Corporate Session Outcomes

Hosted by Dream Center

Date: April 17, 2021

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Group 1 Visions

  • more trash receptacles along main street from Oregon st to garvin park; abandoned cars hauled away; empty houses torn down; build new homes like they do on SE side of Evansville
  • neighborhood needs to be cleaned up. House on the ally had caught on fire. Still there, not repaired or removed.
  • box truck in yard across the street. Box truck hit garage and reparked in front. Owner hasn’t been paying restitution for the garage. Garage owners would like truck to be moved. Truck finally towed away.
  • problems reported and nothing is done.
  • city needs to take more responsibility in helping get things cleaned up
  • concrete business – fenced work yard – would be nice if it was screened so it wasn’t an eyesore.
  • be able to talk to a few people who can get something done quickly
  • Aurora – the agency needs to be moved
  • the homeless people two blocks from Aurora is a big problem
  • get rid of trash in yards
  • needs to be in a business area – Aurora
  • Dog park, walkble neighborhoods (improved sidewalks)
  • Revitalize and capitalize on Garvin Park an asset
  • Coffee shop/ice cream shop, neighborhood gathering spot
  • Grocery store or some access to fresh foods
  • Removal of blighted houses, new construction houses
  • More presence of city leaders in the neighborhood/better communication from City Leaders
  • Better dissemination of community information/community meetings/more forum to collect citizen voices
  • Shakespeare (or other plays) in the Park
  • neighborhood grocery with fresh produce
  • jacobsville neighborhood association building
  • green space for community gardens
  • grocery store
  • owning my own business in jacobsville
  • kids playing outside more, feelign safe to play outside
  • people outside playing
  • clean streets
  • happiness
  • neighborhood outdoor movie
  • no broken sidewalks or streets
  • maintain trashcans in neighborhood, no litter

Group 2 Visions

  • grocery store
  • recycling center
  • library
  • Food reuse depot. If something is about to go bad on anyone’s shelf, it is turned into a stew
  • having a place that hires second change employees
  • universal kitchen place
  • a cafe in the libary
  • have a green space like they do on main street
  • have a basketball facility
  • sidewalks on Morgan
  • community for single fathers
  • a Daddy & me group
  • family center for everyone
  • teen center for board games, dances, basketball court
  • teenage mother support group
  • family care facility
  • dental care because most are not taking medicare
  • ECHO health open dental clinic
    medical center. Everyone is moving east
    more street lights
  • crime prevention techniques such as lights and barriers
  • need street lights that work
  • more fresh food resources
  • drivers to transport elderly people. hires second chance.
  • less blight
  • heavy trash pickup. The new system is not working. We called and they are not picking stuff up.
  • Pro-environmental green space
  • Commercial spaces that are not bars.
  • Diverse commerce
  • Commerce that is locally owned
  • Candy store. Sweet Schmitts is leaving.
  • business along North Main Street
  • Non-food businesses along North Main Street
  • Trash pickup in the alleys. There are couches and chairs
  • If we make an effort to call, it should be done. No one is coming right now. It hinders keeping our property clean.
  • I did the bike racks along Main Street. I spray-painted them and everything. I didn’t ask for permission. I just did it.
  • Use old buildings or tear them down. Like the old Burger King building.
  • Places for kids to go and do activities
  • Put a basketball court at Dream Center.
  • Family night at a center or something just for moms to go
  • Fresh food opportunities.
  • Take a book, leave a book places
  • Kids dont have access to computers. They need a place to go for access.
  • Somewhere to learn different languages and ASL
  • Parking garage in the empty ‘flea market’ area on Morgan and Heidelbach with a walk-over to Bosse field to build up our baseball team.
  • Hahn building be restored as much as possible but make an archery or firing range to teach children the proper way to handle such weapons.
  • The Burger King building to be one of the police helping children neighborhood meeting place. 
  • For the baseball fields for our children at Garvin’s Park to have better parking and driving abilities so that more can attend and support our children.
  • For businesses and neighbors to get together in a joint effort to help clean up and beautify our areas both the businesses and the neighbors properties.
  • Not sure all fall in Jacobsville,  yet the vision for the areas are real and may possibly be passed on to our neighboring neighborhoods…
  • The old North High School building to be made into a community center on weekends for Sports (football, basketball, tennis, etc.)… Arts (music, painting, designs, etc.)
  • Empty Lots be turned into block gardens for children in the elderly.
  • Fares Avenue to be turned into better housing or a rest area for travelers down 41. 
  • Regain a putt-putt golf course in Jacobsville. 
  • For some of that abandoned houses that can be salvaged and be turned into bible discussion houses. Where different religions can come in and freely discuss the differences and the likeness of all religions. 
  • Or possibly one of the abandoned or forgotten businesses turned into candy store or toy store or clothing store that is ran by children but supervised by businessmen.

Group 3 Visions

  • Could be applied regional Connectedness with people, that neighbors know and love one another, show love, community and belonging, Feel safe to be themselves.
  • Place where visions and passions become reality. Expressed in real life
  • Infrastructure is for people and residency, not for auto and outsiders, a lot of green space.
  • Opportunity to be active in the neighborhood – where they are safe (not that a car hits them)
  • Vibrant main street corridor – a mix of homes and businesses, unique architecture
  • Jacobsville leaders in sustainability in wind and solar, relieve stress of neighbors for power bills.
  • Develop a currency so people can trade amongst one another so they can build community wealth
  • Multi-modal transportations, biking, walking, skate boardings, segwey. Multiple options to get places
  • Kids – JV kids have the same opportunities and access as every other kid, regardless of income, where they really feel loved and supported, they have a vision for their own life and feel like they can reach. Well-being, flourishing and all kids feel that way.
  • Neighborhood is full of art, music, and fun.
  • Grocery Stores – no more food desert – so people don’t have to travel to get food – reasonably priced grocery prices
  • Houses that aren’t livable are torn down – no more eyesores
  • More affordable housing
  • Agree with Pink Flamingo Confection and
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Parks and/or neighborhoods have periodic emergency call boxes with phones
  • Well-lit parks
  • Library – kids section so parents can take them – would help with education
  • Family/Teen Center with basketball courts – can play board games, pool table – place to hang out – different parenting nights and dances – events for all ages
  • Leave a Book/Take a Book – Little Libraries
  • Grocery Store in the neighborhood

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