Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at University of Evansville

Date: April 20, 2022

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Group 1 Visions

  • Promotion of garden culture, support for farmers, greenspaces and parks; quality craft artisans farmers’ markets, local and small businesses; less billboards and ads; community involvement centered on parishes and neighborhoods; support for expectant mothers and single parents, protection for abuse victims, improvement of adoption and foster care systems, end to abortions; home privacy, internet privacy; promotion of recycling, better waste management; better walkability; literacy programs in schools and outside schools, high homeschooling standards, classical education, highly qualified and devoted teachers, more pencils and papers, less screens
  • Our city is one that collaborates, shares, and creates connectivity. Transformation in the future creates opportunity to meet people and is more environmentally sustainable. Evansville and the region are welcoming for everyone. New college graduates flock to be here. The natives want to stay or come home to live here. We are proud to call Evansville home.
  • Rebuild, renew, growth, opportunities, scholarships, jet packs, bigger university, skyscrapers, more entertainment
  • My most important thing is seeing diverse communities interacting. From my small town in Illinois, people are very intolerant of others who are unlike them. Simply interacting and relating with other can fix that. Closer communities and community events strengthening this

Group 2 Visions

  • Because of the pollution and environmental crisis, green space will be a major thing to protect the earth. In future, more regulations of environment will be increased. For healthcare, it could be developed with technology. For example, the patient can have therapy session with therapist through new technology so they can have treatment whenever they want, not only just sharing the screen but also feeling like they are physically there.
  • mental health testing on UA and UC campuses, libraries with rooftop gardens; There are more magnet schools and PBL. There are community gardens, pantries and refrigerators. There are after school programs for the children can play. There are walkable communities and public transport and civic centers. There are grocery stores. The community is very inclusive and celebrates things like pride and black history months. The elderly get to see their family more often. People know about the resources in the community.
  • The community would be walkable to encourage exercise and respect of nature. There would be park spaces for people to gather collectively, as well as individually. The parks could host spaces for people to gather and learn about each other so that all can have a better understanding of the world around them. There would also be a community support of the small businesses and the people who run them.
  • In 15-20 years i envision a community where people of all races, sexualities, genders, and religions feel safe and welcomed. This means proper training for law enforcement, teachers, community leaders, etc., and people are given the chance to use their voices to invoke change without fear. I also envision free healthcare and rehabilitation services so that everyone has a chance to thrive and live a healthy life. Along with health, people should have access to affordable food and groceries other than processed foods. Lastly, schools in all areas should have proper funding because everyone deserves a good education.
  • I would like to see more safe trails and sidewalks connecting the counties, using old rail systems, adding sidewalks in rural areas to connect communities. I would like to see better use of existing structures, rehabbing old, rundown properties, updating commercial spaces, bringing more resources for small local restaurants and shops to be able to open and thrive. I would love to see regional farmers being able to provide food and resources to the area and for them to have more resources to keep them functioning. I want to see more service from the region, helping elderly, visiting with them; helping clean litter; more activities to help with mental health. Pet friendly places. Solar panels located in better places, tall businesses, homes, or schools but not farm land.

Group 3 Visions

  • I envision a community that uses a network that uses a network of services to help support and foster the growth of individuals, food programs that feed the hungry and housing programs that can help the homeless; this network would also let people find help for their specific needs with as little work for the individual as possible
  • green, solar panels, no litter; tall buildings, lots of sidewalks that connect from the east to the west; lots of fresh businesses, startups from locally; block parties to raise funds for the communities; 24 hour bookstore? (run by me), elderly are at the coffee shops engaging with the youth and at youth centers sharing their wisdom; cultural festivals celebrating the diversity of Evansville; homeless youth, adults, and elderly off the streets and placed in homes; more resources for marginalized groups
  • Everyone in the community genuinely cares for others so all schools are great schools with diversity. Children have healthcare, adequate food and affordable housing. The community is clean-spotless. Any need is met with the help of neighbors and volunteers. Parents have family leave, fair wages, and free preschool. The community thrives with businesses and recreation opportunities because everyone wants to live here and make it the best place for families. Veterans and the elderly are cherished.
  • Youth playing sports in parks, acting at the theaters, and hosting school fundraisers; young adults working, enjoying coffee shops, raising children, helping children; elderly raising grandchildren, giving back to the area; hopefully more healthcare facilities in low income areas, improved road conditions; Evansville will be more diverse more local businesses will survive
  • I envision peace, specifically less gun violence and homicides. I hope for the expansion of programs designed to help kids grow up with the skills they need to develop into smart, strong, kind and capable people. I hope that there are people in leadership who look out for all people to ensure fair treatment, especially in the justice system. I hope for families and parents to have healthy relationships with each other. gardens accessible stores and schools and  buildings for everyone
  • youth are healthy, breathing clean air free of pollution, playing outside each day; schools get kids outside all the time, trails are safe & connected, neighborhoods are diverse & walkable, public transportation is clean; kids can walk to their schools & seniors aren’t isolated
  • electric cars, solar power, diversity, smart phones

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