Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by Henderson Leadership Initiative

Date: February 21, 2020

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • all children are beautiful, teen mothers included, buildings: creative arts, rec centers
  • intercounty drone transport system, downtown full
  • table where all have voice, community sports area, big and small biz welcome
  • bustling downtown, live music, beer/bourbon restaurants, sports bar, condos on river, community center, new industry, higher wages, poverty going down, boys n girls club
  • equality and love, community gardens, mobile health care, handicap accessible swings at the park
  • community ride shares, activities for children: laser tag, water park; community garden, community days/get-togethers, thriving local biz, men’s recovery facility

Group 2 Visions

  • sports complex to host tournaments, track around it for exercise
  • food trucks, amphitheatre, affordable apartments for downtown living
  • faith communities building transformational change between sectors for the next generation, the community develops them as a community to make impact
  • downtown development, residential development, affordable housing, new biz, nightlife/bars/restaurants, event space-300-400 people on river, activities outdoors, using green space wisely, crowd draw
  • urban infill on top of infrastructure, multi-modal transportation, interactive skyway to take you anywhere, artificial intel delivery service, interstate walkways, hover crafts
  • Coding is taught in primary school, skills training/professional training in school, growing start-up sector in sustainable commerce, levee in place along 69 corrido

Group 3 Visions

  • downtown representative of all community, improved housing/ condos. Henderson becomes a destination city. Plenty of parking, specialty groceries. alleviate food deserts, maker spaces to encourage biz, owners give up downtown buildings for development-buildings need to be released, mini-mall utilizing alleyways bringing diverse population together
  • Riverfront draw, entire city is part of development, involve churches in all aspects: housing, mental, etc; Education and tech skills producing skilled labor
  • old power plant near boat ramp make a convention center, restaurant event area, boat docks
  • amphitheater: larger, live music every Friday
  • covered area downtown, streets closed to stay out of the weather; Senior nights, parking garage because of activity, near rr tracks turned into solid pole barn for produce
  • big events and different ops for entertainment, sports bar, different forms of entertainment, hotels downtown,
  • youth building, youth center, outdoor pool/basketball court, kid’s draw downtown

Group 4 Visions

  • I69 bridge completed, transient dock downtown brings people to Henderson on the Ohio, urban infill needs to be essential services for seniors
  • Nightlife, ‘ Henderson Happy Hour’, outdoor tables, stage/band
  • high school focus with community partners so teens are prepared for the skills needed by the business, county supports agriculture, move Farmers Market downtown
  • New school that gives attention to kids, teen activities (skyzone, skatepark) all in one area
  • Expo Center hosts concerts, meetings, music events, build up downtown with restaurants, nightlife
  • community doing life together, homes downtown where neighbors grill dinner, invite people over to create community

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