Corporate Session Outcomes

Location: University of Southern Indiana

County: Vanderburgh, IN

Date: September 23, 2019

Total Participants

Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Government coming up with a plan to transfer funds (scholarships, grants) between states for colleges to make it easier for kids to go to their school of choice
  • USI to have 5-week classes, 50 weeks a year (continuous program); includes a lot of people in the community that cannot otherwise take classes; more thorough and directed study (1 subject at a time); more online classes (community inclusion)
  • Use students to lead projects rather than hired companies (let’s capture their ideas); creates campus pride
  • Better water source
  • Greenways-more, for walking/biking/outdoor activities; Rail to trail (unused railroad tracks)
  • Accessible whole foods; McDonald’s and processed foods limited
  • Inclusive and Growing/Healthy communities as a whole; healthy communities within larger community
  • Healthy mental health
  • Collaboration with healthcare providers, medical schools with USI in order to provide equitable educational opportunities for students
  • Outdoor activities: walking and bike trails, playgrounds
  • Reliable and efficient public transportation, all-inclusive, and all areas
  • Environmental Friendly (abandon coal, solar, wind)
  • Recycling Glass
  • Clean water
  • Expand Growth of businesses downtown (example of Haynies Corner, Franklin). Engaged businesses
  • Connect areas in Evansville
  • Maintain families that live in areas as the areas grow; not push them out as area improves; include them in their design of neighborhoods

Group 2 Visions

  • inclusiveness
  • education
  • connectivity transportation
  • economic development
  • happy progressive city
  • people involved in activities they love
  • bringing everyone to the table
  • city beautification
  • local farmers markets
  • large community garden surrounded by houses and businesses
  • surrounded by children for hands-on learning in the garden
  • local businesses supporting central city children growing own food
  • green spaces
  • recycling is important
  • safety on University Parkway
  • increasing collaborations and partnerships across communities
  • improve quality of place
  • better housing
  • faster internet
  • more recreation
  • more business attraction
  • all economic development factors
  • rural broadband
  • employment opportunity
  • jobs
  • housing
  • safe
  • acknowledge and promote what makes Evansville area attractive
  • parks
  • be in touch with generational wants to keep people here and attract new people
  • development of University Parkway – research parks
  • money stays in the community
  • better parkway design than Highway 41
  • state/federal needs to develop pools of funding for regional projects

Group 3 Visions

  • The walkways, walking paths, not a lot on our community
  • More development. More than a grocery store. Commercial development. Connecting closer to Evansville as it grows
  • Always sunning in Haubstadt – a positive attitude
  • Love walkways, love to see in Haubstadt
  • Parks in general to gather
    inclusion of people, races, beliefs
    career center, figure out what they want to do in life, what they are good at, skills to develop
  • Community pool or waterpark sort of thing
  • Passion is career center – when I first got out of college was really lost, not only one, wish there was somewhere you can talk to people. I want to help others do that.
  • Focused on the environment, cleaner, open, accessible
  • Community access — connecting more people form different communities. Drew a bridge to represent it.
  • People getting along of all types, all getting along. Two adults, married with two kids, families being out in the community enjoying what there is to offer.
  • Different races getting along. Inclusivity.
  • Front Porch EVV, more things like that. Bringing different people together in other neighbohroods. Different activities, music, culture, food.

Group 4 Visions

  • Kids have clean, safe places to play outside; can safely walk to a playground no matter where they live; no syringes or litter
  • Nursing home across from playground – older generation interacting with kids playing
  • Senior housing & students living together at USI
  • Every neighborhood is thriving; we are raising all kids up, which raises foundations, government, community groups, civic groups, individuals, organizations, business, churches, and schools
  • Bike lane connecting everything with a tunnel protecting from bikers from rain; connects to everything
  • Solar panels everywhere
  • Better air quality, green energy replacing coal
  • Diverse exchange of ideas; willingness to meet with those that are different looking, acting and thinking; full acceptance of sexuality and religion

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