Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve

Date: November 3, 2021

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Carry Forward

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Group 1 Visions

  • old railroads turned into accessible trails
  • forest preschool
  • community garden
  • accessible & affordable housing (college kids & elderly live together)
  • cheaper, cleaner water
  • more green spaces along roads (actual bike lanes), safer roads & expressways
  • better public transportation
  • new Main Street Park brings more entertainment to Downtown Evansville
  • streets that promote safety for all users no matter their choice of transportation
  • more access to healthcare in the community by providing mobile units
  • provide cultural experience through other backgrounds by having festivals
  • improved quality of drinking water for our communities–safe and affordable to all
  • urban wild spaces of all sizes accessible to people; community gardens
  • more affordable housing for elderly, college students, and homeless population
  • organizations to help provide a variety of resources in one (financial literacy, work skills)

Group 2 Visions

  • all Ohio River Valley smoke stacks gone! many healthy clean green spaces
  • Wesselman Woods is healthy & growing: woods & playscape similar in size (or 2 play areas for bigs & 1 for littles); contrasting, protected space with cared-for play areas; all filled with people who know how to care for each other so all can benefit from being outdoors
  • Net Zero Evansville – accelerating to zero emissions
  • bicycling
  • green connections
  • watch tower–leads to awe, inspiration, leads to a love for the community, people of all races, abilities, etc
  • a community that draws its residents outside to have a healthy experience with others that brings personal growth; people having collective experiences that creates common ground, learning, tolerance, and optimism
  • starting with a more walkable, rideable community that inspires more of us to be and live outside
  • tons of people filling Wesselman Woods–children cover the playscape, outdoor classrooms throughout, school busses are always here in the woods to unload students of all ages
  • rural, suburban, and urban are all connected with sidewalks and streetlights

Group 3 Visions

  • smart tech in homes of older adults
  • lloyd expressway speed limit decreased, faster overpass created
  • more community health centers
  • community gardens
  • beautiful green space for everyone
  • less coal-burning factories
  • stop unplanned urban sprawl
  • finance groceries/health/etc in underserved neighborhoods to draw population toward city center
  • expand urban nature with Wesselman & Pigeon as core areas
  • never forget history–if we bury history, we can never improve–all people have history!

Group 4 Visions

  • nature offices
  • public outdoor art displays
  • more trails, free trial usage, connect trails at Wesselman to larger trail systems, turn defunct railways into trails, accessibility on trails for all abilities
  • water area (lake?) with access to rowing, paddle boats
  • more solar panel implementation
  • more native animal enclosures
  • more museum space
  • absorb Wesselman Park area
  • community solar–on buildings or small 40-acre fields; power would be then credited to government, scool, or nonprofits, or to low-income housing instead of public money continually having to pay those bills anway; would not have to be credited to the meter it is connected to
  • first project to be in lead cleanup superfund sites
  • bike trails connecting Wesselman Woods to Pigeon Creek to Henderson via the bridge, these bridges & trails covered by solar panels
  • homelessness is not an issue
  • education is broad & wide from trade, higher ed, and K-12
  • internet access for all in community
  • food insecurity needs being met by rural & urban
  • outdoor arts spaces
  • center for kids to play incase grownups can’t get them anywhere
  • big hotel – two bedrooms, two bathrooms, family living room
  • new stores
  • road–no potholes, not bumpy, goes everywhere

Architect Drawing

Architect drawing

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