Visioning Outcomes Inspiring Community Engagement

The Regional VOICE initiative will engage, empower, and include all citizens desiring to participate in inspiring conversations, and share the hopes and dreams they have for their communities and the five-county region (Vanderburgh, Gibson, Posey, and Warrick counties in Indiana as well as Henderson County in Kentucky). Utilizing LE’s facilitation methodology, we will ensure all opinions are shared, documented, and made available to the public. Those who experience the VOICE process foster the concepts of servant leadership, community trusteeship, and a collective preferred future. Their collective visions will establish community priorities to feed into local and regional planning and development initiatives for immediate, mid-range, and long-term implementation.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Facilitator(s)–Takes responsibility for guiding process of discussion (1 for every 20 participants).
Floater—Assist a when a difficult situation arises or a group needs focus. These people should be able to step into any of the meeting roles as needed or to give someone a break.
  • Greeters — Greet participants and help with sign-in.
  • Host (1 per site) – The host is the point of contact for everything at the location on the meeting day. (such as A/C too cold, ran out of water, restroom locations, emergency contacts, toilet overflows, etc.)
  • Lead(s) — Opens and Closes the meeting, gives introduction and ground rules, is timekeeper.
  • Logistics — Help to plan and organize meetings.
  • Marketing/Communications — Help to promote VOICE meetings.
  • Photographers/Videographers — Help to visually record and document meetings and events.
  • Recorder(s)–Detailed notes on PC in format approved by technology committee (1 for every 20 participants).
  • Set-up/Clean-up Crew
  • Scribe(s)–Bullet point statements of participants on flip chart/easel. Documents the key points (1 for every 20 participants)


Get Involved

Both VOICE and Leadership Everyone are intentionally inclusive to welcome and hear visions of all people that, through a fair, open, and objective process, help our communities envision a preferred future. The many people involved, through their visions, help identify areas of focus that then turn into strategic action through projects and action. In addition, it creates data gathered from inclusive, diverse populations, in such a high number that it allows us to use that data for grantmaking, community decisions, sustainable projects, comprehensive plans.

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