Public Session Outcomes

Hosted by Deaconess Gateway Hospital

Date: January 27, 2020

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Group 1 Visions

  • economic development
  • youth development
  • youth activities
  • sports activities
  • vibrant downtown
  • clean air and water
  • celebration, dancing
  • music festival
  • museum
  • downtown Evansville and river
  • environment
  • husband rejoin from rehab in NY to Evansville; family
  • The flowers=kindness/love for one another; some flowers are not fully developed like children
    it doesn’t matter demographic, everyone should be included
  • Adult and children colaboration; adults mentoring the young children
  • everyone coming together
  • helping the disabled and foster kids

Group 2 Visions

  • a road for connectivity, want to be able to get from A to B. I can walk and bike to work
  • house represents community and connectedness
  • in the house there are books that represent litercay, children have access to materials
  • gardens for access to fresh veggies
  • Roads-for connected communiites with roads and sidewalks
  • Accessibility for people with disabilites to access buildings and sidewalks and nature
  • Garden for access to fresh veggies. Helping to educate for urban gardens
  • Clean water
  • Tech Center to provide technilogical excellence
  • Use of renewal energy (drew Mortan Solar, wind farm) Cars parked with Charging stations
  • Trolley-to depict city transportation and connectivity
  • Churches in rainbow color and restaurants that are inclusive and welcoming to all people
  • Large solar farm-farmer who is happy he can make money by selling energy to Vectren and make more money than just farming alone. Opportunites to install solar on farms. Win for economy and environment

Group 3 Visions

  • Self-driving cars
  • Colleges at the manufacturing facilities so you can earn your degree while working
  • High school programs to help the elderly and help kids learn all while preserving our farming community
  • Community development of alternative transportation paths (bike paths), green spaces; connecting communities through routes that don’t require cars
  • connectivity between neighborhoods with carless trails/paths
  • increasing alternative energies, using farmland
  • getting all communities invovled & interacting with each other (kids & sports, kids & education)

Group 4 Visions

  • Collaboration between the regions and visibility into regional offerings. Transparency of programs.
  • No food deserts. Mental and physical health. Economic prosperity. Family friendly green spaces.
  • Well funded schools. Community gardens. Access to food for everybody.
  • People being outside, talking, meeting. Lots conversation and sharing. Play. Trust. Safety. Cooperation. Kids getting to be kids. Connection. Movement but like physical movement. Resources. Education. Empowerment.
  • Surrounding counties to Vanderburgh being growers of our local food. By doing that we create a very good local economy with employment opportunities. Our soils are our greatest natural resource in the area. It’s a lot more valuable than we give it credit for.

Group 5 Visions

  • Development of old ONB building, bringing lots of people downtown
  • outdoor amphitheaters, parks, tennis courts, bike paths, outdoor activities for kids
  • more dog-friendly spaces, more dog parks
  • green space
  • more art–murals, sculptures–to bring the community together & represent our city

Group 6 Visions

  • Renewable energy. Marine recreation. Large equestrian presence. More walking and horse trails. More bicycle lanes. More access to travel via bicycle. Diversified communities. Arts, Music, Agriculture, Food etc. More thesbians. Amphitheaters.
  • parks; cleaner parks; all parks monitored
  • more police patrolling
  • neighborhood gatherings
  • more safe spaces
  • more church activities
  • neighborhood assoc. that functions
  • clean water
  • basket ball court for youth
  • schools for all
  • City is solar powered
  • schools all over in trees, not in buildings
  • patrol, but on bikes or on horses to interact with people, also people have to interact with them
  • art spaces in the parks
  • community gardens to FEED the community, the elderly each how to grow veggies and preserve and why they are important; gardens are near community centers
  • the Library doesn’t just check out books, check out people; 15 volunteers a day to check out who are educated on various topics; e.g. check out grandma for canning
  • vet-villages scattered throughout the region; in tiny houses; people learn from the vets about their service

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