Public Session Outcomes

Hosted at The Wine Down

Date: November 9, 2021

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Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Better public transportation
  • better entertainment
  • better socialization
  • better public safety
  • accessible / affordable health care
  • Amazon stations with drone delivery
  • smart community on the riverfront with park and water activities
  • Better communication support for verbally challenged
  • better technology education for all
  • Inclusion
  • expansion of education facilities at UE
  • offer services to adult population
  • dog park at state / hospital properties
  • better park facilities
  • state hospital as best property in town
  • plant more trees
  • Abortion clinics to save Tristate women’s
  • older people connecting with younger generation
  • Affordable Housing in Ward Areas
  • Making community profitable and sustainable
  • youth centers
  • more opportunities for community events
  • clean and thriving downtown
  • technology accessible for all
  • elderly care and advocacy
  • young adult events
  • big bro big sis
  • education / technologies for all areas
  • recycling
  • area diversity
  • inclusion

Group 2 Visions

  • Education for all to connect with real-world
  • connecting all schools and community
  • Evansville youth council
  • road & infrastructure improvements–a direct, interstate link to Indianapolis. Once the final leg of Interstate 69 is finally completed, hopefully within the next 3-4 years the area should see an immediate and significant increase in trade between Indianapolis and our regional counties. Ideally it would also eventually tie into a loop system of high volume interstate, or comparable, roads, with interchanges at major thoroughfares and also without traffic signals or any stops, that would encompass the entire 5 county region. The entire region’s population would benefit and grow by leaps and bounds
  • Repurposing the many, still standing, abandoned factories and vacant warehouses that were running at full capacity back in Evansville’s manufacturing heyday. They could be used for low income housing and/or small business incubators or just demolished and use the land for low income housing and green space. Downtown is quickly being rebuilt and will soon have no room to grow so expanding north of Lloyd Expressway and west of First avenue would be the next best direction to expand.
  • better services and more options for elderly
  • Multicultural education
  • food festivals
  • ethnic restaurants
  • better pay for CNAs, social workers and teachers
  • Art galleries
  • elderly teaching younger generation
  • accessible / affordable health care
  • accessible / affordable housing for all
  • Financial literacy in Evansville schools
  • Better support for assisted living
  • tiny homes
  • better support for low income families

Group 3 Visions

  • accessible / meaningful communication for disabled
  • accessible and affordable education for all students
  • better system for children with special needs
  • not group homes
  • babysitting services funded by government
  • Neighbors lean on each other
  • sharing resources / ideas
  • reliable, easy to understand, and accessible transportation
  • Better environment
  • Solar panels
  • shared learning and communication across all sector, ages, races, counties, etc.
  • More bicycle lane
  • improved public transportation
  • commercial development
  • community gardens

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