Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at Audubon Kids Zone

Date: November 6, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • opportunity must be available to our youth & community
  • a thriving East End in 20 years, equipped with education portals that consist of sports, music, & advanced academics, also entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged in order for people to feel comfortable in opening or partnering up for new businesses
  • eliminating generational curses of being in poverty & being able to come out and be successful right. here
  • being respectful of each other no matter race, religion, where you group up, who your family is, etc.
  • generational poverty gone
  • family values & morals
  • transportation for education
  • respect for each other
  • generational poverty a thing of the past

Group 2 Visions

  • education more accessible for adults/parents
  • nonprofits that help the East End that aren’t just bandaids
  • more [programs for children & teens
  • more transportation access & financial access for those in east end
  • flying school buses & other flying buses for transportation for people that can’t afford cars
  • community garden with a town to get people off the streets to get them homes
  • a river with streets that are colorful to make people happy
  • free Chick-Fil-A center to provide food for others
  • free apple store–contact people
  • hep homeless, pay their rent, get their transportation
  • more opportunities for poor or working poor, for job training & placement, easier & greater inclusive access to educational opportunities–vocational training
  • advances in accessibility in healthcare excellence
  • opportunities to bring forth & strengthen our faith in Jesus, strengthening the church & bringing Jesus to the forefront first & foremost, increasing faith in the Lord in our communities that are capable and equipped to solve various issues
  • an increase in minimum wage–$25/hr or more
  • community gardens in all communities
  • healthcare available to all minorities
  • a youth center that provides all needs for youth to be successful
  • community centers–beauty shop, restaurants, retail
  • 24/7 bus transportation from bridge
  • diverse community–no such thing as color, we’re all one people
  • affordable housing
  • community policing throughout the neighborhood
  • lots of green space

Group 3 Visions

  • tax policy changed to consumption-based
  • youth activities full of participants, youth are supported & given opportunities
  • henderson is manufacturing & technology hub of KY
  • jobs are plentiful & HS graduates are ready to work with certifications in hand
  • housing improvements & help is available for getting low interest mortgages
  • we all have access to affordable internet
  • responsibility & hard work ethic is taught & understood among our community
  • citizenship flourishing
  • local small business are supported & prospering
  • better education
  • affordable healthcare
  • cleaner streets
  • better housing
  • everybody equal
  • end racism
  • pride events
  • help people work through mental & physical abuse & let them know they matter and have
  • meaning
  • free public transportation
  • more affordable grocery stores
  • medical marijuana
  • non partisanship (stop pointing fingers)
  • student/youth council
  • pride events, LGBTQ representation
  • youth input
  • free clinics
  • AIDS/HIV research
  • free/affordable college
  • better tech for schools
  • stop separating special education from “normal” students; more special ed classes
  • everyone can have a never say never attitude
  • everyone come together as one to help out–not just our neighborhood but the world
  • better books for kids with dyslexia
  • more life coaches
  • less villains in the neighborhood

Group 4 Visions

  • AKZ bringing in more ids to help them with all their life choices and making a huge impact on the East End and make everyone feel welcome; kids coming on their own and telling us about what is going on and how AK members could help
  • fighting and meanness and all other things that happen on the east end will change
  • long term services that strengthen families
  • more things for youth, especially teens
  • landlords held accountable
  • equal wages for minorities
  • services are more than just a band aid or quick fix, and are readily available
  • communities come together and support each other
  • nonexistent borders
  • youth won’t’ be held back by a grade or age but being pushed to their fullest extent
  • COVID under control & people can come out and be together again
  • parks full and everyone TALKING not just TEXTING
  • multiple places open 24/7 where people can come hang out
  • self care, mental & physical wellness education in school
  • organizations & people working together to raise money to gradually improve homes & properties, environment, walking paths
  • indoor playgrounds
  • after school activity options & transportation
  • people leaving their homes, opening their doors, playing outside, creating music to share with neighbors
  • people teaching/sharing their skills/crafts/talents

Group 5 Visions

  • more of a real estate development program
  • resources, information hubs, apprenticeship, intensives for certain tasks
  • financial literacy courses
  • mentorship program
  • more efficient & latest technology
  • many kids going to AKZ
  • people interacting with each other
  • AKZ building is how it was originally built
  • my own clothing shop with affordable clothes and ability to donate clothes to those in need
  • no one is homeless
  • kids love learning and go to school to do things specially designed by EV AKZer
  • Morgan/Mo’s clothes
  • town all work together and goes to Evansville & other centers & people from there come here
  • generational poverty has been eliminated
  • more diversity
  • more homeless shelters
  • places for stray animals
  • better school lunch
  • no school uniform
  • places for homeless people to get items for themselves
  • a place for monkeys

Group 6 Visions

  • more jobs
  • more public transportation
  • better healthcare & mental health
  • more teachers, free after school activities, more organization for school transportation
  • better paying jobs
  • helping programs for families
  • support small business
  • public transportation
  • equality & acceptance
  • more public events
  • happy school; kids are always happy
  • colorful
  • playing outside
  • a happy and colorful school with children always happy & playing outside
  • more teachers, less students per teacher, free after school activities
  • more acceptance, more equality (male/female)
  • public transportation
  • more parks
  • better paying jobs
  • support for mental health
  • insurance for everyone
  • more teachers, less students per teacher, more hands-on learning, more after-school activities, more teacher patience, more organization for transportation, more program
  • recontition, more scholarships
  • better paying jobs, support small businesses
  • more public events
  • acceptance
  • equality
  • insurance for everyone
  • more schools more teachers fewer students per teacher
  • more free programs for children
  • public transportation for those without a form of transportation

Group 7 Visions

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