School Session Outcomes

Hosted at Bosse High School

Date: May 13, 2022

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Participant Demographics

Participant Passions

Carry Forward

Leave Behind


Group 1 Visions

  • Bosse High School facilities are equal or greater than each of the high schools in town. Students are excelling in classroom and in athletics
  • have a botanical garden so everyone, all ages can come and plant seeds for the new generations to care for; make a place for everyone who goes to highschool to chill and relax and where all fueds and drama get left at the door
  • more parking at Bosse, easy access to planned parenthood, LGBTQ+ resources, garden at school, more food banks, food chests in communities, sports, recycling centers, more trees
  • more trees and less dress code; food banks, lgbtq, recycling, a garden & more parking
  • equal funds for sports, more park
  • I would like for the school to change

Group 2 Visions

  • Add more clubs, a green house, better lunch, update inside the school, mentoring program, free drivers ed, hangouts for teens; start a club where we can take to everyone
  • More gender inclusive restrooms, helping freshman, update the school interior, mentoring program for middle schoolers, more activities for teenage youth that doesn’t cost money, community activities, free lunch for students, free drivers ed, community and school gardening, student’s freedom of speech, less street rules, student involvements
  • more choices of food, more gender neutral bathrooms, free lunch and free drivers ed
  • Bosse gets an update so it looks clean and welcoming to everyone, gender inclusive bathrooms, more food options, more free options to hang out, mentoring program with high school and middle school students, free drivers ed
  • giving high school students opportunities to get involved with middle schools students

Group 3 Visions

  • More people helping others; more youth getting involved with the community
  • education: student/classroom bonding activities; mental health education and screening/ teacher understanding; life skills education, equal sport support, practice social skills in school, lower the impact of exams, food access, no dress code Leisure: drive-in theatre, picture spots, community track and fields, outdoor theatre and concerts, outdoor walking path, emergency help buttons/phones all around town, fun classes, more community events
  • more lights around town not just downtown, more hangout places, more community places like coffee shops, thrift stores, vinyl stores; Bosse needs to update the inside of the school rather than the outside, alley ways need to be lit up and have parked food trucks with places to sit, more public gardens, free college for people who cannot afford it, and not forced for us to get straight A’s to get into college, more outside activities from school
  • everyone has a home, everyone is happy, all have great paying jobs too; there are green spaces and even buildings have green spaces incorporated into them, no air pollution and climate change has been resolved; no leaky bathrooms, no roaches, no holes in the ceilings, and no peeling wallpapers in the schools; no final exams, homework in classes like math and chemistry are for participation; students also have a variety of classes they can take such as coding, accounting, etc.; there are also hygeine items available in the bathroom and greater understanding when students are absent–ex. girls when experiencing period pains should be excused

Group 4 Visions

  • food options, better parks, security, free dress, hands on learning, more support with sports; unnecessary learning, group work
  • more sidewalks, hands on learning, more options, less stress/structure, school provided healthcare, public sports equipment
  • environmental awareness, affordable healthcare, sidewalks, hands on learning, food options, less accessability to drugs, more accessibility to necessary drugs, clean up neighborhoods, equal support for all sports
  • less excessive work, less accessibility to drugs and more access to rehab, clean neighborhoods, safe housing, respect from teachers, taking away uniforms and adding comfortability, more hand on learning, more support instead of expectations, take away unnecessary learning and add more important learning, more learning about sex education, free lunches, higher pay for school staff especially cafeteria ladies, different methods of learning, more forms of transportation to schools, draw more awareness to bullying and help prevent it, school wide surveys on what could be done, school wide wellness checks
  • more accessibility overall, more access to mental health and rehab, more shelters and security, more respect between teachers and students, take away uniforms and add comfortability, more community service and fixing of houses/neighborhoods, better support instead of high expectations, stop pressuring kids to take higher level classes, teach kids modern skills and knowledge, free lunch, more access to food

Group 5 Visions

  • to provide clean, safe, and open envrionments for future Bosse students, and a place where all different colors of people are welcome
  • schools to have more diversity, clean water, more funding, and less judgement; cleaner and more nature, better access to healthcare
  • More community homes, better public parks, open air in schools, safer neighborhoods, better traffic regulations, fix our streets, better funding for school sports, more access for mental/physical health while at school
  • More and better housing, more job opportunities, schools should allow more freedom like free dress
  • safer neighborhoods with better homes, safe roads with no potholes, safer traffic zones, less light pollution in neighborhoods, destigmatizing drug users and free medicine dispensers, clean and safe parks and playgrounds, better treatment for animals, public access to vending machines, better access to health care and therapy, more open air and outdoors activities for adults and children, more school funding, more recreational classes and hobbies for youth

Group 6 Visions

  • funding for girls sports, support; cleaner lockers, equality, better utilities, bigger parking lot, working tampon dispensers, get rid of book fees, free parking passes, clean lockers, cleaner schools, kindness, diversity, free dress
  • Equal funding for clubs and sports, free dress, better utilities/hygiene, free parking passes, diversity, kindness, equality, no unnecessary book fees, cleaner school, new utilities, cheaper prices
  • funding for girls sports, support; cleaner lockers, equality, better utilities, bigger parking lot, working tampon dispensers, get rid of book fees, free parking passes, clean lockers, cleaner schools, kindness, diversity, free dress, free lunch
  • Equality, cleaner school, diversity, bigger parking lot, free parking passes, free dress, no book fees, better utilities, fix vending machines, funding for all sports, pre-court, microwaves
  • diversity, funding for sports in general, cleaner lockers, equality, better utilities, bigger parking lot, working tampon machines, get rid of book fees, free parking, clean lockers, cleaner school, kindness, free dress
  • The community could use more love and care. It could be just as simple as block parties. The bigger picture could be sidewalks or even more healthy food. More hangout spots for every age group. More lights. Bosse could host a small festival 2 weeks before school starts to get the community and students more excited for school. Students could do a soup kitchen the last day before winter break to help the homeless or elderly. The school could be brighter and cleaner.

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