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Date: October 23, 2019

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Group 1 Visions

  • public transportation (light rail or subway)
  • outlet shopping center
  • outer counties more involved; things going on in Evansville need to reach people in counties (connection, involvement, community interaction)
  • regional sports organization (instead of separate one for each city/county) or connecting the existing teams
  • connecting combining all schools in the region from different counties for activities (like food drive)
  • concept of tree–healthy vibrant aspects growing together (strong families, access to education, respect, community)
  • more attractions and recreation (aquarium, theater, music lounges), outdoor amphitheater
  • overall happy environment–our community as a whole being content, team-oriented, and involved
    a community as.a whole that is warm and welcoming to all different types of people

Group 2 Visions

  • Community and relationship
  • Shared experiences
  • Cohesiveness
  • Better Education
  • affordable housing
  • employment – better pay
  • better more collaborative health care
  • Diversification of our energy sources
  • Renewable Energy
  • More happy stuff
  • Access to nonprofit programs
  • Access to community offerings and help
  • Senior community housing
  • Safe spaces
  • Parks for kids
  • Trails – Biking
  • Outreach
  • Free Healthcare
  • After school care
  • good health food stores
  • joint community centers
  • schools
  • combined effort
  • Cookies
  • collaborative effort
  • Civic duty to be involved

Group 3 Visions

  • more community involvement–community gardens, green space
  • commissioned art & murals
  • bike & pedestrian paths
  • mandatory recycling
  • repair cafes
  • getting students involved in civil service, implementing this in schools
  • public transportation
  • Government that works for people
  • Responsible government
  • Partnership with various levels of government and people
  • healthy debate and political discourse
  • infrastructure
  • sustainable resources
  • sustainable food
  • a financially flourishing community; a surplus of money
  • a school that teaches financial education
  • healthy food options in schools
  • extracurricular activities with arenas, sports parks, parks
  • an inclusive community
  • covered bridges festival brings an artist to Evansville
  • Artist are contributing the beautification of the city
  • affordable and mixed-income housing neighborhoods
  • Innovation growth

Group 4 Visions

  • skill-based education-all levels; build out skills for the deskless workers; keep people employable
  • understand arts
  • kids education
  • families access to food
  • animal shelters; animal officers paid better for retention; funding increased from the city; updated nicer larger shelter; less euthanization
  • railcar into city/work, solar cars/ monorail, cut down on accidents, pollution-free
  • neighborhoods and living centers outside the city,
  • abolish social media;
  • raise pay for public safety, double pay; attact people who want to serve
  • best way to get rid of racism stop using it as identifier. Differences keep us from being one
  • teach kids earlier about dangers in world: stranger danger, active shooters. 
  • get rid of political parties; no identification run on ideas not party; force out of buddy system
  • cure cancer
  • community where you see outside activity; trails
  • renovated downtown, no blight;
  • parks within city; walking accessibility to city; community is created
  • kids are happy, supported, fed, taken care of; builds into the next generation
  • build a resilient farming community; homesteading; connect with the earth; problems come from detachment from earth; grow all our own food; getting back to roots;
  • more aware of one another; spirituality;  native American/Amish lifestyle focus

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