education – high school should have expectations that every child will graduate, be literate, competent, set up for success
  • More diverse school opportunities – higher education focused, Trade schools etc. Tech or science schools, computer technology or science-focused. Non-traditional opportunities for advanced school and training
  • Thriving downtown – more businesses, corporate headquarters, attract businesses who want to headquarter here. More food opportunities, more retail, buzz of larger city
  • Recreation – outside to build community, relationships – Parks and recreation building opportunities for building community.
  • Elimination pockets of extreme poverty in our community. Intentionality to help elevate. Engage those connections. Poverty areas have degree of isolation, so others building bridges to help
  • Community engagement that you don’t ignore or neglect certain areas of the community, start with housing, literacy etc.
  • Free wifi available downtown
  • Easier access to computers
  • Improvements in the downtown area
  • Riverfront resturants
  • Develop downtown area, better transportation, more events downtown outside
  • Help promote diversity within Fort Branch.
  • Make the outdoor areas in Fort Branch more accessible to handicap, elderly to help expand diversity
  • People of all walks of life are connected and supported, local business are well supported, vibrant and inclusive city, high quality schools and university
  • Schools that promote creativity not just testing

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