Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by Evansville African American Museum

Date: March 5, 2020

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Group 1 Visions

  • nice affordable housing
  • safe neighborhoods
  • mixed-income neighborhoods
  • schools that retain and support all students
  • accessible transportation
  • people going back and forth across the bridge
  • see downtown grow
  • more businesses opening than closing
  • All students attend a high-quality school.
  • ALL residents want ALL students to attend a quality school.
  • All teachers utilize trauma-informed teaching, so ALL students feel respected and love and ALL schools have a safe and orderly environment, so learning is optimized.
  • Every neighborhood should be beautified. All trash is cleaned up. Blighted houses are gone. Houses are repaired. Children have access to clean living spaces. This is something everyone will be proud of. Community gardens should be everywhere. Garden grow fruits and vegetables in addition to flowers. Create something the entire neighborhood/region will be proud of for years to come.

Group 2 Visions

  • Affordable and safe housing for the elderly
  • No more drug problems
  • Pride in the neighborhoods
  • Sense of belonging for all residents
  • Schools open to everyone- all ages- affordable- free lunches
  • industry, jobs, childcare so people can work
  • sense of community- a place where everyone can safely go with family/ pets
  • students learning everywhere, not just in the building- tree house, mini-library
  • children having the opportunity to truly learn in their community- from others
  • Rainbow- associated with pride as well as represents inclusion for everyone
  • the community knows each other- police with the community- neighbors- learn by example
  • community garden- hunger is real- not in our neighborhood- learn for future preservation
  • community model is we, function as 1- one neighborhood, 1 community, extended family
  • parks and open spaces: people don’t use much around here, barbeque, shelters, brings people together more outdoor opportunities
  • all evsc schools are A+; all students graduate; students can read entering kindergarten, safe spaces for youth
  • avg credit score is 750; no racism, high wage jobs, I-69 completed Mexico to Canada

Group 3 Visions

  • Judson transformed with beautiful landscaping, diversity, a true community, everyone looking out for each other, like the Flowerman Book. Ideal street will set the standards for other streets/ neighborhood.
  • Theater Diversity, everyone participate, for all races
  • easier access to already available resources
  • more volunteer programs for youth to connect them to and involve them in community
  • stresslessness for our kids–not worried about falling behind, about money, about food, about safety, or about violence, allowing them to learn, experience joy, focus on opportunity, feel supported, feel more part of a family, experience friendship & love, experience health, and believe in their own ability
  • zero waste community that focuses on renewable energy
  • healthcare is easily accessible for all, where young people don’t have to struggle to find healthcare options or healthy foods
  • easily accessible walkways for all, including sidewalks and bike lanes
  • a safe healthy and accessible place for kids to get an live and get an education
  • not forgetting about elderly population–better access to home care
  • a way to tie together youth and elderly
  • less waste

Group 4 Visions

  • counties connected for travel by ferry boat,s railway, buses, motorbikes
  • electricity power grids will be limited – oil lamps, flashlights, candles will be in high demand
  • community hubs – for race, culture, religion, and education knowledge
  • cashless society will be the new wave to buy and sell items
  • access to all religion will be acceptable
  • LGBTQ+ will have their own schools
  • senior citizens will have their own private communities with easy access to stores parks transportation and medical clinics
  • Tech Center for all ages, Health center, grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Connectivity within communities, education components for the youth through mentoring, housing, friendly neighborhoods
  • sports complex & cultural center & health center
  • attraction to draw people to town
  • bus to access all services & opportunities
  • open-door policy, community-oriented city
  • economic development, youth, housing, youth mentorship, tech center
  • hand: the city, the bus (open, welcoming, receiving–when the bus stops, people get off and feel this): the thumb: church, faith, trust, fingers: hospitals, clinics, schools
  • government: rights, law, study our youth
  • tech center to teach kids how to turn one another on – the youth is our foundation
  • how can we be what we are if we aren’t willing to share who we are?

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